Minister Shares Crocodile's Tears

Sat, 9 Mar 2013 Source: Abugri, Haruna S.

, After Digging Nana Addo, S Grave.

Having been left in limbo and frustration, with thoughts of joining his party flagbearer in to political retirement as the elephant party foresees a shocking results of their “PATAPAA” so called no existing evidence election law suit, the former upper east regional minister-a twice failed contender of the Garu tempane seat on the ticket of the N P P has at last cooked what observers described as FUNNY and last minute cover of shame so called election irregularities in some selected polling station of his area.

What sound funny but unknown to Mr.Alhassan Samari is that the selected polling station where he is raising these so called irregularities is where His Excellency John Mahama of the N D C woefully beat the N P P Nana Addo, this many say is politically funny. An N D C activist in the Garu constituency Asouba Anane who described the former minister’s action as childish retorts “Mr.Samari is now sharing crocodile tears. He has soon forgotten that he and his campaign team where busily campaigning against Nana Addo in the run up to the 2012 elections. They knew that there was no way Nana will win and so he was now asking people to vote for him{Samari} and that of the presidential for Mahama having realized that the north would not desert their own and now he has selected the polling stations where Nana lost woefully to John Mahama claiming there were irregularities. I wish he should revisit his campaign voice sounds byte”. He laughed.

What sounds interesting is that Mr. Samari has been silent after the election until of late when he started realizing that he will not be giving another chance to represent his party come next elections, he has suddenly turn a cook –coking non existing irregularities to back up his party flagbearer court case.

Most N D C executives in the Garu constituency who express little interest in granting an interview on the matter said “Samari is mad .forget of him”. Shockingly the former minister has been left alone as most of his party supporters don’t support him in his a ledge irregularities. “Am surprise at the move. I thought he would have made it known to the party hierarchy that the elections were fair here in Garu. If they are irregularities ,then not in Garu. So I don’t support that stance of his.” An N P P activist fumed.

Mr. Samari who was alleged to have supported Alan Kyeremanten,s flagbearship race in the last congress of his party lost hope in his party 2012 presidential candidate Nana Addo and thus decided to focus on wining his parliamentary seat which never happened.

Samas as he is politically known mocked his fellow contenders in the run up to the 2008 election describing them as financially weak BUT TO HIS SUPRIS, he was beating by his “poor” contenders.

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Abugri sumaila Haruna.

Columnist: Abugri, Haruna S.