Kumawuhemaa is Snubbed by His Excellency Atta Mills

Tue, 12 May 2009 Source: Fosu, John

, thePresident of Ghana. Oh Why this?

"Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it; and this I know, my lords, that where laws end, tyranny begins." - William Pitt the Elder.

The queen of Kumawu in her diminutive mind's eye craves to wield absolute power over all those she interacts with. She is extensively exhausting all her libidinal, physical, spiritual and financial powers. These are in attempts to forever dispossess the legitimate Ananangya and the Odumase royals of their inalienable right to the Kumawu paramount throne. This intended pursuit of deprivation was taken a step too far into unchartered waters where she finally got her comeuppance for her misbehaviour. It is all ado about nothing. She is said to be worried about the fact that her illegitimate usurper-Ankaase royals may be banished from ever ascending to the Kumawu paramount throne should it be allowed to revert to the legitimate Ananangya royal family. She has also vowed to lay her hands on some accumulated huge amount of money meant for Kumawuman, but now idling in some State bank accounts. The withdrawal of this royalty money paid by the State to Kumawuman for its use of some Kumawu land was banished when Barima Asumadu Sakyi II, embezzled from the fund 1.5 Million Cedis which was then at the currency exchange rate of a Cedi to one American dollar.

As she has as usual been parading the corridors of power, soliciting the help of those deemed influential to tipping the scale in her favour, she met her nemesis in Atta Mills' office. As dimwit as she is, she never saw the wisdom in allowing Atta Mills time to settle in office but approached him with her usual evil request for his assistance to get her favourite Ankaase royal installed as the successor to the late Barima Asumadu Sakyi II, the Kumawuhene. She recently went to the Castle, the office and residence of His Excellency, President John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills. She was seated in a waiting room by the President's office. As the President emerged from his office intending to cross into another room via the waiting room, she stood up to meet him half way. Just as she was introduced to him as the queen of Kumawu, the President curtly answered, "My office is not for resolving chieftaincy disputes. If you have any problem with your people, take it to your Regional House of chiefs or to the Minister for Chieftaincy and Cultural Affairs". He immediately walked off at the utterance of that brief statement without shaking her hand, nor wishing her goodbye, nor looking back at her. What a snub to this shameless queen? She was left standing in the middle of the room, awash in shame, with thoughts of regret for contacting Mr. Mills, short-circuiting her brains. Bravo, to Mr. Mills who has no stomach for nonsense and sentimental greediness? He has proved to be "Asomdwehene ampa". He cares more about the Kumawuman poor than he sympathises with the evil course in pursuit by the queen and her moronic Krontihene.

That irrelevant thought of banishment from the Kumawu paramount throne as scarily streaming through the circuitry brains of the queen has never been the priority of the Ananangya royals. It has neither been their intention nor has it ever crossed their mind. This absurd and unfounded fear as has come to trouble the queen with her once boastfully self-styled unopposed Ankaase royals confirms one thing. It gives credence to the adage, "The wicked person is always haunted by their evil deeds, running away without anybody at their heels or without being given a chase". Their own cup of evil deeds is overflowing, exposing its baleful contents to the roving watchful eyes of the inquisitive public. Let me assuage their fears with the assurance that the Ananangya royals are not as evil as them. They are good God-fearing people who never gloat over the demise of others. They simply want to ascend to the throne as the legitimate royals without any gimmicks, nor, a harbour of antagonistic enmity towards whomever. As God said to Pharaoh, "Let my people go", so is He saying to Kumawuhemaa, "Let the Ananangya and the Odumase royals take possession of their bonafide throne". Be it known to the queen with her opportunistic Ankaase royals that no one can resist God when He decides. As Pharaoh was stubbornly hesitant and resistant conforming to God's directives of "Let my people go", (i.e. let the Israelites leave Egypt for Canaan, the Promised land, in liberating them from their many years of bondage), he suffered dire consequences. So shall it be with this similar stubborn queen whose ears are waxed to good advice. Is she well informed anyway? I am afraid not. Or else, by relating analogically to situations in and outside the Bible, with their consequential repercussions, she should be able to advise herself wisely.

By her false reasoning she thinks her present and future prospects of usurping the Kumawu paramount throne forever lays between her legs. If so, let her continue to part her legs wider. She can let any man of her chosen, depending on her assessment of how influential towards her course the one is, to navigate, explore, and exploit the depths of the great ocean lying in-between her legs. I assure her their catch will never be enough to lopsidedly tip the balance in her favour. She has majored in doing that undignified or disgusting act of offering her body and money to people in deceptive attempt to winning their support. Her flirtations with political and traditional leaders in her bid to get them order that she chooses her own chief thereby keeping the throne for her egoistical illegitimate Ankaase royals will never stick. They can service her engine for free as long as they wish and she wants but that will get her nowhere. The car will still stall. It will be unacceptable to Kumawuman to see the incompetently myopic-in-duties queen have her way in the quagmire of traditional indebtedness breathlessly come to hang around her neck.

Greediness will eventually ruin the life of this possessive queen who is endowed with a dysfunctional midget's brain. She has been too wise to greeting the goat now; seeing that in her wisdom as courtesy; a figurative expression of course. Will somebody please narrate the story of the greedy dog to her? One day a hungry dog is said to have taken a possession of a bone. It was held tightly in its mouth, wedged between the lower and the upper jaw by its canine, premolar and molar teeth. When crossing a bridge over a river, it noticed another dog in the river, though unknowingly its own reflection, holding a similar bone. Thinking it was a rival dog, it had desired to dispossess the other of its meal. Just as it opened its mouth to bark at the imaginary rival, in an attempt to attack it, overpower it, and seize its bone, oops, it lost grip of its own. There it went, dropping into the river. Then all of a sudden, it saw in its worst nightmare the other imaginary dog had also no longer any bone in its mouth. His bone was gone forever. He moved on miserably hungry. Had it not been for greediness, it could have at least fed itself on that sumptuous bone. Such is the corner or the catastrophic situation the queen is stupidly pushing herself into if she does continue pursuing her deplorable selfish dreams.

"When a long rope falls into an unwitting hand, it does not take long for a noose to be made to hang him". The queen is now grappling with the noose which is closing in upon her. She will soon live to regret her actions if she continued in her assumed evil direction. Although a pugilist "Lady Tyson", she self-styles herself as "Kanawu". Expressing ones mind on issues in the way one feels is fine. Doing so with civility is noble. A word to the wise is enough.

Once more, I say kudos to "Asomdwehene" Fiifi Atta Mills. "Ade pa wo fie a oye". It is only Kumawuhemaa and Krontihene who detest having good things at home for Kumawuman out of sheer stupid greediness. Would the supposed influential political figures and traditional heads constantly being chased by Kumawuhemaa please emulate the shining example of President Mills? Be rather sympathetic towards the suffering of the Kumawuman people but not the selfish course of the queen. Visit Kumawu to establish the truth for yourselves. The people have been deprived of many basic things of life all because of a selfish traditional administration instituted by the late Barima Asumadu Sakyi II and the current queen for a period of over three decades.

John Fosu

Columnist: Fosu, John