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Moesha, sleeping with married men is not the ultimate solution

Moesha Economy Actress Moesha Boduong

Sun, 15 Apr 2018 Source: Suntaa Abudu Ibrahim

Moesha Boduong a Ghanaian actress and a model was interviewed by a CNN journalist on an issue of dating married men to make a living and this is what Moesha Boduong said, "In Ghana our economy is just in a way that you just need someone to take care of you. You can't make enough money as a woman here. Even when you want to get an apartment in Ghana you pay two years in advance.

I just started working, where will I get money to pay for two years?”. To support her point, she further said "because he can afford to take care of you, he takes care of me, my financial stuff; my apartment, my car, my rent, everything. He expects me to be loyal and just date him only – and give him sex when he wants”. To her that is a plain truth and she thinks there should be no need to shy away from it, and most of us will agree with her especially speaking the truth when you are being ask concerning it.

Many people like her in one way or the other have lost their sense of morality that is why she boldly sat in an interview and made such statements. So much of my blame will not be on her because after doing a little research about her lifestyle, I found out that she has no shame when it comes to issues like this.

However, It baffles me to hear some people saying Moesha Boduong has spoken the truth and hence people should leave her alone, and madam Victoria Hammah was not an exception, because she made some comparisons about how USA is prone to such immoral acts but when Moesha said she sleeps with men for her needs the journalist was surprised and I think it looks so funny how politicians doing their comparisons because the person has made statement that seems weird and you are there defending her with some sick comparisons, please my interest as social commentator on this issue is not about whether she has spoken the truth or not but rather the effect of her statement on the society and whether the act is right or wrong, I am certain even a child will know it's a wrong act.

Most people will actually testify to the fact that, sleeping with married or single men for money (prostitution) is something that the African culture frown against, so if you are into such an act, you must keep it as a secret for the respect of your family, culture and religion and not to be proud saying it in public like what Moesha did.

Moesha lifestyle may not suit our culture, religion or society and that maybe fine to her, but if she is now generalising it to all women in Ghana and attributing such an immoral act to the bad economy of the country is the problem, she should have talked for herself. Please we don't need to embrace such statements and we must therefore condemn such statements for the betterment of our upcoming generations.

We should always be realistic with issues concerning our culture, society, religion and morality, Africa for that matter the Ghanaian cultural values has frown against such acts and our religious beliefs also frown against such. If someone is into such act, the best thing we can do is to find ways and means of discouraging that person from such acts rather than supporting him or her like what others are doing in the case of Moesha.

Anyway to those that are boldly supporting this lady's statements should not forget that there are many ladies out there that are actually suffering and working hard just to survive, so if her reason of sleeping with married men is about surviving then she is actually not being fair with herself because there are better and advisable ways of surviving without sleeping with married men around.

I know a number of women who are selling on the streets to make a living, so if her comments were like, its because I need to live a luxurious life that's why I am into such acts, I personally wouldn't have had anything against her but attributing her immoral act to the economic state of the country is unfortunate and uncalled for. She should not attribute such to the country's economic hardship because other ladies are surviving in it without sleeping around with married men.

A lady like her sitting in a world wide coverage media to say such things is weird. She has actually painted the image of most Ghanian young hard working ladies black, and she has generalized her point like that is the order of the day in Ghana. To me personally there is nothing good from the interview she was granted. She is a so called 'celebrity' and definitely a role model to many vulnerable ladies out there who aspire to be like her, who will not see anything wrong with her statement. Prostitution is not a good thing hence the society should not embrace it.

Please Madam Moesha Boduong next time consider your cultural values, religious background or the society before making such statements, even though it's true that you have involved yourself into such acts but at least don't make it known to the public eye. You were supposed to keep it to yourself. Yes we may anticipate that some ladies are doing so but it's still better they keep it to their selves rather than publicising it..

Columnist: Suntaa Abudu Ibrahim
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