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Mosquito is the Traitor

Sat, 8 Sep 2012 Source: Abugri, Haruna S.


It is very difficult to identify an enemy within because he/she is the first to console and share crocodile tears with you. This was the last advice my late grandfather shared with me during his last hours on earth. These enemies according to my late grand dad will push forward a smile when they meet you. This piece is not to share with you my late grand dad’s pep advice, but to expose the disgraced, greedy plasmodium vector.{wicket mosquito}.Before I proceed ,let me ask whether his wife has returned from Canada to register the famous introduced biometric voter registration. Be fair in your answer-general ‘ ntontom’.

THIS is a man who rode to his current political statue through the solders of the NDC founder and regarded this man {Rawlings] as a father time back-difficult times I mean but only to pay back with insane venom words “backing dog”-please as human as Rawlings is, I know he has already forgiving him. It is said in my local dialect that the receiver easily forgets but the giver dies not. I wish I could have call on religious leaders to declare a week spiritual praying and fasting for forgiveness to purify this dangerous mosquito. It will be recalled that former president Rawlings in his speech at this year’s June 4th described some persons in the NDC as traitors. Kofi Adam forgive me for am not taking your role to explain to my readers who Rawlings was referring to but these greedy guys need to be told the truth. A QUICK one –has the NDC and Nketia himself attended June 4th before? What has change? Was June 4th not a major campaign platform for the N D C? Hmm.

This might be shocking but that is the truth- Aseidu Nketia was the one who was everywhere imposing anti NDC members as MMDCE,s to the disappointment of many including the founder of the NDC. This dirty action of the ‘traitor’ resulted in the numerous demonstrations that greeted the NDC few months after assuming power. I Know as many as four anti NDC members serving as DCE,s currently. Not only did this ‘traitor’ imposed these anti N D C in government, but was collecting monies to the tune of five thousand cedis from his them. Some of them doesn’t have party cards.

To his Excellency john Mahama if you really want unity in the N D C ahead of the December polls then people like general mosquito should be treated with the greater contempt that it deserve .Mosquito might not now but let me do ‘ konkonsa’ –your days in that office is numbered, start parking because we will never allow you to sit there and destroy the N D C just because you have had what you wanted. May be the radio station, the Bui dam extortions are okay for you I will advise you to do proper saving with those booty. On behalf of the thousands I say bye to you in advance.

NKETIA instead of using his position to run after unity in the party is rather seen and heard misbehaving with the NDC future. What did you mean by

Rawlings was speaking to tress, dogs-was Rawlings addressing a gathering of dogs? Shame on you mosquito. I think the NDC need a well insecticide mosquito net before this greedy man will infect it with malaria. A word is okay for the fool.

HARUNA SUMAILA ABUGRI-abugrisumailaharuna@yahoo.com. 0247244879-bawku.

Columnist: Abugri, Haruna S.