Mosquitoes Kill – But Juaben-Ashanti Breeds Them in Numbers!

Sat, 17 Sep 2011 Source: Adofo, Rockson

As the Lion is the King of the jungle, mosquito is figuratively the undisputed embellished King of Juaben in the Ashanti region. The malaria-carrying mosquitoes are not only the rulers of the night but are also a force to reckon with during the day. This is how uncontrollable the dominance of mosquitoes has become in Juaben. They are everywhere whizzing annoyingly, competing with people for space in their capacity as the rulers but not parasites. One sees people at night beating themselves with open palms in attempts to ward off buzzing mosquitoes.

The situation has become so critical that Nana Otuo Serebuor II, the paramount chief of Juaben, has no time to delay finding ways to combat them. The citizens of Juaben must find eradicative solutions to rid the town and its environs of the deadly mosquitoes else, the death rate of the inhabitants will continue to be on the ascendency. There should not be any further foot-dragging as the situation has surely an exponential bearing on the soaring monthly death rate of the people of Juaben and its environs.

Is malaria not the number one killer of Ghanaians and those living in the sub-Sahara region? Why then should one by an act of negligence or omission allow the breeding of the carriers of malaria on their soil? If truly the Industrial Oil Mill in Juaben is the principal source of the overpowering mosquitoes in the area as alleged, then the owner or owners are culpable for the attendant ills to society. They have a duty to ensure their quest to stay wealthy or create jobs for the people does not compromise the health and lives of the people in any way. Is the owner of the Oil Mill, in this case Nana Otuo Serebour II with family, performing his duty to the "State of Juaben" in line with industrial Health and Safety obligations to employees and the environment? I am not convinced he is if proven that the Oil Mill has congenially created surroundings for the breeding and survival of killer mosquitoes in Juaben.

Anyway, it is not the time to apportion blames but to work as a team to get the undesirable situation under control. Would the citizens of Juaben and its environs the world over join forces to rid their beloved Juaben of killer mosquitoes? It can be financial, physical or moral support offered to Juabenhene. I may request that Nana Otuo Serebuor II be in the driver's seat now same as he usually does when steering developmental affairs in Juaben, to fight the mosquitoes.

I adore him for his farsightedness and hope he will address this mosquito's problem without having any qualms about where and how I have brought it to his attention. I will continue to hammer this problem until the elders of Juaben find an effective solution to reduce or completely exterminate mosquitoes from the town.

Today, I am wearing kid's gloves but tomorrow, I will be wearing a professional boxer's gloves. A word to the wise is sufficient.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson