Most Rev. Asante and others; stop the hasty conclusion and blame game

Prof Emmanuel Asante NPC Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Asante, Chairman of National Peace Council

Sat, 19 Nov 2016 Source: Nyaku, Efanam Komla

The United Cadres' Front of Ghana (UCF-Ghana), has observed the recklessness with which some key personalities have drawn conclusions over the so-called attack on the New Patriotic Party (NPP) presidential candidate, Nana Akufo Addo's residence on November 13, 2016.

We are particularly disappointed at the Chairman of the National Peace Council, Most Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Asante, who has so conveniently gotten convinced via biased/rented media propaganda reportage on the issue, and came out asking leadership of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), to own up the alleged attack and apologise to the Ghanaian citizenry.

It would not have been a problem if any other ordinary citizens were making such uninformed conclusive statements, but for a man of his substance to have jumped into this blatant partisan political mark of violence and commenting from radio station to radio station – leaves much to be desired.

The UCF-Ghana, has taken this act/attitude of Most Rev. Prof. Asante, as a serious affront to the moral law of neutrality, and for that matter is not fit to remain and identify himself as Chairman of the high office of the National Peace Council. We are of this opinion because a man of his social, academic and religious standing should stand outside the arena of bias which he has so effectively/prominently exhibited in this tele-guided political drama that is being played by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) on Ghanaians.

We are forced to find out from the Most Reverend Minister, the sort of investigation he, and others of his kind conducted before standing on the conclusions of blame they have put on the NDC and asking leadership of the Party to accept and apologise?

About two weeks ago there was a similar development in the Ododdiodio Constituency, where the NPP – as they did last Saturday, alleged they were attacked by members of the NDC after a rally.

The NDC countered the allegation, stating that they were rather attacked and its members suffered gun-shot wounds which case was reported to the police as the victims were later admitted and under-went surgery at the Korle'bu Teaching Hospital. For that reportage and others, the Most Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Asante and those so quick to draw conclusions on the current stage-managed so-called attack – did not see them as worthy of comment and condemnation.

Indeed, to him and his likes those were ordinary ‘animals’ to have been considered a visit as well as a fact-finding mission to have been undertaken by the National Peace Council.

The Chairman of the National Peace Council, saw nothing wrong with a civilian, in the case of the alleged attack on Nana’s residence, wielding a gun and threatening a police officer, who further is alleged to have fired shots in the air in the day under reference. And this act was not a condemnable act to the ‘truthful’ Prof. Asante?

This singular display of sides-taking in the partisan political arena, leaves him with no credibility, and we ask for nothing less than his ‘dishonourable’ resignation as Chairman of the National Peace Council. If he does not, fine – we will leave him to battle his own conscience of guilt.

The UCF-Ghana, wish to state that the machinations by the NPP and their surrogates to derail the country's democratic development will not work, and any act that would bring us back, will be daringly resisted. Such Dark-Hearted elements should re-order their acts.

Whilst at that, the UCF-Ghana wish to remind leadership and followers of the National Democratic Congress, of the advice and caution the Founder, ex-President Jerry John Rawlings on August 14, 2016 – that we stay off the mimicking of the NPP and avoid reactions. His prophecy is what is being foisted on us by the NPP.

We humbly advise that for the next few days remaining to the December 7 polls, they should as a matter of good reasoning, avoid the anticipated acts of provocation before that day.

We wish all Ghanaians well in the December 7 Presidential and Parliamentary elections.


Comrade Efanam Komla Nyaku

(Secretary to the Interim Management Committee: 0242727105)

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Columnist: Nyaku, Efanam Komla
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