Motivation, Who Deves Better; Teachers or Students?

Sun, 31 Mar 2013 Source: Akpah, Prince

Of recent, most school authorities have realise the essence of

motivation for both students and staffs (teaching and non-teaching).

This has seen so many schools now organizing speech and prize giving

days, which where some are celebrating their 89th to 90th some are yet

to host their first of kind of it. A critical look at schools that have

since sometime have had this program, their students tend to be best

students suited for WAEC excellence awards.

But the big debate

is who really deserves the motivations most; the teachers or the

students. The role of teachers as everyone knows is very important in

molding the life of any individual who is or had being a student. Today

ostensibly senior high schools in Ghana have taken up the attitude of

charging each student at least GHS 10 ($5) to be use as a motivational

incentive for staffs for their enormous efforts towards bringing up the

future human resources of Africa and the world.


reason why they are motivated is for them to be encouraged to become

more dedicated towards their duties for better academic results.

But student motivation is very rare in our educational institutions. If

there be no speech and prize giving day in a particular school, then

that means students don't have any share of motivation to enable them do

more academically. The importance of motivating students is to help

encourage them to be of better human resources to our country, Ghana,

Africa and the whole world in future. In kind situations where there is a

speech and prize giving ceremony, the prizes given to the students are

only book prizes. And this sometimes is demoralising because what is a

mere book, even though it is what will make the somebody, going to set a

ground for competition among student. They rather need things that

their pocket monies can't afford. Some schools try and give laptops and

other prominent prizes room students and each and every year sees them

doing better. To share personal experience, i visited my former school

for a speech and prize giving day, whom after 10 years of suspending it

for no reason organising it, giving book prizes to students and for the

best teacher, an expensive cloth and a laptop. How can the students be

encouraged and motivated to set grounds for serious competitions to

better their academic strength and personal status.


speech and prize giving days, teachers are never left out and even end

up taking huge packages home and this makes them become more motivated

than students, hich in mine opinion shouldn't be so.

My request

to stakeholders in our education sector is, our students are the future

of what ever we do, let’s motivate them and make them the better and

required human resources to move our country, continent, and the whole

world to the next level.


Thank you.



A Day Spent at the ilead Summit part 1.

After a fortnight attending the Accra youth summit, i spent another

resourceful day at the maiden edition of the iLead SUMMIT 2013 organised

by the International Youth Council, Ghana Chapter. iLEAD an acronym for

Innovations, Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Development was much

attended by tertiary student and i think i was the only non-tertiary

participant and also held at the Ghana Telecom University College.

Speakers were; Esi Yankah of Africa Mentors Network, Franklin Cudjoe of

Imani Ghana, Pierre Brunache Jr of African Fertilizer and Agribusiness

partnership, Mr. Anis Haffar of Gate Institute, Daniel Batidam of

African Parliamentarians’ Network Against Corruption and Rahul Sapra of

Fine Pack Ltd made great impacts into us the participants, follow me as i

unfold the told at the summit in this series.

Organise on the

theme: The African Cheetah; Leading the Next Generation of Africa

Renaissance was commenced by a key note address by the National

Director, National Youth Authority, Ghana, Mrs Sedinam Tamakloe which

commended the organisers and assured them of her support. Talking to us

she made us know of the new era that we are moving into. As African

cheetah we can turn the continent around. We need to take our rightful

place. We have the knowledge, energy and zeal that describes the

cheetah. She made notice that Ghana has the largest youth population on

the continent, and we must lead the innovation everywhere we find

ourselves, be it, governance, business, home etc. Giving examples of

some key innovations of from the Alexander Bell’s Telephone to the

smartphone of modern days, Telegrams to emails and the social media

Which she challenged us that most contribution were from young people

just like us we are. For Africa to have a place we must learn to

innovate. And also how to do it matters and everyone can do it. Bill

Gate was not an university graduate before he founded Microsoft.

Innovation is for everyday life and we can make it happen, she

concluded. Speakers took turns as Esi Yankah, a very young lady and

indeed a youth, thrilled the participants with her message speaking on

the theme: WATCH ME DO IT.

Before starting she told us she enjoys

speaking to peers to move them to greater heights which really inspired

that i can and will make it. She warned us against setting unrealistic

goals and having unrealistic mentors. Believing in herself is what makes

her dreams manifest. We need to be confident and not afraid of failure.

She also likes taking risks and said one thing that most of us youths

lack is taking action. We must look beyond money as our problem solver.

She said to achieve goals you need to meet may people who will tell you;

1. You can’t do it.

2. it is not possible.

3. Or through their actions tell you, you can’t do it.

4. Or help you- doubt your ability.

Sharing her personal story, she pursued visual arts at Wesley girls SHS

and moved to study Business Administrations in marketing in the US. In

this situation of finding herself among different people, being an

African doesn’t discourage her for contesting for several positions in

another man’s land. She contested the Class secretary, class president,

president of international students in her university in the US and won

all of them, yes that is an African woman. She didn’t keep silent

mentioning the fact that she is beautiful and intelligent. Yes, an

African woman witter brain. After her masters again in integrated

marketing communications consultant from Emerson College in Boston, USA,

she moved back to Ghana with the passion of mentoring other young

people which she started shortly after working as a consultant for her

day. Then realisation of her dreams started… Keep tune to this dial for

more.(part two.)



Columnist: Akpah, Prince