Mr. Julius Debrah, what do you take Ghanaians for?

Julius Debrah Julius Debrah Chief of Staff.

Tue, 27 Sep 2016 Source: Prince Obeng-Adjei

There’s this fine gentleman who is rumored to be under grooming to ascend the presidency someday, he’s called Mr. Julius Debrah. The former local government minister who replaced Mr. Prosper Bani, remember? But I’ll come back to him.

There has been a litany of allegations bothering on corruption leveled against President Mahama’s campaign. It appears the campaign team members are neophytes in their ‘gift giving’ tactics.

From donating V8’s to traditional rulers and doling out large wads of cash, the current Mahama administration has shown campaigning is really about donating cash and not telling the people what they’ve done to further prove why they should be retained in power.

I am not of the view that Mr. Mahama is wooing the chiefs with the cars oh, but Mr. President now before you’ve realized the chiefs needed cars? Or it’s just the world’s greatest happenstance that their cars decided to break down during election year, particularly three months or so to it? Ah well I’m waiting for a response on your facebook platform 'gidigidi'.

The recent allegation that has rocked Mr. Mahama’s campaign is a video that is showing ‘feeli feeli’ that my good man is sharing cash to people who had mobbed him during a rally. I asked my friends who had in-depth knowledge in law whether there’s any provision in our constitution that debar presidential aspirants from sharing cash during their campaign trips but they found none. On that note, ‘well dodge’, Mr. Mahama.

If there were any such law we’d have called all the 275 MP’s from every part of the country to start an impeachment process now now!! All of these cash sharing moves isn’t really my problem because after all, I’m sure all the politicians become great givers whenever we enter an election year; my problem is with Mr. Juluis Debrah. I read on several news portals quoting him as saying the president was sharing leaflets. Eno na menti asie nu!! I don’t think too far!!

Seriously Mr. Debrah, what do you take Ghanaians for? The chief of staff must perceive we are thousands of unthinking people, thousands of grown up adults with 4-year-old brains or something of that sort. Otherwise, how could he advance such an explanation to support the ‘benevolent’ act the president was involved in?

Somebody should tell Mr. Debrah that his explanations won’t wash, the point raised is powerless to convince even my 6-year-old nephew who thinks I can buy him an airplane, it is simply a pig that won’t fly.

The rate at which the government is touted as an incompetent one is corroborated by Mr. Debrah’s incompetence at lying. For all his bulk and bravado, if he really said that (there hasn’t been an avowal till now) then he’s a scared little man inside.

Scared that discerning Ghanaians who are peeved at the showy display of extravagance during the NDC campaign launch and rallies will punish them at the polls come December. Scared that they’ll experience a flood of condemnations that will drown their boat, or scared that the umbrella won’t survive the political wind of change blowing across the country perhaps?

No matter, Mr. Debrah is a fine gentleman with a bright political future if our good Lord permits. He shouldn’t surreptitiously glide into such infantile ways of defending the glaring and irrefutable acts of ‘political benevolence’ that Mr. Mahama exhibited; he should leave the communication team members to do it.

Otherwise, think of Satan in the final hours of the book of revelation, think of Ayittey Powers when he met Bukom Banku, think of Iron Mike Tyson when he met Lewis; all these are indicators that Mr. Debrah and his team are in for a glorious downfall!

Dadi Dabi, Aben bebom!

Prince Obeng-Adjei

Twitter: @poamuller

Columnist: Prince Obeng-Adjei