Mr President, Be Ware Of The French!!

Tue, 19 Jul 2011 Source: Asare, Noah Dugubrame

I read with keen interest a story covering an agreement signed between the governmemt of Ghana and the French government. The agreement was said to renew our relationship and to also give a financial aid of 40million Euros with a seven year maturity age in the form of loan and another peanut of 500,000 as grant. I was not the least amused by that bait mentioned. Because I know Sarkozie is looking for new territories the French can colonise after loosing their porpularity in Congo, Togo, Gabon, Cote D'Ivoire, Cameroon, Namibia, Burkinafaso, Chad, Djibuti and many of their colonies because of their evil ways and wicked policies against the African continent. I want to make a passionate appeal to President John Evans Atta Mills to stop entertaining them in Ghana because they have nothing to offer us.

The divisions in the African continent is widely known to be the unfair influence of the French on a continent with people of the same culture, especially black Africans. Since their entrance in Africa, they have always sought to control our home affairs without permission as if Africa belongs to them. African people's recent advancements in education has exposed the French as one of the strongest banes on the development of many nations and the continent as a whole.

If the French has any loans they want to give, they should face neighbouring Burkinafaso where they masterminded the assasination of Thomas Sankara and imposed Blaise Campaore on them. Burkinabese wallow in poverty and are faced by more stronger challenges in Democracy, infrastructural development, health care, food security and many others than Ghana. Their soldiers are still crying over low wages. They should go there and help Campaore their friend who they have supported to oppress those brothers since 15th October 1987.

I can bet on my head that the French has nothing good to offer us and should be treated like vultures when we see them at our doorsteps. They supported Gnasimgbe Eyedema to oppress the people of Togo for 38 evil years, at his death they have pushed his son to stay in his father's place so that they can continue with the evil they have been at, since the days of his father as the ruler of the Togolese people. Immagine a french man advising Ghana on democracy and rule of law. Have they not been seing the Toglese elections all these years. They should just give us a break and find somewhere else to go. I pray Mr President, dont let those smiles entice you, they are evil to us Africans. Wherever they go it ends up in war. France is the cause of the war in Libya today there are many means to have settled that conflict but they opposed all and insisted on bombing the icon of beauty of Africa. Gedaffi could have been dealt with in a wiser way without wasting lives and property.

If the French think they are rich and have grants to give away they should centre their effort on Djibuti where they have created an unlasting conflict and have brought hunger and difficulties on its people. At least in Ghana we are no more fighting Kwashiorkor. Let them send their help somewhere else.

Gabon has been under the oppression of Omar Bongo since 1967. Gabon is their colony. They are still using their currency CFA. If they have any advise about democracy, I think it is Gabon who need it not Ghana. Mr President direct them to Gabon, that is where democracy is not working.

Africa should stop the talk within ourselves at AU and ECOWAS meetings and send words straight into the face of these predators. Paul Biya is still rulling Cameroon after 29 years in power. You support and keep him there and packs your dirty selves to Ghana to talk about democracy, what trash. The French should be told that colonoalism is over and over forever.

Have they finished healing the wounds they opened in Rwanda? The genocide they generated between two brothers? Have they quenched the fires they have set in Congo for oil? Has Cote D'Ivoire recovered from the problems Felix Houphoet Boignir's long stay in office has caused them? Why turn to Ghana, you parasites? Chad is still suffering under your good allied Iddriss Deby who has been there since 1990. Go and finishe all that first. I dont think Ghana need anybody like Sarkozie and his government to step at our doorstep no matter what they promise.

Namibia has seen them and is sneeking away. Gbagbo no matter how bad they painted him had a point. He saw that the Ivorian people have no future if they continue to rely on the French and wanted to break away and this caused the bruises he is having today. Tunisia broke away from their oppression when they stood against Bin Alid and overthrew him last year after 23 years. They are loosing their hold on Africa and have become desparate. I want our leaders to be aware of them. They are there for what they will benefit not what they will give.

President Mills should not think of trying to use their approach towards us as a means of clearing his name from his infamous stand and utterances during the Ivorian crisis. It will land us in a deeper trouble. In simple words he should have even snubbed them, after all we have taken too many loans already. 16 billion dollars in just two and half years. I dont want to sound political here but its overwhelming how we are jumping to grab any loan at all from anyone at all. In Kuffours eight years we had a debt of only 4.1 billion dollars. Is it immaginable for the same country to accrue 16 billion dollar debt in just two and half years and still be entertaining these upportunists for their loan? Please show these French the exit, they have absolutely no good thought for us. All they wish Africa, including Ghana is dictatorship, war and hunger. These killer loans will bite us in the future like a serpent.

God bless our homeland Ghana.

Noah Dugubrame Asare. Frankfurt, Germany.

Columnist: Asare, Noah Dugubrame