Mr President, Can You Deny The A.G's Claim?

Tue, 17 Jan 2012 Source: Koduah, Reagan Adomah

Of all the arsenals the Hon. Attorney General and Minister for Justice launched, what has really stirred the castle and the precedency is the assertion that some people were "holding paid party membership cards and using them as unconstitutional insurance to commit crimes."

A bombshell, is what I call this statement. I really dare anyone to venture Hon Amidu and he will let hell loose to my utmost joy. People are speculating who these criminals hiding behind party colours to commit crimes are.

Most heads are tilted upwards to have glimpse at these criminals. My surprise is that the Presidency and the Information Ministry are pretending as if they are not aware of the existence of these criminals amongst them.

I see it as the highest level of hypocrisy for the deputy Information Minister, Hon Okudjeto Ablakwa to tell Mr Amidu that If the AG knew anybody like that, he should have prosecuted the person, creating the impression that nobody like that exists in their fold. I will regard it as grave dishonesty if the president pretends as if he is not aware of the criminals he is brooding over.

Since president Mills mounted the high seat of the land many criminals in his party and government have been identified and named but are all still walking our streets as free men. Is the President not aware that when Kwasi Adu the guy who shot Kwame Nyame dead in cold blood on the 19th of July 2009 at Sankore was later arrested under the bed of a man he had appointed as deputy Regional Minister? The murder suspect was found under his bed in his residence at Sakumomo in Accra. Although people were there at the scene of this heinous crime, both Kwasi Adu, the suspect and the Minister who was harbouring the murderer are free. Free because party colours are covering their crimes.

The murders at Agbogbloshie are still vivid in everybody's mind. Has there been any prosecution or even an arrest?

Within two years of President Mills rule his Appointees who barely had just enough to eat and survive had put up mansions and the reports flew all across Ghana. Has the presidency took it upon itself to find out the truth or otherwise of these claims which had the assets built themselves as evidence? Names were mentioned and sites for these projects mention. Names like AMA Benyiwa Doe, Asiedu Nketia, Hon Tia, Hanna Bissiw, Okudjeto Ablakwah and others all popped up but, as Hon Amidu said they have the unconstitutional insurance to do whatever they want without questioning.

Asiedu Nketia is still supplying his blocks at high cost to the contractors at the Bui project site, a clear case of Conflict of Interest and causing financial loss to the state. Who has heard the Mills administration seeking to bring him to book or at least calling him to order?

Do you think if Mutaka was not having the "unconstitutional insurance", he will have gone scot free after the Kyinkyinga and pampers saga? But a president who said he will order investigation even upon a mere news paper report without waiting for evidence has been mute.

Where on earth will an A.G refuse to defend the state and just dish out 580 billion cedis to an individual just upon a mere claim that he had a contract abrogated by the government unlawfully? When all the documents surrounding the contract and the works are there to refer to. But he had and insurance because he was bearing a paid party membership card and so he could benefit that hooping sum without even the government putting up a defence.

Can Mills as a lawyer deny that he is aware that burning down public properties is a crime? So why are those thugs who burnt down the NHIS offices, the NDC office in Tamale and vandalised many other D/MCE offices left off the hook? Those who branded themselves as NDC foot soldiers and robbed toll boots, Lorry parks and public toilets are resting peacefully under the cover of party membership cards.

Am sure Amidu has seen all these accusations and witch hunting because he dared to defer. He dared to stand by the truth which the pro Mills-Mahama folks could not accept. Martin Amidu, the once vice presidential candidate is a lawyer of great repute who has never been held between the gloves of the law for any misdeed. I take it serious when he speaks.

If readers wi remember, after the Sunyani "Choreographed Coronation", Ex President Rawlings made a claim that after the 2008 elections Pres Mills, then the president elect came to him in his house. And told him (Rawlings) that they should just allow things to run and the money will be flowing. This claim has not been denied by the president which makes what Ex Pres Rawlings said to gain roots. If Mills said this, then we can say nothing in his era was a co-incidence but a pre-determined agenda not to see evil committed by his acquaintances nor act on any, so that the money will keep flowing.

The next administration is the one which will actually open the cardboards for us to see the skeletons Mills is leaving behind. As for, Hon Amidu's claim it is still too deep to comprehend.

No wonder the Mills-Mahama led administration is only looking for his resignation or dismissal because if Hon Martin Amidu is pushed to the wall Mills Government can crumble in just a day. The rot in his leadership is too much.

President Mills is not doubting what the Hon AG said, but he can't just stand it. Saying it out has been a shock to him and all his friends hence the condemnations and calls for his fall.

Reagan Adomah Koduah. London - UK. e-mail: reaganadomahkoduah@yahoo.co.uk

Columnist: Koduah, Reagan Adomah