Mr President, another word for “broken promises” is “lies” – FYI

Sun, 22 Nov 2015 Source: Dabbousi, Fabi

By Fadi Dabbousi

It is rather unfortunate that of all nations, ours had to be the one afflicted with a leadership that sees promises as mere campaign slogans soon be forgotten. Unsustainable theories of dreaming-to-achieve plans become broken promises that are really nothing but lies upon lies upon lies. One of the numerous examples is enough to justify my submission in this regard.

Your incompetency, you promised an end to Dumsor in 2011, but it suffered a broken fate. You promised again that it would be over before the 2012 elections, but, phweep, it went off like the scanty electricity current. You promised so many times since then that Ghanaians have almost lost count. Then you promised Power Barges in April that turned out to be in celebration of April Fool’s day. The barges were postponed as soon as they were announced to be on their way. Then they were delayed! Then they were promised to be on their way! Then they were cancelled!

An opportunity for chop chop (theft of the nation’s money) was soon identified. Some ten barges were hired for $600 million US Dollars for a period of five years when for the same amount most could have been purchased outright. Is that COMPETENCE? The worst part of this sore deal is that they are oil powered barges when what is needed are Gas powered plants. When the nation cannot afford gas to power what we already have, how are we going to afford crude oil? Man you are INCOMPETENT!!!

By the way, we have more plants to produce enough electricity, and these barges were really not necessary. The problem was with the lack of money to procure gas to power them. You borrow money to pay interest on loans that your outfit squandered in the name of development that is not tangible. Projects that the government touts are fake, and can neither be substantiated nor justified, hence the crescendo of Ghana’s debt, which is at the unprecedented 40 billion dollar mark. The interface between COMPETENCY and INCOMPETENCY is HONESTY. Sadly too, your outfit is so bereft of this necessary trait.

Doesn’t it figure why Your Incompetency is referred to as B)hy3 B) Mahama (Promise Mahama)? Was it not a disgrace that it had to take the wisdom and audacity of H.E. Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe to spell out the dissatisfaction of the AU (African Union), in its entirety, with your “Baloney” and Incompetence?

The dissatisfaction of Robert Mugabe was as a result of John Mahama’s flagrant corruption and failed promises that are never delivered on. In fact, so comical are your assertions that satirical articles are written to mock you, Sire. One such satire is http://www.ghanacelebrities,com/2015/11/18/ghana-to-send-6-helicopters-to-syria-to-help-fight-isis/

I am sad, for these are troubling times! It has come to the point where the embarrassment brought upon Ghana and this nation has gone overboard. Hope has taken leave of us due to unrivalled incompetency at the Presidency. Your Incompetency, Sire, it is a well-established fact that H.E. Nana Akufo-Addo commands more respect from Ghanaians and the International community than your government and party can ever dream of. After all, he never allows his companions to display mediocrity by wearing their wives’ coats to the shock of the whole world. It is Nana Akufo-Addo whom the world recognised as having won the 2012 elections, and it is him whom the world reveres for upholding the peace we are all enjoying in Ghana today - peace that you would have desecrated were the tables turned around. Your party’s history is rife with such instances of violence.

When it comes to the credentials of H.E. Dr Prophet Mahmoudu Bawumia, your incompetency glares you in the face. In fact so stark are the differences between his credentials and yours cum your Vice’s put together, that slurring him with sarcasm just flies back in your face. He is the one recognised as the genius worthy of an invite to speak at international fora. He is the one who makes ripples of fames when he deliberates on global economics. He is the one who prophesied the doom of your incompetent policies.

The truth of the matter is that the incompetency of your leadership is spelled in the belligerence with which you handle criticism. You are a sore loser, if you ask me! It is so because with such an able genius in our midst, you choose to exhibit gross jealousy to accentuate your incompetency by engaging in gutter politics, singling yourself out in the midst of the international rush to revere him for his outstanding competence and capability.

Ghanaians are disappointed in you. In fact they are highly embarrassed that you are the President. I mean where did this nation go wrong? I must advise you that each time the name of H.E. Dr. Mahmoudu Bawumia is mentioned, you must doff your hat for the competency that makes an abode in his wisdom and abilities.

Enjoy the 12 months you have left at the Millenium/Flag Staff House, while we reamin in perpetual and unsolved Dumsor. It is not well at all.

Columnist: Dabbousi, Fabi