Mr. President make good use of the white matter

Sun, 12 Jul 2015 Source: Bombande, Emmanuel

Mr. President, greetings from my corner of the word. I can see that you take the title “president” very seriously and very personally almost like a bonafide title to the extent that it forms part of your insttagramme account. That’s great! You deserve it. After, all you worked very hard for it and i am tempted to believe that earned you the sobriquet name “MR. PROMISEDENT”.

Folks before l proceed, let me confess that it is a hazardous enterprise: for l am fully aware of the dangers to which this piece of writing may expose me in case l am misunderstood or deliberately misreported or mischievously quoted out of context.

Mr. President, the only problem l have with you is how you drive the nation. Once you fall into a pit, the entire nation follows suit. Some couple of months ago, the issue of Ghana youths employment and entrepreneurial agency (GYEEDA ) rot because a household name and as usual, we made so much noise and eventually allowed the issue to go to rest for good. The national service scandal also became another. What beats my imagination is that, the architects of the scandal were allowed to go unpunished. Administrators of various health facilities across the length and breath of the country are sometimes compelled to pay a token of about GH¢ 5,000.00 before getting access to their own claims. Ooh Ghana, what a country? The free fall of the cedi coupled with the erratic power supply know in our local parlance as “dumsor” has made every single citizen of this land to suffer from diplopia.

Irrespective of all these, the number one gentle man of my beloved country (Ghana) far away in Botswana was able to knock his chest and told the whole world that, he has developed a DEAD GOAT SYNDROME and that, he fears no knife . Mr. President, may be time and probably the small taste of power has made you to forget of the humble beginning you had before ascending the throne.

Folks let me use this opportunity to remind our president that the over 2000 nurses who completed school in August 2013 and are through with their one year mandatory orientation are still in the house wasting the knowledge and skills they acquired. Who knows, may be our president has been cured of his dead goat syndrome so he may temper justice with mercy and consider my college nurses.

“Mr. Promisedent”, I don’t want to say put on your thinking cup because l may sound too harsh but with all due respect, make good use of the white matter in the coconut and crack the whip and walk the talk as well, for we have been in darkness for too long.

My dear readers, l wanted to go to town but due to one or two reasons, l decided to stop at the outskirts. God bless all my readers, God bless mother Ghana.

Bombande Emmanuel

Zebilla District Hospital

Post Office Box 50


Upper East Region

e-mail: emmanuelbombande@gmail.com

No. 0248953663

Columnist: Bombande, Emmanuel