Opinions Tue, 24 Apr 2018

Mr. President, you’ve disappointed us

As a young guy and a student of politics watching our political infrastructure from the perspective of a realist, l get every reason to shiver considering reckless decisions being made daily by handlers of our current political dispensation.

It’s been almost two years since Akuffo Addo took over from his predecessor John Mahama after alleging series of unsubstantiated political lies and also offered to make life in Ghana more comfortable than that of heaven if elected.

Low and behold, the NPP in collaboration with the media, civil society groups and the clergies, many who are party magnates hiding in cassocks in their Christ selling businesses, launched the regime change agenda prior to 2016 elections.

For the first time in our political history, we witnessed an unprecedented level of attacks from the clergies, they never reneged on their role in the regime change conspiracy which consequently elicited the mammoth humiliation the Mahama led administration suffered aftermath the 2016 elections.

Now their darling boy is in power, Akuffo Addo at the corridors, the wise man has finally being installed at the Flagstaff house as proposed by one of the clergies in the lead up to the election, but less than two years in office, their darling boy has proven to be nothing much than a caricature of Presidential mockery, he has proven to be more of a mess and waste on the taxpayer. He has made a lot of reckless decisions with regards to appointments than any of his predecessors, so far Akuffo Addo is on record to have appointed the largest number of ministers, larger than anywhere in the world.

His much-touted One district one factory project, has become a joke of a policy, yet he has appointed tons of people with no coherent designation or portfolio but monthly they take salaries, we’ve been made to understand that even monies to commence and finance the project is inaccessible yet we are paying his friends and family members for no apparent reasons.

So if l tell you Akuffo Addo is a disaster to both economic and political fortunes of this country you have to understand it, he seems to be living in a world of fantasy sharing appointments and jobs to people as if that’s all being president is about.

Recently he appointed 3 CEO’s and ten deputies to manage 3 development authorities, how on earth do you justify this, 13 CEOs, are they going to weed or carry the said areas on their shoulders around, it’s crazy to read such news. Don’t forget as we speak, there’s no single office made available for the three development authorities, because even monies for the project is yet be realized yet we are going to pay these 13 people not less than GHc 17,000 a month for each of them as emoluments and as usual the state will bequeath to them fueled V8 vehicles.

This is why l say the presidential psyche of our president requires the public autopsy so that we can appreciate his understanding of being president because what is happening in Ghana now is a disaster.

Being president isn’t about appointing 1000’s of people, it’s about selecting the competent few to do a big job.

Again anywhere in the world, every country is seeking to leverage the modern advances in technological innovations for rapid social economic development by doing away with the excesses of human interface that often clouds decision making in corporate governance. But to our 74-year-old president, he prefers the traditional style of governance, appoints the linguist and the ”gon gon beater, let them walk and deliver the message instead of the telephone” But who can blame him, our constitutional framers who set the age bar for President at 40 brought all these on us?

The 40 years and above age ceiling is a dangerous proponent in our constitution and l recommend as a growing democracy, we must take a holistic view of this prescription by drawing to the discussion how old men have destroyed the African continent.

It’s a blessing to live longer, but not in politics, the aggregation retired brains dictating policies for African is the sole reason for our woes. To the black man, the Aged is a repository of knowledge and wisdom, a sorry mentality.

As scandals upon scandals continue to reel under this government, Nana Addo, l presume will go down as the worse president ever in Ghana’s political history, aside the mess caused already by appointing the largest number of ministers in the world which includes family, friends, daughter, cousins and old girlfriends, it seems the old man is poised to do the worse to craft the most decorated despicable legacy in our long journey to seek economic emancipation.

He has appointed over 998 staffers working at the office of the president, when you hear numbers such as this, then you will ask yourself whether there’s a cassava plantation at the Flagstaff house or Jubilee house or whatever they call it requires such desperate numbers considering the reckless expenditure his office has been engaging in. This is the height of absurdity in modern governance.

I have listened to the pathetic arguments being put forward by government’s communication machinery, they argued that out of the number, 998, 672 was bequeathed to them by the Mahama led administration, but this is nothing but abject lies.

Are they telling us the staffers Mahama appointed are still working at their Jubilee house now? What can Of gullible defence is that.

Again are they also telling us that Mahama administration didn’t also inherit residual numbers from thrust previous government, of course he did just like anyone yet he didn’t cross the 700 line but because Akuffo came to settle his debt, he’s hastily doing everything possible to offset all debt he had incurred in the past within this four years without thinking about next election, no wonder they are syphoning state resources with alacrity and impunity.

If you read through the list, it makes a lot of shocking revelations, the names and designation.

Number 212, “the lady in waiting” portfolio, what at all is that lady waiting for at the presidency, Zion train or JJ’s car?

Akuffo Addo is nepotism inclined, his inclination to nepotism is sickening, after appointing every member of his family into his government, he’s not prepared to relent ...look through the list of staffers number again understand his desperation to woo Ghana’s job to his blood relations.

25. Duke Ofori Attah,

28. Micheal Ofori Atta

139.Williams Ofori Attah

178. Alice Ofori Attah and so on and on.....

This is a sad moment and a dark spot in our beautiful democratic process.

Nana Addo is desperately fighting for a fit with the words Jesus said in (John 10:10) The irony is that the men of God who deceived Ghanaians into voting for this mess have gone to hide, some are busily buried in watching animal films on Tv, not that they love doing that but they cannot any longer bear the shame this clueless old man is dragging them through. My harmless question is Mr President where lies your integrity, you and Bawumia promised to protect the public purse, what has changed, your crass incompetence is heroics.

The rest are just hypocrites, Hypocrisy beyond imagination, they have lost their moral clout and moral convictions to talk so they’now relaxing on the political habitation button. Wha shame for us all, a mess like this, never again, Akuffo Addo and Bawumia said they inherited an economic mess, but send them my simple message, they two inherited a buoyant economy but Ghanaians voted for the mess, even the Bible knows this, the Bible is my witness.

Columnist: Ivan-Kyei Innocent / Nanakyei81@gmail.com