Mr Prez, Where Are The Men?

Fri, 6 Apr 2012 Source: Andoh, Isaac Kyei


After Five months without a Municipal Chief Executive, Residents of Ga south have questioned the availability of quality human resource to the Atta Mills led NDC.

Since the dismissal of Hon. Sherriff Dodoo in November last year, the seat of the MCE has remained vacant and this has led residence questioned the rationale behind the sacking of Hon. Sheriff Dodoo when there was no readily available replacement for him.

Though the oversight responsibility of running the Assembly has been given to the Greater Accra Regional Minister, residents believe that a substantive MCE is the answer to the challenges confronting the Assembly.

Mr. Peter Addai Baffour a leader of the delegation that registered their disgust at what they call “government show of no interest in Assembly”, said that no meaningful development has taken place since the previous Chief Executive was ousted.

According to him, even though Hon. Sherriff Dodoo could not be said to be the very best, he was managing the place far better than the Regional Minister is doing. “Today, when you go to the Assembly, there is so much lawlessness and the staff do whatever they please.”

“If the government has no replacement, why did he sack sheriff when in actual fact he was not doing so badly?” He quizzed.

In confirmation of the anger of the people in the area, Assembly Members on Wednesday boycotted the Assembly sitting for the second time this year to send a signal to government the on need for an MCE.

It started from Text messages that was sent across by senior Assembly Members to call on other members to add their voice and influence to mount pressure on government to act swiftly in this direction.

In other development, Chiefs of the area have unilaterally nominated Hon. Caesar Ahiagbor, the 2004 Parliamentary Candidate for Weija Constituency to takeover the reigns of the Assembly.

The Chiefs indicated that considering the state of the Assembly, somebody who knows the nooks and crannies of the Assembly, enjoys good relationship with the Assembly Members and has a good human relation.

It can however be confirmed that despite numerous call on government to place competence above all kinds of leanings, tribalism has raised its ugly head in the selection process.

Whereas as some factions are pushing for the pursuance of competence above everything, some key persons are pushing for a Ga to be appointment.

Credible information has it that the former Greater Accra Regional Minister Nii Armah Ashitey is the architect of this scheme.

Effort to get the official reaction of government proved futile as numerous calls to the Minister of Local Government went unanswered.

We would keep you updated on new development and possibly get government position on this matter and give credible information on what is delaying the appointment of a substantive MCE for this important Assembly.

Reporter: Isaac Kyei Andoh

Columnist: Andoh, Isaac Kyei