'Mrs' Charlotte 'Osei', Ghanaians want to know your maiden name

Wed, 30 Mar 2016 Source: Damoa, Adreba Kwaku Abrefa

A woman is never addressed as Mrs, unless she is married, and wishes to be the proud wife of her husband. Essentially, Mrs is a title of marital status, yet others may prefer to be like Lucy Stoner, in their own right, in which case, their marital status identity may be shelved, and choose to be identified in their maiden name, preceded usually with Ms. In your case, Charlotte "Osei", Ghana's Electoral Commissioner, you have apparently chosen to use and maintain not only a marital status identity, you are identified with a specific surname, which is associated with Ghanaian males, probably as incognito, and which gives reason for Ghanaians to feel queasy about, because we find your holding on to Mrs Osei, a mismatch, until you prove it to be otherwise.

The radix of this quest traces itself from the fact that, as a holder of a high public office, it is essential for you to provide your full profile details, which include your title, such as Mrs, Miss, Ms, Nana, Rev, etc etc; followed by date and place of your birth. Ghanaians want to know any other names, such as your maiden name incident to acquiring the marital title of Mrs. Such details should come to the public domain, and for the public to be aware.

In this regard, Charlotte "Osei", your full identity, along with your title reference leave much to be desired, and these are the unfilled gaps that Ghanaians want to know.

Now, the impetus that has provoked this inquiry is that, apart from a perceived allegation, doubting you Charlotte "Osei", your nationality identity, which Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings threw up a challenge to you, there has been a painstaking research on you, with information streaming in with serious momentum, revealing that both your parents are from Eastern Nigeria. This leaves no doubt that you bear a Nigerian maiden name that unequivocally identifies you as Nigerian, and therefore makes you unfit to hold the office of Commissioner of Elections in Ghana.

I hereby assure you that I am not being personal in the circumstances, and for that matter I prefer to use this piece as a teaser information gathered on you in the interim, before the full and most serious embarrassing details of you are released. You may therefore voluntarily acquiesce and respond accordingly to this noble demand, or they will be brought out with dire consequences.

Further to the above, the matter in which you are alleged to have continued earning two incomes, from the date you were appointed as Ghana's Electoral Commissioner, has also not gone to rest. This is because, as a public office holder, just like all others, a high level of honesty and integrity are duly required and expected of you. Details of this too will emerge shortly, along with constitutional details of what qualifies a person to hold the office of Commissioner of Elections in Ghana, and where there has been a breach.

As Ghana's Electoral Commissioner, Ghanaians are aware of your special relation of strong affiliation with one Ibrahim, and one Prempeh, both of whom are strong NDC members. It has come to light that this strong force of affinity with these two has inevitably exerted undue influence on you, hence impairing your ability, your functions, and your responsibilities as Electoral Commissioner. This perceived undue influence, either by threats, material inducements, or affined attachment, or all in the above parisosis, naturally make you align towards NDC demands, as Electoral Commissioner.

Since you do not listen to the majority of the populace demands, and also for exhibiting disdain and contemptuous conduct towards decisions of the Supreme Court, it is hereby advisable for you to sense and acknowledge that the wrought of Ghanaians is intensifying, therefore the above is worth opinable for you, to direct you in your official functional readjustment.

I will be back anon.

Adreba Kwaku Abrefa Damoa

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Columnist: Damoa, Adreba Kwaku Abrefa