Mugabe of Montie FM stupidly plans to spit more fire

Thu, 15 Sep 2016 Source: Adofo, Rockson

By Rockson Adofo

Mr Salifu Maase, a notorious programme (“Pampaso”) presenter at Montie FM, going by the nickname Mugabe, has promised his equally little-minded radio and political fans that he will be giving more “fire” as of Tuesday 13 September 2016 when he goes back to resume or host his “Pampaso” programme.

This notorious Salifu, uncouth, unprofessional and semi-illiterate by the ethics of journalism, has been using his radio programme as a platform to not only slander but also, threaten the lives of, his perceived political opponents of President Mahama and the NDC.

A few months ago, he facilitated, and also participated in, the diabolic intents by some two equally human parasites that walk with their stomach and are also NDC propagandists and fanatics (Alistair Nelson and Godwin Ako Gunn) to threaten some Ghana Supreme Court judges with death and forced marriage.

He was either correctly or wrongly prosecuted, convicted or jailed at Nsawam Medium Prisons for four months with his other accomplices, Alistair Nelson and Godwin Ako Gunn.

Even though his confinement at Nsawam prisons became something like a mini-heaven, being visited daily by NDC Government Ministers, top NDC gurus etc., he was still moaning like a chicken baby as some people funnily will say. He was complaining that life was hard for him and his family back in Britain or outside prison. Subsequently, his employer, President John Dramani Mahama, in collusive consultation with the Council of State and upon their ill-advice, remitted the sentence to a month by exercising his prerogative of mercy powers under 1992 Ghana Constitutional Article 72.

Now that this disgraceful near-murderer is out of jail, and unreformed as he is because he lacks intelligence and wisdom, he has promised to rain more fire, on whom, I cannot tell but surely on the political opponents of President Mahama or on the Supreme Court judges or anyone perceived not to be a member of the NDC.

Let me seize this opportunity to tutor this ignorant radio programme presenter going by the nickname Mugabe. First and foremost, he has to bear in mind that President Mugabe whose name he has assumed or adopted does not behave in that murderous and irresponsible manner as he, Salifu Maase, is conducting himself.

Secondly, he has to note that President Mahama in remitting his sentence did not fail to recognise that he, Salifu, had not committed or intended to commit a crime. President Mahama did uphold the fact and belief that Salifu Maase and his other two accomplices had committed a crime and were guilty of offence but just that the sentence was too harsh.

Mugabe was not pardoned, whereby his crimes would no longer stand or are completely blotted out as it were in the case of a court declaring one as “discharged and acquitted” of their crimes.

Remission in the sense applied is different from pardon so Mugabe must be very careful about his follow up actions. If he thinks his government and friends are in government so he can run his mouth as big as he wants and threaten the lives of people as much as he can with impunity, I tell him he is wrong. He is deceiving himself big time.

There is coming a day that he will be held squarely accountable for his misdeeds. Now that he has got palm oil, let him continue eating mashed plantain/cocoyam gluttonously; forgetting that one can easily choke on mashed plantain/cocoyam – an Akan proverb goes.

Mugabe is free and is going back to wallow in his shitty on-air pronouncements same as a pig wallows in its own shit in a pigsty. On this note, what are my younger and senior brothers Professor Kwaku Asare and Hon. Martin Amidu respectively, going to say? Are they going to advise Mugabe to be mindful of his actions or they are going to encourage him to keep on firing out his evil intentions? Are they are going to sit on the fence watching while he carries himself about as the usual “I don’t fear huu bastard” and when he gets into trouble, they will continue to defend him by coming out with their expert interpretation of the constitutional clauses?

I respect both brothers so much and I was on the same side of the moral divide when fighting the Ghanaian swindler of the century, Alfred Agbesi Woyome, to refund to the State the over GHC51.2 million that he stole from Ghana.

Upon all the precious time and energy expended, money spent, and the humiliation, insults and threats to life suffered by Hon. Martin Amidu, could he attain his objective? NO!

What was his final goal in all that he did? He wanted Woyome to refund the money to the State and, or charged with theft, prosecuted, convicted and imprisoned.

Until today, after the Supreme Court ordered him (Woyome) to refund the money to Ghana because he obtained it fraudulently, he has not paid a pesewa and may not pay a “kobo” as long as NDC and President Mahama are in power. He was even discharged and acquitted of any crime in relation to the perceived fraudulent acquisition of the money, by one High Court Justice Ajit Naseem.

Could he not have bribed this judge for him to arrive at that decision as the judge was later sacked for taking money, goat and foodstuff bribe from someone to twist justice in the person’s favour?

Those people who should have assisted in the successful prosecution of Woyome failed to do their job. They were always conniving with Woyome or the government to delay the prosecution or not coming up with tangible charges. It is all because they are all in the same government that has elevated them to the positions in which they are today so they would not want to help in any way that will end up jailing their party’s major financier, Alfred Agbesi Woyome.

The Attorney General and her department believe in the adage, “Do not bite the finger that feeds you” hence they will not co-operate fully in any endeavour to prosecute any of their kind, be they Alfred Agbesi Woyome or the Montie trio (Salifu Maase, Alistair Nelson and Godwin Ako Gunn).

In that case, should nothing be done by us but to sit on our fat backside until the Montie trio have murdered the judges in cold blood as done to three judges on 30 June 1982 by their parent party PNDC and NDC founder J. J. Rawlings?

The Attorney General and her department had refused to prosecute the Montie trio, the BNI had come out with complete nonsense, saying the alleged criminals had not the means to execute their threats hence must be left alone, they seem to suggest to Ghanaians. At this point, what should the Supreme Court judges do? Should they sit down doing nothing but twirling their fingers until they are massacred by those smelly cows called Salifu Maase, Alistair Nelson and Godwin Ako Gunn?

Is it what my dear brothers were suggesting to Ghanaians? Anyway, Mugabe says he is going to “fire” with more vim and zeal than he was doing before he was sent into imprisonment.

What is the advice to him by our learned men? Are they waiting for him to commit further atrocious crimes, and then come to help get him off the hook for a second time? What advice do they have for the Attorney General who seems to be colluding with the government to get some criminals like Woyome and Maase off the hook?

To Mugabe, bear in mind that if you play with fire, fire will not only burn you but it will completely consume you at the right time. You cannot continue to have your cake and eat it. Time changes, my only advice to you so be careful of the thorny seeds you are sowing today. Same seeds will germinate to grow thorns to pierce you badly.

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson