Opinions Tue, 23 Apr 2019

My hero

The astuteness of the thoughts, coupled with creativity is the springboard propelling this nation on greater heights.

Half the term of his regime as the leader of this great nation, Ghana, has been characterized by great positive advancement in all aspects of our national lives as citizens of the country. These two years of an administration he is superintending vociferously has proven beyond reasonable doubt his commitment at implementing positive lasting legacies to the benefit of the present and future generation of this country.

The inspiring and principled sacrifices; the huge albatross and obstacles to overcome in order to salvage others; the dedication and devotion to the duty call are unequalled and cannot be overemphasized.

The lifelong of his heroism started aboard his personal transformation and invariably affecting that of the people around him today. The impeccable leadership prowess he is professing today has been a conscious chronological approach to life and leadership formation and transformation. It chronicles down the era of his school life...growing, learning, transforming and ascending from followership to heroic leadership.

His dealings in the past and today epitomises the pinnacle of human maturity. That great deal of maturity in him, his honest style and experience are therapies for significant life problems of others. He made no compromise as a leader, dedicated and committed his life to fight for equal opportunities. The resultant effects are some of these historic achievements in about two years of his reign as the president of the Republic of Ghana.

The peace of Dagbon and the Enskinment of the New Yaa Naa is an achievement worth commending. The interest of my hero, President Akufo-Addo, has been to do everything humanly possible within his caprices to ensure a lasting peace at Dagbon. The rest as we talk today is history, and will forever be one of the most favourite of posterity.

The one District one Factory policy. This, he is championing to boost value addition to primary products and produce, to boost industrialisation and to create an overwhelming jobs for people. This is a project ongoing in a lot of districts in the country.

The successful implementation of the Free SHS policy and other necessary reforms in the educational sector. This is the surest way to invest in the future of Ghana, as education and technology remains the backbone of every robust economy in the world.

The implementation of this policy has seen a significant rise in the number of people seeking to advance their education whom hitherto would not have had the opportunity for financial reasons. This is the hero I am talking about!

The planting for food and jobs initiative and the conscious efforts to boost cocoa produce. This, has appreciably increase the food basket and has created a lot of jobs for a lot of Ghanaians. This initiative saw a fifty percent cut in the prices of fertilizers, free distribution of improve seedlings and loans and grants to help expand the farming scope.

The Nation Builders Corp (NABCO) policy and other youth empowering policies to completely collapse Graduate Youth Employment Association (GYEA), has seen over 400,000 graduates from all facet of programs enrolled in various modules. The question is, where would this graduates have been if not for this intervention by the government?

The reopening of Obuasi Gold mine as promised, 20 million Ghana cedis seed money for the newly created regions, stimulus packages for collapsed factories under the former NDC administration led by former president John Mahama, the various roads being constructed across the country, the revamping of the National Health Insurance Scheme, the zongo development ministry and fund, restoration of trainee allowances, and so on are the unending progress made by this hero within two years of his stewardships. The coming years promises to be better under his watch as the leader of the land.

Electricity and water bills for industry and residential use is reduced, import charges are down, health delivery has improved, political vigilantism and landgarism will soon be a thing of the past, Ghana's economy has regained investor confidence and many more are worth mentioning.

The dynamism and the hard work of president Akufo-Addo is a testimony of his great courage to elevate us, encourage us, break barriers and make us all comfortable and have equal access to available opportunities. His distinguished courage, brave deeds and noble qualities will remain imprinted in the annals of our nation, the nation he so much sacrifice for.

H. E Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo, you are my HERO.

Columnist: Quarshie Egyer Joseph