Muslims must continue praying for peace now and the future- Sheikh Dr Amin Bonsu

Wed, 7 Aug 2013 Source: Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai

Just like other religious adherents Muslims throughout Ghana spent the best part of the month long Ramadan fasting to pray for peace and orderly development in Ghana. In their daily and long nightly prayers, they prayed for the leadership and citizens of all levels.

The current trend in proceedings of the election petition in the Supreme Court was considered an important issue that engaged the attention of the Muslim leaders and their followers the more. They also prayed for industrial peace and an end to agitations arising from appointment of District Chief Executives and Municipal Chief Executives that have led to irate youth burning cars and destroying properties in some parts of the country. Sheikh Dr Amin Bonsu, the Imam and acting Chairman of Ghana Muslim Mission made a point that Muslims being part of the Ghanaian society have no choice than to pray for peace in the land. He said this in a press statement delivered at the headquarters of the Ghana Muslim Mission at Korle Gonno, Accra.

He extended greetings to all Muslims in Ghana and the world at large and expressed the desire for them especially the youth to intensify their devotion to the Almighty by adhering to the rules governing the Islam particularly the Ramadan fast. That is the only way they would be spiritually developed to be able to do their duty to the nation and God almighty, he said.

He said: “this is the period for Muslims to ensure that their personal and spiritual upliftment and also an opportunity to get close to the Almighty Allah and also ask for forgiveness and success in this world and the hereafter”.

He went on to say that “It is incumbent on all Muslims to live upright lives during the and after the Ramadan. It would be in vain if anyone goes back to his or her previous life after the Ramadan. This is due to the fact that it is expected that we continue to live uprightly even after the Ramadan”.

Speaking on education and other facilities he urged Muslims to invest in education and health centers by building more schools and infrastructural development for the benefit of the Muslims and the nation.

Although the statements made by sheikh Amin seem loaded they would be beneficial when followed through. For example it would be wrong for youth who troop in their large numbers to worship God to stop when the Ramadan fast is over.

Those among them who have relaxed their evil deeds such as womanizing and smoking and other vices must not go back to those ways after the Ramadan. We pray that those youth who ride motorbikes and drive vehicles at top speed during the Ramadan festivities would put a stop to that now and in future

He advised Muslims to consider investing in school buildings and health centers is appropriate because Muslims whose numbers are increasing require more schools and other infrastructure needed to help them out. With regard to the election petition before the Supreme Court it is only proper that we all heed the advice of Islamic leaders such as Dr Amin for all Muslims to continue praying for the courts to come out with a fair verdict. In this regard the youth must desist from embarking of activities in relation to the court petition that would disturb the peace of Ghana.




Columnist: Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai