Re: Akuapem Poloo's 90 days jail sentence

Akuapem Poloo Prison Photo Ghanaian actress, Akuapem Poloo

Wed, 21 Apr 2021 Source: Lawrence Green

I couldn’t agree more with Senior Samson Lardy Anyenini (In Newsfile— Samson’s Take: Akuapem Poloo; how is 90 days harsh? by Joynews), the venerable Manaseh Azure and my brother Senator Suleman Pelpuo Ikyei in his article titled — A Society that speaks of Justice but afraid of Justice: The Poloo Case.

The obviously poignant, duplicitous, impulsive, emotional and inconsistent positions and reactions to issues of grave national concern is certainly the trend in our modern society. This, unfortunately, is the bane of our contemporary national discourse!

Even more doleful! You find a section considered cream from our legal luminaries and intellectuals, incessantly engaging in these legal acrobatics and fatuous intellectual fantasy.

The virtues of living by principles and consistency are being sacrificed on the alter[s] of visibility, cheap popularity and patronized legal accent. Playing to the gallery has become fashionable — You, Just follow the bandwagon of emotional and impulsive judgements — you are cool and hailed.

To those condemning the ruling on the basis of obsolete, archaic or precolonial laws or acts.

Can you please tell us, even with a whisper, at what point in time did they (The redoubtable Prof. Kwaku Asare and his strenuous protagonists) realize the obsolete or precolonial nature or contents of Criminal Offences Act, 1960 (Act 29), et alia?

How succinctly and vociferously have they articulated same in public, in the past? Perhaps they became animated, immediately after the conviction of Akuapem Poloo!

Yes! Of course, what was their position then, when the contentious picture of Poloo and her son, first emerged on social media with much debates?(Hehehe! convenience, indeed!).

On a serious note, perhaps, we should believe they are not limping between two different opinions.

Even so, we can only hope, this line of thought is not stretched into the realms of absurdity to encompass and embolden the inane LGBTQ+ perspectives in the future.

Again, on the other hand, as for pleading guilty or not guilty claims; let’s leave that for another day, at least for now.

However, let me hasten to state without hesitation, our society is rapidly becoming fond of exalting frivolities, glorifying vacillating Jjudgements perspectives and deifying sensationalism.

We pray against gloom and doom, ahead

Columnist: Lawrence Green