If it's our last Ramadan

Muslims Praying  7 Muslims praying

Wed, 21 Apr 2021 Source: Abdul Rahman Odoi

Imagine that we’ve been shown our time of departure from this earth, and luckily it’s no other day than the fasting season. I want to believe that we’ll proactively work towards acquiring all the blessings of this month.

The aforesaid is what we’ve been taught by the noble Messenger to exude. That, we must live as though we will not see night, but if night meets us we should not expect to see the next day. This is to make us tough in the mind, to always add death to the day to day plans we do make, because we don’t know when we would finally abscond this world.

The statistics of those who fasted last year but died before the beginning of this year’s fast is heartbreaking. People have died in numbers. Souls have been snatched into the muddy soil. And above all, perchance they’re praying for an hour to be given them so they’ll come back to this world and spend it in godliness.

The covering on their eyes have been removed. They are now seeing the truths of what they termed as falsehood. Those good deeds they considered insignificant, which could have saved them today. They’re in pain.

But thanks to the stars, we are breathing. And more importantly, we are witnessing the blessed month. We shouldn’t give no small good deed a chance to fly before our grips. Even if it’s a date you’ll spend in charity, do so. If it’s meeting your friend with a cheerful face, do so. Let us accost good; we need to fast consciously, extend charity, pray, and provide neighborly needs.

Let us hoot at evil; desist from consuming what’s meant for the orphan, cheating, breaking hearts, elicit sex, backbiting, ascribing partners to Allah, among others.

None of us is promised tomorrow. So, fast diligently, with God consciousness at the back of your mind.

Once this is scored, we will not cry when thunder strikes.

Columnist: Abdul Rahman Odoi