Akuapem Poloo, the face of decency

Akuapem Poloo 54.png Actress Akuapem Poloo

Fri, 23 Apr 2021 Source: Nii Pardie

The moral decadence in This country called Ghana cannot be overemphasized. The decay has eaten deep into the very fibre of the society and transcends nudity or child pornography.

The Ghanaian society has “accepted” vices like corruption at all levels ,charlatans who claims to be ‘men of God, get-rich- quick schemes, money ritualist, falsehood, disobedience at all levels, dishonesty, disrespectfulness manipulations, forgeries, adulterous activates etc as the ‘new normal’.

At infancy, my parents did not exposed their nakedness to me, as a way of exhibiting how much they love and care about me. My days at DEKS preparatory school in Tema ,community 8,also taught me the difference between good and evil. This was done through the study of religious and moral education(RME).

The training I got from home and that of school has helped shape my perspectives about life and what society frown on.

God in his own infinite wisdom has bestowed on each and every human being ,conscience. This conscience, I believe, separates us from animals.

My religious inclination has also helped immensely in that regards.

The case of Our dear sister, Rosemond Brown, though is pitiable, the laws of the country, must be allowed to work irrespective of who has fallen foul of it. This must be done for sanity to prevail.

The citizenry have swayed so much from the moral high grounds that our forebears used to hold in high esteem. Hence, it has become paramount, that we, as a country, go back to the basics and right all the wrongs. That I believe, it the only way, the nation can move forward.

The case of Rosemond Brown a.k.a AKUAPEM POLOO should and must serve as a deterrent not only to the slay queens and kings, but also to the corrupt politicians and individuals in high places whose activities are draining the country of its financial, natural and Human Resources.

The authorities in charge of the media(television,radio and online streaming) should also wake up from their slumber. They must put a stop the charlatans and so called mallams who are polluting our airwaves.

Columnist: Nii Pardie