Reasons they don’t need God

Ramadan Prayers Ramadan is the ninth month on the Islamic calendar

Sun, 25 Apr 2021 Source: Abdul Rahman Odoi

Some caboodle of men are pretty savvy. They know God more than they even know themselves. They’re much bent on teaching God the pitfalls of creation.

Luckily, they’ve transcended from teaching God what He knows not to alleging that nobody needs to affirm his faith in God. The following are a few reasons they bethink we don’t need God.

It’s arguably true that these crop of men are the manufacturers of oxygen and carbon dioxide. I know a company in the diaspora which produces the air we breath. Their branches are widely spread across the continent. They are doing so well that they’ve not ran out of stock before; the supply of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Can you imagine? I want to believe that, at the nearby hospital, this artificial oxygen is also not expensive as compared to the free delivery (of air) we get from God, the Being they claim we don’t need. Are they really on their own? Family, we really don’t need God? How Forsooth!

In addition to the above, these men plough and cultivate the land. The vast lands they inherited. They, at the end of each harvest, supply us lots of farm produce. From these, we make a variety of foods such as 'akple', 'tuo', 'banku' etc. The hunters among them come home with animal products for consumption.

Those who go to sea bring forth fish. Yes, so they feed themselves, because all of these fish, meat, and already existing river and sea etc., came down by chance. So, do you think we need God?

Moreover, these same people claim they have made for themselves lights which are futuristic. They don’t need the sun and the moon for anything. They have machines which give them coolness when they want to cool themselves, and that which provides heat, when they want to warm themselves. Therefore, they don’t need God. What’s the use of the sun and moon?

These and many more are the lame, hollow, and myopic rhetoric from those who do claim that we don’t need God for anything. But, if they are to take a close look at everything, they’ll realize that all the sources of our sustenance come from no other but God. It’s mentioned in Quran 67:3-4 , that “And who created seven heavens in layers.

You do not see in the creations of the Most Merciful any inconsistency. So return your vision to the sky; do you see any breaks? Then return your vision twice again. Your vision will return to you humbled while it is fatigued.”

Now, will you not shelve your deliberate arrogance? Oh Man! be true to your Creator. For, should your mind and eyes fail to give you a good sleep, you’ll hasten to call the doctor. So think!

Columnist: Abdul Rahman Odoi