My heart bleeds for Mahama

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Fri, 2 Sep 2016 Source: Badu, K

By Badu, K

This article is a retrospective analysis of the umpteen exclusive feedbacks I received from the tattletales on my publication captioned: ‘President Mahama is not a womanizer (ghanaweb.com; modernghana.com, 31/08/2016).

In the said article, I broached the widely rumoured extra marital affairs of President John Dramani Mahama, which brought up interesting and revealing colloquia.

I must admit, I was hesitant to broach the vineyard news on President Mahama’s extra marital affairs, but after a carefully considered reflection, I gave my fingers a nod of affirmation and proceeded with the typing.

“There is this notion of me being a womanizer which is certainly not true”. “I have had children outside my marriage”. “But I am at peace with my wife”. “She understands the circumstances in which it happened” said President Mahama (Daily Guide/peacefmonline.com).

Apparently, the preceding revelations rightly generated a nationwide gossip over the actual biological children of President Mahama.

In fact, there were contrasting figures from the vineyard news. While some vineyard branches delineated twenty three children from ten different mothers, other vineyard branches mapped nineteen children from nine separate ladies and so on.

Nevertheless, President Mahama’s apple-polishers strangely contested that ‘crab does not bring forth a bird’. The apologists, however, argued that after all, the President’s father, “the late Emmanuel Adama Mahama, a former regional minister in the Nkrumah regime had 19 kids by various women”.

This is where I disagree with President Mahama’s apologists. My disagreement is predicated on the fact that the President’s father was a devoted Moslem, whose religious beliefs entitled him to marry up to four women.

On the other hand, President Mahama has pegged himself off the Islamic principles and sought refuge in Christianity, where polygamy is forbidden.

Of course, there are not many ‘saints’ around these days, but the fact of the matter is that we cannot portray ourselves to the whole world that we are ‘saints’, meanwhile we are worse than the Lucifer himself. After all, doesn’t the holy book say “let your light shine in the dark?”

Meanwhile, other sympathisers insisted that if indeed President Mahama is indulging in extra marital affairs, it is his private matter and no one has the right to intrude into his private life.

All the same, my response to those apologists who hold such a view is: Mahama is the President of Ghana and therefore every patriotic Ghanaian has every right to be concerned with any bad name that would tarnish not only Mahama’s image, but the whole nation.

I perused through the comments posted by discussants on my previous article and I have produced some below for the kind attention of my dearest readers.

A regular columnist and discussant wrote: “Don't feel sorry for Lordina, most of Mahama bastard children were born when he and Lordina were separated and Lordina was living in Holland doing her own thing. That is what Mahama refers to as, "She understands the circumstances in which it happened" “Lordina might even have a child whose father is not President Mahama’s.”

A discussant by name Afua wrote: “But the rumor is not going away. It has wings and it's all over the country. Some will even point to the houses of the young ladies he sleeps with. It's got to be very painful”.

Discussant Truth (monica) wrote: “Mr Badu K, come to com3 in Tema and you will find one of the numerous girl friends of Mahama here”. “It's a well known secret here.”

In fact, there was a tattletale that makes my heart bleeds so much for President Mahama.

It was from someone by name “wikileaks” who also in possession of audio evidence and want me to post it at a later time. Please anyone could check the source from my previous article, captioned: ‘President Mahama is not a womanizer’. “Wikileaks” post is titled: ‘Who told you that?

Wikileaks revealed: “WHO TOLD YOU THAT Mahana is not a womanizer? Can someone help me on how to upload an audio here, i think i have to let out this audio at long last. I have pictures of the sister in the alleged audio but i don't want her pictures to go viral on social media, but for the audio I'll release it”.

In fact, “Wikileaks” post has a word count of about six hundred words and I would like dearest readers to check for themselves.

By the way, the story is too revealing to be true, so I have challenged “Wikileaks” to forward the audio evidence.

For me, if anything at all, President Mahama must explain to Ghanaians and the whole world whether if it is morally right to constantly cheat his wife by keeping several women alongside his wife.

Columnist: Badu, K