My passionate appeal to the former President

John Mahama De Feat2 Former President John Dramani Mahama

Wed, 15 Nov 2017 Source: Emmanuel Bombande

Good day to you all folks.

I bring you greetings from the Savannah belt. The climate conditions have started changing.All the trees in the north have started putting on their "brown shirts" with the exception of the "baobab" and the "nim trees" which appear to be evergreen.

Comrades, today's episode can not be completed without taking a "backlash" at former President Mahama and his cronies who appear to have hijacked the National Democratic Congress(NDC).

Just some few days ago, I woke up one sunny day after a nap, glued my "optical paparazzi" to television in the name of listening to mid day news.

A few minutes later, John Dramani Mahama appeared on the screen in his usual "lacoste" addressing some party faithfuls with the caption "unity walk". The drama that unfolded on that platform left many to question the purpose of the exercise. Information reaching my "tympanic membrane" suggests that, some party "gurus", especially those who have made their intentions known to contest the former President absconded after they were sidelined for fear of blood feud. As a matter fact, a cross section of the Rawlings' faction have termed it "disunity walk".

"Masons ought to stick to the building of walls and leave the diagnosis, prevention and conditions of the oral cavity to the surgeons". That is the way to build a political party after a humiliating defeat but unfortunately, the NDC is a party where even the blacksmith's apprentice deems himself fit to deliver a public lecture the University of Ghana school of law. That is exactly what former President Mahama is doing.

He has failed to appreciate the fact that,he became President by an "accident". He has also failed to understand that but for the "twenty seven zeros" that occurred in the 2012 general elections, he wouldn't have won.

Mr. former President,my passionate appeal to you is to be alert and not allow yourself to be "fooled" by the so called endorsement from the regional chairmen.

You will remain a stateman forever if you pay heed to this small advice from my armpits.

Folks, I wanted to go to Vietnam but due to some reasons best known to myself, I have decided to alight at Hunduras.

Columnist: Emmanuel Bombande