My remorseful soul

Judgement Dayseelw The author writes about the unknown; life after death and judgement thereafter

Wed, 4 Apr 2018 Source: Suntaa Abudu Ibrahim

And certainly that day will come without doubt, when I will then be forced to account and answer all the questions that are directed to me. And how will I reply, when my Lord asks me, "have you any shame when disobeying me? You lived your life concealing your sins from people, whilst displaying them right in front of me, you chose to hide from people who cannot save you in anyway, and now that it’s time to account to me, you came with mountain size of sins in front of me. How will I then answer my Lord?

That is where I will cry out loud, woe on to me, and who will protect me now? Then my reflections will send me back to the world, and I will see all that I used to do like a movie, how I used to busy myself and my soul with thoughts and vanities of this world from time to time. And I forgot what is to come after my Lord will send his angels to come and take me away, (death) and what is to come after I am placed in a coffin and put in my grave. As I lived in this world like there is no life after, or I was assured of eternal life in the here after, my actions and inactions practically demonstrated that I lived a life as if I will never die.

All of a sudden I see an angel of death standing in front me, then I see reality, I looked at the faces around me, family members, doctors and friends, is there not from amongst you who can save me from this death and no reply was given? And I will know for sure that my life has come to an end and I will be asked regarding what I have prepared in this world to save my soul from the blazing fire (hell). How will I answer these questions when I have neglected my Lord my whole life time.

Woe to me as I will cry again! And certainly I will be asked again did I not hear people preaching the good news? or those that invite people to the will of God? Did I not hear what came from the Lord through the scriptures? Did I not hear about the day of gathering, the day of assembling and the day of judgement?

And my replies to all will be in the affirmative, but I disobeyed my Lord, my Lord extend your forgiveness to me. My Lord today I am in front of you, so have mercy on me, and make heavy my scales with good deeds. And lighten my account because you are the best of saviors, my Lord I know your mercy is far bigger than my sins and you have forgiven others who have done worse than me.

My Lord even though I used to disobey you in the world but for the fear of this particular day and these circumstances surrounding it, I never joke with my prayers and I never joke with the good treatment of my parents, please my Lord don't condemn me for I won't be able to bear the punishment of your hell........

Columnist: Suntaa Abudu Ibrahim