My take on Kwesi Pratt’s political commentaries

KWESI PRATT NEWEST Editor of the Insight Newspaper, Kwesi Pratt Jnr

Sat, 6 May 2017 Source: Emmanuel Bombande

Good day Mr.Kwesi Pratt. I have followed with keen interest some of the political commentaries you give anytime you are given the opportunity. Anytime you open your buccal cavity, it’s full of "thrash" targeted at the ruling government, specifically, Nana Addo.

My busy schedule did not allow me watch your press conference from A- Z on TV Africa and on TV Gold. But the impression I had was that, your primary motive was to downplay the strategic plans and the achievements of the ruling government so far. If you have nothing good to say about the President, at least, credit him for his fights for freedom of speech and democracy which you and I are enjoying now.

To some of us, a vague scent of life, renewed energy and green vegetation diffused into the atmosphere right from the very first day Nana Addo ascended the throne.

Prior to the elections, your voice was heard loud and clear, chanting how you and your "political buffoons" were going to end Mr. Nana Addo now President Nana Addo's political carrier. Kudos to Ghanaians for being discerning.

A bird whispered into my ears, that the "one district-one factory and the one village-one dam policies" that the government intend to give birth to, have already been bought by the international "gurus",hence, the abrupt development of what I term as "crabology syndrome" by our political opponents.

Mr. Kwesi Pratt, if you disagree with the government or the President on any issue, the honourable and the most sensible thing to do is to deflate his suggestion with a" superior knowledge" other than organizing press conferences and washing him in the mud.

I see your actions as those that deplete the democratic oxygen of our beloved country.

Take a bold step.

Columnist: Emmanuel Bombande