N.D.C: 2012 Not A Foregone Conclusion Part 6

Wed, 8 Feb 2012 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

The lies being told by the NPP about the failure of the Mills government to deliver on its promises must be treated with the contempt it deserves by right thinking members of the N.D.C.

We must adopt micro-politics by going to the various branches of the N.D.C to present the good works of the Mills administration to the people nationwide.

The N.D.C under president Mills have distributed free school uniforms nationwide, built over 1,500 schools under trees, removed over 29,000 ghost names from government payroll, built roads, extended electricity to more than 4,000 villagers and connected them to the National Grid and the extension of electricity to the rest of the villages are on going vigorously, Bore holes are being drilled for several villages without good drinking water and the School Feeding Programme has been expanded. True NDC members must STAY FOCUSSED to make a greater impact in the upcoming campaign in 2012, because it is NOT a Foregone Conclusion as some Ministers of state and other Government Appointees falsely believe because there have been a very Risky Feud between the Founder of the Party Jerry John Rawlings and President J.E.A Mills for 3 good years and we are still in limbo,

We must walk the talk and counter all the WILD FALSE allegations against the NDC government by the NPP in this country.


Those NDC members who defect to the NPP by accusing the Mills led NDC of disappointing them will all live to regret in the unlikely event that the NPP win the 2012 elections. It is very true that majority of the NDC members who were in the trenches campaigning for the party to win power had been NEGLECTED, while those WHO DID NOT SUFFER in opposition are rather ENJOYING when the party came to power, but THAT MUST NOT BE THE REASON TO LEAVE THE NDC and JOIN THE NPP.

I am a victim of the above injustice and my offence is that, even though I worked vigorously for the NDC to come to power-I will never get ANY JOB because I am a Rawlings Boy, but I don’t care a fig, because if those accusing me of being a Rawlings Boy really know the history of the NDC, they would know that Prez. Mills is the Number One Rawlings Boy, so they must master the courage and ask him to resign if only they can say that. You see, Reality can be Altered, but Facts can never be Altered at all. All those NDC members defecting to the NPP will suffer 60 times what they claim to be suffering under Prez. Mills government since 2009 to date 2011, they must come back or perish in hell under any NPP government. Under ex-Prez.Kufour’s government, NDC members were reduced to 3rd class citizens for 8 good years. Under Nana Akuffo Addo’s government NDC members would be reduced to 6th class citizens if you make the mistake of voting for him to become President in 2013. Therefore if your Mother(Mills) is starving you by refusing to give you FOOD, it will be very suicidal to opt for Nana Akuffo Addo, your Mother’s Rival in 2012 to come and give you FOOD. At best you will first be starved with THIRST, at worst, you will be imprisoned without trial and tortured to death in jail, because he is on record to have told some Legon students at the University of Ghana that the NPP must look for skeletons in the cupboards of the NDC former Ministers and that if there were no skeletons in their cupboards at all, the NPP must put them there-that was in June 2002. You sit down there and play the Ostrich, you will all hear your”PIIGA” allright-mark my words because NPP members are tribal bigots and Sculp Hunters.STOP PRESS! Cocaine Turned To Baking Soda Under NDC Government Too?During Ex-Prez Kufours NPP administration from 2001-2008 Cocaine was turned into “KONKONTE powder” and 77parcels of Cocaine got missing and have never been found to date. That Cocaine which turned into “KONKONTE powder” occured in a Police strong room at the Police Headquarters in Accra. The NDC will have NO MORAL RIGHT to ACCUSE the NPP of being a NARCOTIC PEDDLERS PARTY if the NDC government fails to find the missing Cocaine between the Police and the Court which sat on that particular case. Like I stated earlier, I am a victim of the above injustice and nepotism by the NDC leadership since 2009, but I will vote for my MP and professor Mills in 2012 for NDC victory because the Devil you know is far better than the Angel you don’t know. The NPP Angel is clothed with bombs, vengeance tribalism, violence, injustice and deadly drugs; if you vote for the NPP, 80% of Ghana Youth will become mad in 8years, because an NPP government will never arrest and jail drug barons and so they will be ruling the country indirectly by freely selling Cocaine like Cassava and PLANTAIN.




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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement