N.D.C: 2012 Not A Forgone Conclusion Part 5

Thu, 2 Feb 2012 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Although those who say that Mills have done nothing for the 3 years that he has been in power must either be closing their eyes or they must be totally blind. Such people must try and visit me in my ghetto at Obuasi and then fill their 4x4 vehicles with fuel and I will sit behind the steering wheel in one of their vehicles and drive them around the country free of charge for them to see what Mills have done in just 3 years which have surpassed Ex-Prez. Kufuor’s 8 years vicious rule in this country. I am throwing this challenge to the NPP. I recently travelled to Wa in the Upper West Region, my home region on 8th December, 2011, and I took a motor-bike and visited the following villages in the constituency of Hon. Rashid Pelpuo MP for Wa Central, and also to that of Hon. Alban Bagbin, MP for Nadoli West and I was shocked to see what Mills have done through these Honourable Members of Parliament as the following villages were all connected with electricity to the national grid, they are:

1) Ombo, 2) Nyuguluu, 3) Kaaha, 4) Buu, 5) Tibani, 6) Zambogu, 7) Jang, 8) Chaang 9) Kaluri

10) Sankana, 11) Sombo, 12) janguahi, 13) Kaleo, 14) Dapuori all in the Nadoli West Constituency while Samatigu, Nator, Nanvili, Charikpong and Siiruu are ongoing. In the Wa Central Constituency we have;

1) Sagu, 2) Kperihi, 3) Guli, 4) Konjiehi, 5) Chegili, 6) Kampaha, 7) Busaa, 8) Goripie, 9) Bulenge,

10) Kapgilagihi, 11) Kande on going to Holimuni and other surrounding villages, again, we have 12) Charia, Loho, 13) Kumbiehi, 14) Boli, 15) Daanku, 16) Yibile, 17) Kolipong all connected to the national grid by the Mills government in just 3 years. What else do you expect the President to do? In contrast, the NPP spent 4 good years in chasing former ministers of the Rawlings government and even went ahead to order their Security Operatives to shoot and kill innocent former soldiers that they suspected could stage a coup and over throw their tribal government. In such exercises, they succeeded in shooting the look –alike of Col. (rtd) Gbevlo Lartey, current Security Co-ordinator in the NDC government and when their government failed to deliver, they came out with an infamous slogan which read: “so FAR, SO GOOD” while it was rather ”SO FAR, SO TERRIBLE” or “SO FAR, SO MESSEY, or further still, SO FAR, SO FEARSOME and TRIBALISTIC. Ghanaians must vote massively for Mills to enable him hand over power to another NDC presidential candidate in 2017 AT ALL COST. Go for Mills and we RETIRE Nana Akuffo Addo in 2012 to preserve PEACE and NOT chaos and war in Ghana. All NDC members must forget the bitter injustices, insults, insinuations, greed and extreme selfishness by our party executives and plain cheating by the Nsational and Constituency executives and come on board to campaign vigorously for Mills to beat Nana Akuffo Addo in a landslide in December, 2012 for the NPP to remain in the Bush with their Blue Elephant. When Mills win the elections, we shall then tackle the cheats as well as those greedy and selfish party executives and keep them on their toes until 2017, they will have no place to hide at all. I have no patience for all those government appointees and party members who always praise me for the articles I write but will never assist me with some little cash to print the same articles for publication, I hate empty praises because they are working but I am jobless even though we are in government. I also use this opportunity to warn those who tease the Cadres including this writer by saying that: Paul the Prophet did, not start preaching with the early Apostles, but he surpassed all of them. Let me remind such characters that Apostle Paul was not a cheat, a thief, a traitor, fraudulent man, a backbiter, a lair or a sycophant as they are doing in the NDC party today 2012, so they must be ashamed of themselves and bow down their thick heads in shame and stop throwing their weights about since we (Cadres) regard them as Chaff which should have been Winnowed from the Millet. Is that clear? They must all stop provoking the Cadres or have themselves to blame sooner or later. No one can remove the Cadres including this writer from the NDC because we are the Foundation and Landlords of the Party – you either take it or leave it, but it is the stubborn truth. Apostle Paul was an honest Holy man of God. Is that clear?


Dr. Obed Asamoah left the NDC in 2006 to form the DFP complaining that there was no Internal Democracy in the party. Fair Enough, 1) Did he remember that in 1999, MMDCE’s were being handpicked and given appointments from the NDC National Headquarters when he was the then National Chairman of the NDC at that time? 2) Did he also remember that Parliamentary Candidates were also handpicked on his orders at that time too as well as National and Regional Party Executives during the Rawlings’ Administration? Now, since he was the National Chairman, he was very satisfied and saw nothing wrong about it, isn’t it? Let me rest that issue here. In the NDC since 1992, when you contest somebody in the various constituencies as a Constituency Chairman, Parliamentary Candidate and lost or win, you become an Automatic Enemy, True or False? 100% TRUE. When you rise up to the Regional and National Levels to contest the same elections – it is the same. Listen, where lies that so-called Internal Democracy that you complained about and left to form a political party without grassroots support and destroyed several votes but could never get 1% or produce a single Member of Parliament and when your party was about to fall, you cleverly dogged and rushed to join the NDC which you campaigned against in 2008? Please do not trust General Mosquito at all, who told you that the Barking Dog “in the NDC is no more? So you are welcome – retrace your footsteps quickly back to your infamous party if your aim is to team up with the top NDC party members to destroy the Rawlingses since there are thousands of Barking Dogs including this writer who will fight you till their last drop of blood in defence of the RAwlingses because we are MANY and you are FEW – more so, Chains of Degrees does not make one a good politician at all. Since 1992, the NDC believed and still believe in UN – OPPOSED CANDIDATES – TRUE or FALSE? ANSWER: 100% TRUE. How can a big political party like the NDC now forming the ruling government deliberately sweep such massive infrastructural development projects by President Mills UNDER THE CARPET and pretend to support the sitting President without highlighting his achievements nationwide but have decided to launch a blistering attack on the Rawlingses in their impossible attempt to turn the NDC into the CPP BY FORCE without even having the least courtesy to inform him. Furthermore, certain decisions by the party had to be taken with the consent of the Founder but the party leadership IGNORED him with impunity and yet you expect him to co-operate and go out to campaign in 2012. Will you accept such a thing if you were Rawlings? ENEMY WITHIN. During the run-up to the Sunyani Congress in July 2011 why did the NDC place that provocative advert in the TV with the heading ENEMY WITHIN? What was the motive for placing that ODD ADVERT? Hmm! In just some weeks, we are going to face the Commander-in-chief of the NPP “Armed Forces” based in Kumasi and Kyebi in the Ashanti and the Eastern Regions with Mac – Manu as the “Army Commander” fully prepared to kill for Nana Addo to become President at all cost? How prepared is the NDC as the grounds are not all that safe but the 10 Regional Chairmen would deceive the President by telling him that all is well while the opposite is the case?

Therefore, Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings must rather be congratulated for waking the entire NDC machinery from its deep slumber by contesting the sitting Presiding and it was an indictment on the Party Leadership and NOT Mills. MEDIATORS: Those Mediators who always judge Jerry Rawlings and find him guilty because of sycophancy before going to call for unity in the NDC must stop their partiality and Hit the Nail on the Head by listening to his side of the story or fail woefully. Posterity will not forgive them if they mess up once again because we can never remain Beggars in our own Party in Government. Is anybody listening? I shall return when the need arise. I am done. Aluta Continua!


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Clement Sangaparee

Municipal Organiser

United Cadres Front


E-mail: ClementSang@yahoo.com

Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement