N. D. C. Not A Forgone Conclusion - Part 4

Thu, 12 Jan 2012 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

History teaches us valuable lessons of every kind, social, moral, political and economic. Therefore, knowledge and understanding of the PAST are very important for an individual citizen to pursue better objectives which are NOBLE and TRUTHFUL and avoid acts which are FALSE and DISGRACEFUL. This enables him to understand COMPLEX PROBLEMS better and can easily distinguish LIES from the TRUTH, and to propose SUITABLE and INTELIGENT solutions. Therefore, all those who IGNORE history have condemned themselves to IGNORANCE and not even knowing the present, because history offers the YOUTH an opportunity to LEARN FAST through the shining examples of others in order to became HONEST, PATRIOTIC and LAW ABIDING citizens devoted to the cause of their country like this prolific WRITER, when some party executives and government appointees think about themselves and their families ONLY, they cease to care about what happens to others whose THUMBS put them there. They therefore become very greedy, selfish, arrogant, snobbish, heartless and bossy with an air of self-importance to match. Some people falsely think and believe that once we are in a constitution, anything that was RELATED with the previous PNDC regime must be DEAD. They have so soon forgotten that we have to build upon the basis that the erstwhile PNDC establish since the constitution is of cosmetic importance. It is the ABILITY of the occupant of the presidential throne at the Castle to create jobs and bring investors to the country for investment. Is the President being assisted to do his job to the satisfaction of those who put him there?

Here are the answers: As far back as 2008, when the NDC was still in opposition, the NDC top gurus were asked thus: When you come to power, what will you eat as breakfast, lunch and supper? They answered, We will Manage The Political Force of Rawlings. True to their words, when Prof. Mills was inaugurated as President of the Republic of Ghana on 7th January, 2009, these party leaders in the NDC has been relegating Rawlings and his Cadres to the background until Nana Konadu dared contest Prez. Mills at the Sunyani Congress in July, 2011. Are they really sure that they can consume the Rawlingses just like that without NATO air power and go on to win the 2012 general elections without ANY RUN-OFF which will be the FIRST TIME in Ghana’s history if the party elders fail to patch up the deep cracks in the ruling party between Rawlings and Mills? During the PNDC era, the erstwhile C.D.R’s projected Nonentities to FAME, and dressed Known Crooks in saintly garbs all in the name of reconciliation and nation building only to be called unprintable names to date, hence the extreme hatred for Jerry Rawlings and his wife in their own political party they sacrificed extremely to establish to have a firm foundation on the ground nationwide. The NDC will celebrate its, 20years anniversary in 2012, and you want to turn it into CPP. We can never go back to the old days when the ordinary people were mere spectators of LEADERS and had NO RIGHT to participate in Leadership. The days when rural communities were pinned down to the position of everlasting dependence on unfulfilled PROMISES OF POLITICIANS. The Sardine and Tinapa days of SWEET TONGUED Members of Parliament are gone forever and ever – Amen.

People have been appointed as MMDCE’s, Board Chairmen, Ministers of state with new 4x4 cross country land cruisers with free fuel to cruise throughout the country and PRESENT the good works of President Mills’ achievement in just 3years which has surpassed the NPP under Kufuor’s 8year administration. What have we seen? Answer. These appointees indirectly refused what they have been appointed to do, but have rather taken the Rawlingses on as their detractors for 3 solid years, with most party executives falling heavily over each other to grab contracts and amass wealth as if the WORLD is coming to an end. Jesus Christ! With this write up, I believe I have answered the question and identified all those who are not helping the President to deliver his Better Ghana Agenda to Ghanaians simply because the Rawlingses have become THORNS in their flesh and as such, the 2012 general elections can never become a forgone conclusion at all. We have work to do. How can party executives go and talk to the branch executives they have relegated to the background and are NOT on speaking terms with them for 3years? On what route will the constituency Executives pass through, and on reaching those branches, who will raise the platform for them to speak to the people? Who will hire the chairs for such occasions? Frankly speaking, NDC without Rawlings is not worth dying for at all. Oh! Yes, after eating and enjoying alone for 3 solid years with greed and selfishness, you have now visited our branches for the first time in 3years to solicit for votes and when you win, you again dump ALL OF US, isn’t it? Frankly speaking, all these have NOW reared their ugly heads simply because of the NDC leadership’s impossible attempt to Manage The Political Force of Rawlings as far back as 2008 when we were in opposition, Madam Hannah Tetteh and Johnson Asiedu Nketia, have you all seen the messy problem you have created at grassroots nationwide for us in the various constituencies? Elections are not won at the Castle or at the Ministries, elections are not won at the National, Regional or Constituencies in Ghana, but elections are actually won at the polling stations nationwide and the 2012 elections is NOT GOING to be easy for the NDC because most people are asking – what is the guarantee that those of us relegated to the background would not be treated the same way again when the President wins power in 2012. In answer to this vexed question – it is “Asem Sebe” because the party executives and the govt. have shown us their TRUE COLOURS in their 3year rule. You see, the culture of silence does not always arise out of FEAR AND PUNISHMENT, but often arises when HONEST CRITICS like me become FRAUSTRATED by the knowledge that ADVICE intended for National Good is rejected and looked upon as Evidence Of Subversion or the writer is TOO KNOWN. Whoever sees it that way must be living in a fool’s paradise since these are facts that will strengthen the party and government. Is anybody listening? I am done. Aluta Continua!


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Clement Sangaparee

Municipal Organiser

United Cadres Front


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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement