NDC: 2012 Not A Foregone Conclusion- Part 3

Mon, 26 Dec 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Those who could not STICK THEIR NECKS OUT to be counted as P.D.C’S and W.D.C’S during the PNDC era in December,1981, are today riding in flashy 4x4 vehicles and sleeping in plush mansions built for themselves within a period of 3 years that Prez. Mills was sworn in as the President of Ghana, Today such people who are not even qualified enough to polish the Shoes of Rawlings are falling over each other to insult him and his patriotic cadres. Where will they have been if Rawlings had refused to form the NDC in 1992?

Though we are in power for 3 years, majority of party cadres including this writer and one hard working Foot Soldiers are still in opposition by FORCE even though we left NO STONE unturned to ensure that the then Candidate Mills became President.

In contrast, those who DID NOTHING to return the NDC to power have built their own houses and bought cars within a period of 3 years and then turn round to mock at many hard working party members by telling us that we are Rawlings Boys from an Imaginary White House who will get NOTHING from the Mills government.

Fair enough – who made Mills what he is today as the sitting President of Ghana? This is Pay Back Time and such characters would definitely meet us at the grassroots again come 2012.

After the NDC delegates congress in Tamale, the NDC succeeded in amending the party constitution and created a position of “Party Leader” in addition to the “Founders position and the intention was to bridge the communication gap between the Party and the Government to ensure that Government works in harmony with the party machinery, but has the party machinery being feeding him with the FACTS on the ground?

This new arrangement rather deepen MORE CRACKS in the Party with the aim of alienating the Rawlings Factor in NDC as clearly made PUBLIC by “WIkiLeaks” which revealed that the Party and Government are defining a way of managing the political FORCE OF RAWLINGS in order to collapse the PNC and CPP and follow an NKRUMAHIST ideology instead of the Rawlings philosophy. Since then, nobody has denied the WikiLeaks story from the American Embassy.

Hither to, the NDC as a party had only the Founder in the person of former President Rawlings from whom party Executives sought advice and guidance. In effect, the NDC have succeeded in striping that position from him and they feel comfortable in relegating him to the background as well as his remaining surviving cadres who worked in the trenches with him for donkey years without ANY REWARD whatsoever and we had hoped that with Mills as the President , we shall ALSO be rewarded, not knowing that we would all become complete OUTCASTS because of the extreme RISKY FEUD between Mills and Rawlings-We are caught in cross fire which is not our own making anyway,Do you know what? The few cadres who are Lucky to have appointments in the Mills Government are all QUIET and others shamefully question me when ever they read my articles. They must be ashamed of themselves because they would have done worse things by openly attacking and even insulting the sitting President if they were to be in my shoes,but I will never do that –I know their characters during the 11 year revolutionary era 1982-1993. WHY NOW? The NDC party structure is weak and cannot guide the government in areas where it should work hard and areas where it is not doing well and we should be able to let our government know what the people are saying because they are the REAL WIELDERS OF POWER and so, without the support of the people all government appointees are nothing. Frankly speaking, it is not what is in the newspapers ,it is not what people are saying on TV and the various Radio stations, you must GO TO TOWN, and you don’t even have to WALK FAR and they will tell you A LOT. If the show down between the Rawlings and the Mills camp as to who really controls the NDC as a party, does not stop,then the NDC must start preparing its handing over notes to Nana Akuffo Addo in 2013 because the Rawlingses commands the MASSES who are in their millions whilst the sitting President commands only the party delegates who are in their mere thousands numbering not more than 3,200 in total. This is the bitter TRUTH and I would have been FIRED through the evil machinations of some sycophants and backbiters in the NDC government if I were a government appointee . No appointee will dare utter such a thing at all in Public about the NDC government but Mills is a God fearing man who loves the TRUTH that is why I wrote this article he recently advised Ghanaians to standby the TRUTH. The 10 Regional Chairmen must stop deceiving the President because his risky feud with Rawlings had descended to all the 230 Constituencies nationwide . I did not go to Sunyani on July 9th 2011. because I was not a delegate but I saw everything on Metro TV. FLT.LT. Jerry John Rawlings was the man, and is still the man on whose shoulders MANY PARTY LEADERS and MINISTERS OF STATE can now call themselves SOME BODIES, a man who dumped scores of cadres inside Military guard rooms, and BNI cells for challenging him by questioning his choice of Prof. Mills instead of Goosie Tannoh as his successor in 1996 which led to the break away of Goosie and his group- I refused to join their Reform Party because THEY HAD NO MONEY to build party offices in all the then 200 constituencies and the 10 regions of Ghana in order to campaign against the mighty NDC with Rawlings as leader in 1996, and I was vindicated. Today, all these people are BACK in government as well as Dr. Obed Asamoah who accused NDC party leaders and the Founder of not practicing “INTERNAL DEMOCRACY” in the NDC and broke away to form his Democratic Freedom Party in 2006. Today ,is there ANY INTERNAL DEMOCRACY in the NDC , as all dissenters are always asked TO GO TO HELL in the party? Obed must answer me. To be brutally frank, NDC without Rawlings is NOT WORTH DYING FOR AT ALL. Corruption is in its worst form in the body politic today, and I beg to disagree with those who always blame Prez. Mills, it is caused by the NPP machinery which has been left intact by President Mills since 2009 to date and NOT NDC appointees at all. Whenever the NDC is in power it rather creates more mistakes instead of correcting its past mistakes,it does different things altogether The then candidate Mills promised to serve PARTY AGENTS FIRST when he is elected as President in 2009 yet three good years into his administration, Some constituencies are yet to distribute polling agents certificates to them. Whose fault is this? Is it not the fault of the various constituency secretaries in the Party who will not work hard but are busy chasing contracts and undeserved favours in government? Those who built their houses and bought new cars in less than 3 years , are they expecting the polling Agents including this writer who wrestled power at the various polling stations nationwide, to sleep on their certificates and use the same as vehicles to travel to their hometowns or what? Are we born to sacrifice until we die.

The bitter truth in sometimes can be subversive but it cures all kinds of sickness including sycophancy ,backbiting ,lies and greed. I can predict a MASSIVE VOTER APATHY and a RUN-OFF in 2012 where NDC mp’s and Ministers of State will go on their knees begging voters like the NPP did in 2008 at CapeCoast beach but lost the elections to the NDC if the Mills –Rawlings feud is NOT SOLVED-mark my words. I shall return in part 4 of this article. Stay tuned and enjoy your Christmas. I wish every NDC and NPP, CPP,PNC members a Happy Christmas. Is anybody listening? I am done.


Clement Sangaparee

United Cadres Front

P.O.BOX 32



Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement