NDC: 2012 Not A Foregone Conlusion -Part 2

Thu, 22 Dec 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Power to the people will forever remain a MERE Slogan until the long oppressed masses legitimately seeking SOCIAL JUSTICE and ECONOMIC and POLITICAL RIGHTS without looking up to the so called professional politicians calling themselves DEMOCRATIC INTELLECTUALS in the NPP who can easily BRING MANNER from Heaven in less than two years after being elected t o office and further provide FREE EDUCATION from primary school up to Senior High school level which is far-fetched. Are they going to rather make it tuition free or what?

Whatever political gains the 31st December revolution has achieved for the people in the last 20 or 30 years will be completely meaningless unless societies, institutions,youth clubs and cadres take a cue from what we did to help former President Rawlings to succeed, therefore,if you really believe that you are a true NDC member and NOT a sycophant or a stomach politician, you must SELL MILLS and ALL HIS PARLIAMENTARY candidates nation wide

You must also draw the attention of the President to all those public officers who drag their feet whenever the President refers some serious petitions and other issues to then to ACT on them and report back to him because the President is always too busy.


During the PNDC era, thousands of Cadres worked around the clock from day one 1982-1992 and were not given a single cedi as ex-gratia awards as we were asked to take the Revolution while they took the money yet we kept the flame burning until we won the 2008 general elections and most Cadres including this writer still stay in rented rooms.

We are always described as fools who work for the NDC without reward, but we are not fools as our relatives and most NDC members believe falsely, we are rather PATRIOTS who were not trained with money by Rawlings.

My son grew up and is now 31 years S.H.S leaver who wrote a letter to President Mills without my consent dated February 10th 2011 and was rather pleading with the President for assistance when he found out that I have not been given any position while he also carry timber boards at BOETE timber market and always load cargo trucks in return for a pittance just to keep body and soul together. He is 31years old and according to him he wrote that letter to the President when he saw those who recently joined the NDC building houses and riding in their new cars. The said letter was referred t o the deputy chief of staff who delegated Mr. Isaac Sokpo who travelled t o Kumasi and listened to my son’s concerns in the presence of the Ashanti Regional Organizer of the NDC, Alhaji Sanni Jnr. and after establishing the real truth , he returned to Accra and my son had to trek between Accra and Obuasi for 8times without any assistance. Whatsoever ,I was compelled to stop him because of the numerous lorry accidents on the Accra-Kumasi-Obuasi roads. I then told him that as a young man your blood is boiling, isn’t it ? You stop it and pray to God for better days ahead,Did he stop? Yes he stopped only when Mr. Frank at the deputy chief of staff’s office started tossing him up and down and he called it quits. He is my second born called Eric Anbanmwini Sangaparee who has now been compelled t o resort to the unpleasant and extremely risky job of working in a Galamsey pit against my will because all attempts to hear a Positive or even Negative reply from the office of the chief of staff who referred the plight of my son to Mr. Frank and Mr. Isaac Sokpo remains a mirage as he is being tossed up and down from Obuasi to Accra as if he is staying in Nima or Adabraka. if the problem could have been solved in Obuasi ,will my son had written to the President in the first place?

Was my son’s letter addressed to you and why did you disregard the instructions of the deputy chief of staff and decided to do your own thing without his knowledge ?

It will be recalled that an operation was mounted by heavily Armed military and Police to Flush out illegally galamsey workers at Obuasi on Friday 4th November 2011 and my son who you are tossing up and down was among the 73 miners arrested and it took the Ashanti Regional Minister to intervene before they were finally released that day. They could have been jailed and their future destroyed forever.When the Military and the Police swooped on the Galamseyers in Obuasi – Mr. Isaac Sokpo called my son on his cell phone telling him that he saw him on GTV been surrounded by Soldiers and Policemen after his arrest from the Galamsey pit. You see, Freedom without Justice is like a Kite in the air without a rope to hold it, it will not fly.

I therefore decided to heat your “Nyass” with my pen to enable you wake up and do what is expected of you instead of working lotto in your office and refusing to serve the people. I have worked with Ewe military officers and men as well as their civilian counterpart since June 4, 1979 to date and they are so hard working and honest that everybody loves working with them. They are NOT like “ Yaanom” who falsely claim that Ghana belong to them only to turn around to be chasing their political opponents by packing the courts and jailing them on false charges by heart and further move heaven and earth to destroy their opponents’ political party and then turn Ghana into a one Party State.

We must put fire on the “Nyass” of non performing public officers who work to undermine the government . The behaviour of Frank towards my son is most unfortunate and he must change for the better in his own interest , otherwise he faces a bleak future if he continue to behave that way. I suspect that he has been baptized with unholy water by “Yaanom” that is why he behaves that way because Ewes does not always behave like that , I told my son that once the party leadership has descended on the Rawlingses, whoever was once a Rawlings cadre would be painted very black by party executives in order to destroy him and his family but he did not believe me. Could I have been treated this way if I were a member of the NPP in this country?Answer No,why? If is because the NPP party machinery always reward their staunch party members whether they are in opposition or in government, but this is one area that the NDC has being failing and continue to fail. with this revelation , can anybody blame Prez.Mills?Answer Capital No, and this will never, never provoke me to cross carpet to the NPP at all, even though they care for their party members promptly. My son’s case may not be an isolated, but I believe thousands of such simple problems are rejected by some govt appointees why is it so?

Even if you take a grader or a tractor and join a string wire around my waist, you cannot pull me out of the NDC because the tractor will remain STUCK on the ground even in this dry season. Yes , this is the cross we bare as a result of some few peoples extreme hatred for Rawlings and his cadres for whatever we stood and still stand for and I paid a heavy pride for being an NDC supporter as Mr.Sam Jonah refused to confirm me even though I passed my senior staff examination in the AGA in 1996 and rather promoted a stark illeterate who later passed his exams a year after me , just because he had a feud with former President Rawlings . Why did the office of the chief of staff not act, when they investigated my son’s petition and found out that it was genuine? why did it take them 11 months to tell my son something? Why will they take 11months to send their report to the President? This is how some appointees undermine the ruling government with impunity , they just don’t care at all. No matter the amount of frustrations , no matter the amount of relegation, no matter the deceit and victimisations and hatred for me just because of the Rawlingses in my capacity as a cadre , I will SELL MILLS and my PARLIAMENTARY candidate from Now until Dec. 2012 for him to win the election to enable us retire Nana Akuffo Addo at all cost. We must never blame the President at all for such simple matters , but those whose duty is to always do what they are supposed to do and NOT result to playing hide and seek. why should my son work as a Galamsey man in order to feed himself and still stay in a single room with me even though my government is in power while latter day saints in the Party are basking in raw cash. I blame the party leadership and not Mills.

If you accuse me of being a Rawlings boy, then President Mills is the Number One Rawlings Boy and you must ask him to resign if you can tell him that .This nasty treatment will never let me leave the NDC at all. We must rather unite and work because the 2012 general Elections is not a foregone conclusion at all. Public office belongs to the people, so if you want the people off your back then you must stay away from public office. Mr. Frank, this is your Christmas Gift even though you may not be too happy with it, this message will keep you on your toes to obey simple instructions from your Boss-I wish you well. Goodbye

From Obuasi, this has been Clement Sangaparee keeping some irresponsible public officers on their toes for undermining the President of the Republic and Ministers of State. Is anybody listening? I am done

Aluta Continua!





Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement