NDC And Divisive Politics?

Tue, 6 Sep 2011 Source: Asare, Noah Dugubrame

I have followed with grave concern how the NDC as a party hold on to issues that divides us. So much seriousness is attached such campaigns as though it is part of their party constitution. The NDC from the days of Rawlings to Mills have consistently pressed on issues with great tendency of dividing the people. The surprising and dangerous side of it is that, the party as a body immense themselves deeply into these kind of issues with such an astonishing oneness. We rarely see such Units when it comes to serious issue which affects the people who voted them into Power. This alignment towards divisive politics showed up more clearly from the time Mills was elected as the flag bearer of the party till now.

To start it was no mere person than the founder of the NDC when in all the NDC's campaign in the Central and Western Region he urged them to fight for one of their own to also become a president. At that campaign he asked rhetorically; won't you like if one of your own also becomes the president of Ghana. By one of your own he meant a Fanti man. NDC subsequently adopted the slogan "Adze Wo Fie A Eye". Which literally mean it is good to have something at home. It was a call to vote on tribal lines instead of voting on issues and the messages and policies of a party and it's candidate. As we struggle to get Ghana as a united country, the NDC has constantly looked for ways to divide us. All their concern is to get more votes and the damage it will cause means nothing to them.

Again, if Ghanaians will remember the Ya Na case. Traditional rulers, political leaders and other well meaning elders warned on the continuous politicization of the conflict between two brothers of the same father. The NDC used the issue as a Political manifesto promising of evidence, recorded tapes and very vital informations which they told us will lead to the arrest of the people who commited that attrocity. They created the impression that they knew the Killers of the Great King.. At the end the same people in their internal wranglings opened up to Ghanaians that they had no such evidence as they promised Ghanaians after all. But rather they had a useless tape all of them defended during their campaign as credible evidence. Before then thy had vigorously used the issue on every campaign platform in Tamale and everywhere in Ghan and worsened the already bad relationship between two brothers. It is worrying that NDC could use such a sensitive issue as their message and even a part of their manifesto. It is Common Knowledge that the stand they took in the conflict divided Dagbon the more than solving the problem.

The NDC has true the grape vine tried everything to castigate our Muslim brothers against the NPP starting from the Era of Rawlings till now. What has arising recently is Nana Addo's Liberty Lecture which was done on the Eid day. It was the day Ramadan was brought to an end. And Muslims all over the world celebrated it in the grand style it deserves. Some at the end of the prayers in Syria went on protest against the brutal regime which has kept them under lock for far too long. In Iraq, the Ntional Transitional Council used the day to give a stern warning to Gadhafi and his loyalists to come out and surrender or face a fierce battle in ten days time. The one week they innitially gave them was expiring and they used the day to announce an extention of a week. In Ghana Nana Addo used the Holy day to give a lecture on some of his plans for mother Ghana. The NDC has jumped into it and are busily creating the wrong impression that it was a disregard on his and the NPP side for the Muslim religion. NDC had forgotten that since it was set up as a party they have never offered any of the high office of the land(president and vice) to a Muslim. The NPP has rather always paired their candidate with a Muslim. Sometime I just wonder what they think they stand to achieve when they do this kind of dirty politics. Ghanaians Know which party in Ghana offers more higher positions to Muslims and Kobby and his likes should know that it is not just by this dirty petty politicking but by genuine works and examples.

Rawlings worked with Akaa, P V Obeng and Atta Mills. None of them was or is a Muslim. Atta Mills has paired with Martin Amidu and John Mahama both of them non Muslims. He(Mills) on both occassions Hypocritically picked people with one Muslim name each to confuse our Muslim communities. And yet they go about talking who is disrespecting Muslims. What will the career of this false propaganda say about the Syrians who went on protest on the Eid? Or the Rebel Authorities who summoned the world at green square on the same Holy day? Were they also disrespecting Muslims? It is enough of this useless divisive politics. Instigating people against your opponents at this time won't help. What will determine your chances in 2012 is what you give to the Ghanaian people now. If they are satisfied, they will give you another mandate, if they are not they will yank you out, simple.

I will wish above all things that the NDC will focus on what they have achieved so far to deserve another term than these dirty petty politics. This current event is even a slap in the face of Islam. Because In Islam the relationship with Allah and the one between men run hand in hand. That is why on this occasion good Muslims embark on serious challenges being assured through faith that God answers swiftly on such a great day. The NPP has great Muslim scolars who understand the Q'uaran, at least they understand the Q'uoran than Kobby Fiagbe and Richard Quashigah. The Chief Imam's representative was the one who prayed to start the program, is the NDC saying they understand Islam than the Chief Imam? Haaba.

Recently when this controversial Chinese loan was presented to parliament. The nature of the loan attracted a lot of criticism which is very usual of any responsible parliament, especially the opposition. The opposition in performing their normal duty, called for an occassion for the NDC to brand the party as an Anti Western Region party. On air I heard people like Allottey Jacobs and as many NDC activists who represent the party on air saying the same thing, that they the NDC wanted to take that loan to develop the Weatern Region and the NPP was against it. Not against the mysterious loan but against the development of the Western Region, can you immagine that? Then should we say NDC is against the development of Ghana as a whole? They stood against the NHIS, The HIPC innitiative, The NYEP School Feeding Program and many other policies we are all enjoying today. NDC should give us a break with this divisionery politics. It won't help anybody. I think the fuel and utility increases are more pressing issues. The filt consuming Accra is of more importance and needs more time. The Gas shortage is more worrying to Ghanaians than all these mischievous tactics. We Need a Ghana united and focused on elominating a common enemy; who is under development.

God bless our homeland Ghana.

Noah Dugubrame Asare. Frankfurt, Germany.

Columnist: Asare, Noah Dugubrame