NDC Are Worst Tribal Jingoists Not NPP

Sat, 4 Feb 2012 Source: Yawose, John

John Yawose

Any time NPP including their top dogs make any reference to Volta Region then observers appear tense and look over their shoulders and regard it as TRIBALISM or ETHNOCENTRISM. At the same time NDC and their top dogs make free references to Ashanti region and they are regarded as normal in our body politics. GHANAIANS MUST OVERCOME THIS NEGATIVE CULTURE BEFORE WE CAN MAKE MEANINGFUL DEVELOPMENTAL PROGRESS. MILLS, NDC ACTIONS, OMISSIONS AND COMMISSIONS CLEARLY DO NOT FAVOUR ASHANTIS BUT THEY TAKE IT IN THEIR STRIDES FOR THE PROGRESS OF THE COUNTRY. But let Akufo Ado or any NPP person make one act which does not please Voltarians then there is TRIBALISM, TRIBALISM cries all over from the NDC and their vicious and vindictive spokesmen. Examples abound plenty on objectionable NDC wicked and vindictive tribal jingoism which is almost their principle and guide;

1. 1. In the middle 1970’s, history has taught us that Prof Kofi Awoonor , who is presently the chairman of the council of State, published his theses about suppressing a so-called Ashanti hegemony in Ghana----that efforts must be pursued to keep Ashantis out of central power at all costs.

2. 2. In 1998, Hon Kosi Kodem a Volta MP sounding ethnocentric, once said officially in the floor of Parliament that , EWES would always prefer the worst form of NDC government in Ghana to the best governance under NPP.

3. 3. Rawling addressed a durbar in Volta Region and told them all Voltarians who support NPP must go for psychiatric treatment

4. 4. Mills told the Americans in Wikileaks that –He does not like the Ashantis and he fears the Great Ahanti project.

5.5. President Mills, in his first thank you tour of Volta Region in 2009, addressed Volta chiefs and people and told them ---‘You are the Kingmakers of Ghana’. --- (Do the other regions don’t matter? Imagine if President Kufuor had said this to people of Ashanti Region during his term).

6. In Wikileaks, Fifi Kwetey, NDC leading tribal jingoist revealed that NDC backed Alex Kyeremanteng to win the 2008 NPP Presidential primaries, since he (Kyeremanteng) carried Ashanti ethnic baggage, so that NDC would use that as a campaign mantra against NPP. So, to NDC, Mills, Fifi Kwetey and their cohorts, being an Ashanti is a baggage and that no Ashanti should be tolerated at Ghana central power. This is clearly an extension of the Kofi Awoonor doctrine

6.7. Mills must explain his ‘Adze wofie a Oye ‘doctrine. Where is the Ofie? If every Presidential candidate should preach Adze wo fie a Oye, where will Ghana go?

7.8. Anytime President Mills visits Kumasi, he finds time to address Moslems at the Kumasi Central Mosque, Zongo or Asawasi. Why does he not do same when he visits other regionl capitals—Takoradi, Cape Coast, Koforidua, Ho etc. Is he not deliberately dividing the people in Kumasi through Moslem politics?

8.9. Just about two years ago there were heavy floods in Eastern Region, Ashanti and Volta Region and President Mills visited the flood victims in Eastern and Volta Regions only. He completely and callously ignored the Ashanti flood victims.

9. 10. What might have accounted for the arrogant and criminal neglect of the Accra- Kumasi Road the most important trunk road in Ghana which takes more than 20,000 cars per day and which has become a NATIONAL SHAME on the national developmental agenda? NDC must know all Ghanaians are suffering for the bad Accra- Kumasi road not only ASHANTIS

10.We were all witnesses when in 2009, President Mills caused public funds to be used to renovate the Oguaahene palace at Cape Coast and nobody raised a finger. I ask, If Kufuor had renovated Asantehene palace in Kumasi with public funds what would have been NDC reaction?

I conclude that, Ghanaians will surely make better progress if they overcome this deliberate NDC negative culture of tagging NPP acts as tribalism before we can make meaningful developmental progress. After all NDC do worse tribalistic things (some enumerated above) and we live with them.

John Yawose

Columnist: Yawose, John