NDC Aspiring To Usurp Power Through Mischievous "Wahala"

Mon, 20 Jun 2005 Source: Adofo, Rockson

In any democratic dispensation, there are always varied opinions, each accorded respect and treated on their merit of individuality as expressed, without being generally dismissive about their authenticity because of their origin or, of their probable antagonistic content. However, I have been totally misconstrued, castigated and demonized, on my previous article on the "Wahala" demonstrations in orchestration by the NDC goons. The least said about been flabbergasted though unperturbed, the better; highly under self control and in pursuance of my envisioned ideal aspirations to wrestle Ghana from her political and economic hijack, by certain crafty, corruptible persons entrusted with power.!

Democracy has gears, brakes and wheels hence the saying,? your freedom ends where my nose begins". It must be pointed out that true democracy has never existed anywhere in the world. Democracy is understood to be interpreted to suit the best of circumstances, interests, understanding and benefit for all as far as is feasible. However, some saboteurs, megalomaniacs, for some stupid reasons refuse to put the gears into place or apply the brakes at the right time. All they know and understand about democracy is the enjoyment of the applicable freedoms without threshold. They think they can do whatever, embark on treacherous demonstrations until thy Kingdom come, holding the streets captives, fist-punching their chests in the most threatening way. How irresponsible that is.

I cannot subscribe to the view of some rather nation wreckers senselessly overzealous about democracy to directly inflict damage to the very principle they adore, unknowingly. Human beings have the quality to think and grow yet most of these "Wahala" demonstrators by their unflinching allegiance to certain personality cult, party or ideology, appear miserably to have denied themselves this unique quality through their reprehensible acts.

"Give the Blackman, especially, the Ghanaian one inch and he takes one yard", a figurative expression meant to buttress my contention on how some people are dragging the ongoing infant democracy through the mud, conjuring additional freedoms to justify their unwarranted immoralities deceptively encased in outward-glittering infantile innocence.

There are always two sides to an opinion much as there are two sides to the coin. The critics have accused me of naivety, ignorance, tribalism and partisanship, apparently justifying their unproven allegations of this magnitude of character assassination by invoking the once "Kumepreko" demonstrations. To them, they were hatched, supported and led by NPP activists, inciting Ghanaians to rise up against the NDC policies then felt untoward. Therefore the logic in "two wrongs never make a right" seems foreign and complex to their bleary understanding. They believe in tit for tat irrespective of the consequences. Sounding illogic, they had expected me first to condemn the past same acts of the NPP now a history, before commenting on the present damaging attitude of the NDC.

I gawp, trying to untangle the web of warped logic when asked, "the NPP did demonstrate on Kumepreko.You didn't question them, did you"? The fact that I neither wrote constructive nor destructive critics about them doesn't compromise my silence for consent. Secondly, their reasons and circumstances for embarking on the "Kumepreko" might be totally different from that of the NDC seeking Ghana, a non-oil producing country to undersell her petroleum products.

One must be daft if unable to strike out the differences and similarities between both demonstrations. To demonstrate against the incompetence, corruption, favouritisms and other social evils prevalent in Government as purported, then fine. But to hide the real issue and motive engineering the demonstrations, only to capitalise on the price of petrol is to be petty with the truth. What would the authors of the "Wahala" demonstrations do were they in power and faced with international hikes in price of crude oil? Would they continue borrowing to subsidize petrol consumption in Ghana as had always been the case?

We are in a nurturing state of democracy though with all the attendant freedoms of, speech, association, the right to remonstrate ones dissatisfactions, right to life, right to own property and a host of others as far as the mind can fathom. I understand equally very well the practice of democracy but to cite an unparallel occurrence from the past to sanction a current disruptive situation, for the mere fact of paying one back in their own coin, as purportedly expressed by my critics is to me a retrospective bollocks.

Having come of age, though still needing growing up, we imperatively must display sense and acts of maturity rather than to be mired in retaliatory indulgences that further cast shadows of doubt, over our credibility as rational beings capable of steering our own affairs. Anyway, we are factually incapable of anything reasonable. We very often respond to the dictates of our spontaneous emotional urges without taking into account their repercussions. Everything happens with reason but at times there is none, just emotions.

Yes, the NDC was in power for eight years yet with almost the same faces featured in AFRC and PNDC.It says you can change the name of the Leopard but not his/her spots. In effect, the NDC had ruled Ghana for nineteen bloody years but still never sufficient to quell their diabolic machinations.

The energetic exploitative architects of evil of yesteryears are driven out by fear of insecurity, to ensure the "Wahala" demonstrations never see an end but gathers momentum with every passing day. The demons that spring forth in their own minds from the dark ages have come to confront and haunt them. They only find respite in the continuity of the ongoing demonstrations until they are back in power, to unleash their inherent wrath on Ghanaians as usual.

I am none the least neither partisan nor rooted in tribalism, as my allegiance has always been foremost to the collective interest of Ghanaians and Ghana, but not to any one political party, grouping or individual. I neither support the winning nor the losing party but whichever party that is selfless, honest, well focused through patience and fortitude in delivering on their policies as promised, in all sincerity.

My articles reflect my personality. I wield a double-edged sword cutting both left and right without considering who and what, provided one is in the wrong and needs constructive correction through reprimand, a step forward in our efforts to wriggle Ghana free from her socio- politico-economic strangulation.

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Columnist: Adofo, Rockson