NDC At The Cross Roads.

Thu, 24 Nov 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

If you don’t vote for Prez. Mills in 2012 and he fails to win – He will become an ex-President, what about you? His ministers will also become ex Ministers, what about you?

If you undermine your DCE for him to be removed from office by the President, he will also become an ex – DCE, what about you?

What will Ghana look like if the NPP wins, and what will Ghana look like if NDC lose in 2012 God forbid. We have a choice to vote NDC for PEACE or Vote NPP for WAR in order to enable them implement their infamous “All Die be Die” policy Ghana’s democracy have become the envy of many African countries and beyond.

Organization decides everything, but a negative organization destroys everything as it has been happening in most constituencies including the Obuasi Constituency from March 2009 to date.

You must know that without the support of the people, all government appointees are nothing.

During the 2008 general elections, Candidate Mills now President promised that Polling Agents will be considered FIRST when he becomes President. Now almost three years into his administration, the polling agents certificates have not been issued to them. Three years into his administration, polling agents have been relegated to the background completely. When you dissent, they will tell you to go to hell yes, we shall go to hell with them if they so wish.

The soul of the NDC is in the grassroots and not in the offices of MMDCE’s and Ministers of State. The course of the Nation is put in the Manifestoes of political parties and Ghana earns only 13% of our oil revenue while 87% are taken by foreigners.

We have so many Constituency Executives including those in Obuasi who always want to Run before they Walk, which is not possible. When they fail, they turn their anger on the cadres by accusing them of rather trying to destroy the party which is false, because they can not prove their baseless allegations any where. You are either part of the problem or part of the solution.

Those who are trying without success to define ways of managing the political force of Rawlings in the NDC will all fail since Rawlings is a huge crowd puller wherever he goes, therefore nobody can manage the Political Force of Rawlings Except God. Cadres will seriously fight back if they are accused unfairly by party executives in the country in order to protect our track record.

You cannot claim to be a Christian and turn round to hate Christ. You cannot not also claim to be a Moslem and turn round to hate Prophet Mohammed, you can never go to Mecca. He who sows Falsehood will reap Deceit.

However, during times of Universal Deceit, telling the TRUTH becomes a revolutionary act. Why not, the NDC was born out of a No Nonsense Revolution on June, 4 1979 and re-echoed continuously to the 31st December revolution under the PNDC from 1982-1992 and was changed into 8 years of constitutional rule from 1992 to 2000 with Jerry Rawlings behind the steering wheel of the Setra Bus. Hon. Johnson Asiedu Nketia, aka General Mosquito must stop dancing “Adowa” round the plain Truth, but rather ensure that the FROSTY relations between Ex-Prez. Rawlings and Prez. Mills is resolved once and for all.

We beg to dis agree with General Mosquito in his comments that if there are problems within the NDC, it is the duty of the Council of Elders chaired by Rawlings to resolve such problems, Yes, Rawlings is the Chairman of the Council of Elders, but he cannot sit and resolve his own problems because no judge can ever sit in a case involving himself- this is a natural law. What is wrong is wrong even if everybody supports it, and what is right is right even if nobody support it. Enough is Enough.

The unhealthy internal wranglings in the NDC are destroying the growth of the party daily and there is an urgent need for the contending parties to recognize that it is in their collective interest to UNITE or PERISH come 2012, since millions of party supporters do not know what is happening within the NDC- At the critical time that the then candidate Mills needed most of the people around him today, they all vanished into thin air, while saying that Mills was sick and that he will soon die, others went further to state openly that Mills was not a Presidential material, but Cadres stood up and defended Mills and the process.

We have been fighting a CLASS WAR from the June 4, 1979 through the PNDC era to date, but most NDC members are not aware and does not want to be taught about it. We are fighting those who crippled Ghana. There are thousands of vicious sycophants in the ruling government and the party. They are all Political Armed Robbers who are more dangerous than AIDS. We want Mills to complete his 8 years in office and handover to another NDC presidential candidate in 2017.

Yes, He who feeds you, controls Your conscience. Nobody feeds me, so nobody controls my conscience and so, I always say it as it is and damn the consequences, because we can not become beggars in our own political party which formed the government.

He who controls the past, controls the future, and he who controls the present, controls the past. Whenever the NDC is in power, it rather multiplies its mistakes instead of correcting same.


We don’t want the poison minded big brains of Nana Akuffo Addo which is filled with venom, foreign values, violence, tribalism and vengeance. We rather prefer the so-called small brains of Prez. Mills whose mind is full of wisdom, humility, honesty, forgiveness, Godliness, peacefulness and is in corruptible. A wise man is like a nail, because his head prevents him from going too far. The NPP Presidential candidate should be aware of that. We are sick of the swanky talks of Nana Akuffu Addo.


I therefore challenge General Mosquito to go public and tell all those NDC members who always vote for the party because of Rawlings to stay away from the polls in 2012 since the NDC Founder is now irrelevant. We shall see the final election results on 8th December 2012.

Let me remind him that the Barking dog is not alone, because he has thousands of small barking dogs dotted all over the country who are ready to bark like Rawlings. We can not sit idle and allow the NDC leadership to destroy the great party because of the political agenda of some few people who cannot identify a political disaster when they see one. You only listen to Sangaparee when Obuasi NDC is on fire. I thank everybody gathered here most abundantly.

EYE ZU, EYE ZA. Aluta Continua !









Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement