NDC Clutches To Their Last Straw

Fri, 8 Jun 2012 Source: Nyarko, Stallone

, NPP And Nana Addo The Pitiable Victims. Part 1.

By Nyarko Stallone , June 5, 2012

It is increasingly glaring the hope of the NDC in getting their ‘electoral machine’, Jerry Rawlings onto their campaign trail in the run up to the 2012 general elections is completely dashed. The bad blood between the Mills boys and the Rawlings loyalists over who the true owners of the NDC are, looks reaching a crescendo. Rawlings’ commentary on happenings in the NDC and the nation at the last June 4 commemoration rally at Aflao happens to have nailed the coffin of the NDC. The Founder of the NDC was emphatic on the NDC loosing the 2012 polls on the premise of sidelining the ideals of June 4 on which the NDC was founded. Jerry Rawlings in a very emotional mood asked the question that might lurk around the minds of NDC honchos for a very long time, ‘’how do you beat Nana Akuffo Addo when you have abandoned the ideals of June 4?’’. He (Rawlings) finally struck that deadly chord when he went on to say ,‘’everyone one knows Nana Akuffo Addo will be president very soon’’. Speaking in his local dialect, with his emotions soaring and the intermittent tears that ran down his eyes, it looked he (Rawlings) was a man saddened by many events in the NDC . The Rawlingses obviously are on a mission to salvage their legacy which is on brink of extinction as a result of the well orchestrated maneuvers to metamorphose the NDC into the New CPP. It is an overt fact that, President Mills like John Mahama are known Nkrumahists and events under Pres Mills gives enormous credence to the grand Agenda of turning the NDC into CPP as hinted by Hannah Tetteh in the wikileaks cables.

A critical glance at the Mills government shows a bunch of young appointees who have achieved hardly anything outside their political lives, OkudjetoAblakwa is a young man who took a wife only when the NDC came to power in 2009, he( Ablakwa) has enrolled in law school and he is cushioned very well for the hefty costs of law education with the NDC in power, he is also sponsoring his sister’s education in the U.S. Okudjeto’s instance is very much akin to the circumstances of the many other young functionaries of the NDC and you can cite the likes of Agyenim Boateng, Stan Dogbe, Felix ofosu Kwakye, Koku Anyidoho, Zita okaikoi, Peter Boamah Otukonor whose fortunes are strongly tied to the survival of this NDC government. It is an obvious fact these young ones will do anything to survive their gold mine and this is where the Nana Akuffo Addo will become the pitiable victim. The NDC in the 2008 elections made serious capital from the many corruption allegations which hanged around the neck of the NPP. However, on assuming office, their pledge of proving and punishing the supposed corrupt dealings under the NPP has suffered a great hitch with the string of high profile cases lost by the government legal team. It appears the NPP have been handed bragging rights; after all it looks they were being wrongly accused by the able propaganda outfit of the NDC. The vindication of the NPP on issues of corruption is fueled greatly by the admissions made by vocal NDC activists during their parliamentary vetting for ministerial appointments. Fiifi Kwettey the then propaganda secretary who alleged John Kuffuor had sold all of Ghana’ s Gold reserves admitted his allegations were ordinary political talk when he was subjected to very strong scrutiny at the parliamentary vetting. Here comes Ama Benyiwa Doe who also made a wild allegation of the NPP using the drug trade to finance their campaign an allegation she admitted was mere political talk at the same parliamentary vetting. Then we go to the episode of Mr. Victor smith who conjured some wild allegations of Kuffuor engaged in some murky oil deals which he eventually admitted was only a figment of his own imagination. From this, it looks it will be very difficult for allegations of corruption against the NPP to wash this time round. The NDC is rather ruing under a barrage of injurious corruption instances with the raging woyome scandal proving to be a nightmare hunting their dreams of electoral success. The 94 million cedis Paid by former Attorney general, Betty Mould Iddrisu to the construction pioneers group (CP) ostensibly without the President’s sanctioning and other scandals are lurking around waiting to destabilize the communication machinery of the NDC in the heat of the electioneering campaign. It is very obvious the ‘corruption shot’ is taken out of the arsenal of the potent NDC propaganda machinery against the NPP. One other lethal weapon the NDC used against the NPP in the 2008 elections was the ‘cocaine brouhaha’ culminating in the making of hefty promises to clamp down completely on narcotic drug dealings upon assuming office. The NDC was particularly loud about the cocaine which turned ‘kokonte under the watch of police C.I.D during the Kuffuor regime and the fall outs of the MV Benjamin saga, their propaganda linchpins shouted their voices hoarse that the NPP was turning the nation into a ‘cocaine coast’ it would however turnout that after the NDC winning power, Ghanaians and people with Ghanaian passports were arrested in overseas airports possessing narcotic drugs, the cocaine which turned baking soda under the Mills administration seem to finally dampened their hopes of using that weapon once more on the NPP.

However their most destructive weapon against the NPP is still in place for the NDC. Owing to the usual Ghanaian liking for sensationalism and the Ghanaian belief of an iota of truth behind every rumour, the NDC’s propaganda machinery would once again be releasing the barrage of attacks on the personality of Nana Akuffo Addo. As I noted earlier the Ghanaian is widely susceptible to these wild allegations because they give issues of discussion in rumour circles and again are very easy to understand unlike the usually very technical developmental issues, The Personality of Nana Addo is about to come under intense attack again as the last straw the NDC will be clutching to in their hopes of staying in power. The hefty promises made under the Better Ghana seems very far away from seeing actualization , the NDC communication machinery will be basking their greatest hopes on impressing on the Ghanaian masses to buy the many sensational accusations they will be hanging around the neck of the NPP flag bearer, As to how the NPP campaign and communications machinery will deploy measures to arrest this single most deadly weapon of the NDC, the future will tell.

Stallone Nyarko, Accra.


Columnist: Nyarko, Stallone