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NDC Congress 2014: What Party Members must consider

From this time till congress time, yours truly will write more on certain factors we must consider as we decide on those we going to elect to steer affairs of the ruling party. It has become necessary doing that because the effectiveness of the party machinery, is going to affect positively or otherwise, the government machinery. In my write-up to today I want us to do what I have termed effective strategic permutations.

I am going to pick the various executives of the NPP individually, touch on the qualities they possess or their political strength and how best we would handle them. It is good we do these things to make our politics more scientific than the usual attacks and name calling. What the NDC must know is that, like a good coach, we must get the right materials suitable to execute our game plan take into consideration the strength of the opposing team. We can use same material for a changed strategy, either we maintain the team giving them suitable tutorials, or we fix in more dynamic legs to ensure smooth operations. Now let's begin discussing the new system.

National chairman....The NPP previously had Obetsebi Lamptey who was a strategic planner, he was good at underground organization and designing of catchy campaign message. In 2012 certain health complications took away that vibrant trait in him, he wasn't the Jake we knew moreover, he was sublimed by the vibrant nature of his General Secretary. His match Dr. Adjei, had the incumbent Spirit and a very solid team together with a well-organized campaign outlet which emanated from the presidency well designed by elements who weren't true party persons but joined the campaign because of other reasons. This gave Dr. Adjei a respite. This time, Afoko, is coming with a renewed Spirit with enough resources. Afoko possess multiple of ideas, diabolic and fair which demand swift counter move. He looks cool but has some robust traits in doing his politics we there need person who will meet him head-on. I don't know if Dr has such acumen if not, then we must get someone among the contestants who is swift on the ground and has good security background not necessarily a security person, but someone whose networking and monitoring ideas are swift and accurate.

GENERAL SECRETARY- We had the best match for Sir john in General Asiedu Nketiah, sir John was using powerful oratory as his strength, his ability to combine words to state his case was excellent coupled with his grassroots Spirit, he knew what to say to move the wheel. General was more effective in that respect. General is also a serious grassroots person with vast knowledge in grassroots politics and electoral issues which went to his advantage. He is good at branch and constituencies permutations which helped the party. This time Kwabena Agyepong, he is also a good communicator but has not the temperament to absorb pressure. He is good at grassroots organization contrary to perception out there, I think General will still be the best match.

NATIONAL ORGANIZER- Yaw Boateng Gyan performed well. The NPP Bamba, emerged with that Rambo approach which didn't allow him do very scientific work to really organize the party. He was deceived into buying into the philosophy that, the NDC was a violent party so needed tough and abrasive approach in fighting them. He met his match in the person of Gyan Boateng, who also marshaled effective combat group to meet any unconventional approach. The fact is, the dynamics have changed considerably. Today john Boadu is coming on board with a well-organized and thought out strategy using some media guys and using his youthful age to his advantage, making serious incursion even into our strongholds, as we speak, they are busily working on the field using the younger generation who understand the dynamics of our contemporary politics. There isn't going to be anything like robust approach but, pure media and youth work. Political evangelism and effective use of the social media and rallies. I think any party that will win the elections will depend more on the effectiveness of the national organizer. I think we must look carefully at this department to get someone who can effectively match John Boadu and his group. We must consider age and also, the technological know-how of the candidate, we are having challenges because some people underestimate the need to make the media especially social media a dominant factor in our propagation agenda.

YOUTH ORGANIZER....One area we dare not downplay at all, we must be extra diligent in electing persons to occupy both the substantive position and the deputy.40 percent of our victory moves would depend on this department. We didn't see the weakness or otherwise of the previous occupant or current to put it right because, we had an effective propaganda machinery who effectively covered all loopholes, the party’s youth really suffered but the truth is the NPP youth organizer was ineffective. Today it is Sammi Awuku and no one dare underestimate the campaign strength of the youngman, he has been able to reach deeply to the grassroots. We need a more potent and abrasive person to meet him head on, somebody who is a good communicator it shouldn't only be about Twi but somebody who knows what he is talking about when communicating, the person must somebody who has close link with the youth both students and non-students. The battle will be centered more in the media so we need an abrasive but an intelligent communicator. We must also get an effective deputy because, the youth department will have a lot to do especially rolling on board new voters

Women organizer...Anita is unmatchable, very effective and the best to counter Gyaba, on radio and wherever they meet, it has always turn out to be that, Anita has the upper hand. My position is, Anita must add more of technology into her operations, the epoch demands that and wish she does that. I don't know the forums emerging but I will concentrate on the deputies and regional women organizers, we need solid force who will work effectively with national.

PROPAGANDA- I wanted to reserve that for my next write up but let me hit on small, I honestly think Quashiga must go not because he didn't perform no, but the workload, combining parliamentary work with that position is politically, unhealthy. I think his outfit did excellent work combining effectively with the setting the records straight group. We don't have an elected propaganda officer in the NPP but, most of our skipping moves are done by this outfit so need more dynamic person to combine the efforts by the national organizer and the youth leader. The Deputy Solomon Nkansah must be elevated to the top with another vibrant and a live wire connected as the deputy to support his effort. I don't know for now those who have decided to go through people are speculating around. This is one area we may need a young, down to earth person who knows the ins and out about the party, a young person who has good relationship with the communication outfits of the party across the country. The effectiveness of the propaganda outfit will depend on their relationship with the communication outfit.

Comrades, I will be doing this weekly depending on surveys done by my outfit. This will help us do critical assessment of the situation to avoid committing certain elementary mistakes. I know and hope that with the disappointment many of the comrades have gone through because of ineffectiveness of some officers, they will exhibit outright carefulness and diligence as the go to elect their leaders. It shouldn't be about the nameology philosophy which is voting for people because their names are mentioned at all circles, but, proper dissection of every situation to ensure running of effective party machinery.

Comrades, we shouldn't pre judge situations here, the truth must be told, we need dynamic leadership to support the government, the dichotomy between party and government must change it will be healthy for our party and government. We need an administration which would not see the government as the surviving point, but will ensure solid administration base harnessing the huge talent around and also create system which will make party more resourceful. Party which would concentrate on developing its human resource base in the form of education sponsorship, job creations and overall education but not party that will exist very weak after elections. Party must be made up of persons who can keep government on its check and remind it always that, government is formed from the parties machinery and not vice versa, but, in doing this, show outright reasonability to avoid confrontations and disruption of government programmes.

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow/Spy News Agency


Columnist: Krow, Ohenenana Obonti