NDC Dis-unity; Blame The Leadership, Not Mills.

Sat, 2 Jul 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

The NDC as the governing party is responsible for the CONDUCT of government appointees and elected officials that are our Members of Parliament.

Therefore, a strong independent party on whose programme a government gets the mandate to run the affairs of the state is in the best position to monitor and evaluate the performance of the government exercising the state power and authority in its name.

In this case, a strong independent party must be active at all levels and structures of the party.

However, two and half years into to the NDC administration, thousands of NDC branches across the country are dying by the hour and others are even non-existent, dead-while most constituency executive members always pack themselves at the offices of Municipal, Metropolitan and District Chief Executives demanding Manna from Heaven without thinking about organizing the footsoldiers at the grassroot in the various branches of the party, why then should people get up to always blame the good old Law Professor of dividing the party? Is it his duty to visit the various constituencies and party branches to educate them or the duties of the party leadership from the National Headquarters through the Regions down to the various constituencies? All they know is that “You are a Rawlings Boy from the White House, you won’t get any job to do with encouragement from some M.C.E’s, D.C.E’s and even party leaders who can not identify a political disaster when they see one, and I bet you, the kitchens of so many appointees and party executive members will be so hot that they can not step inside there after the July National Delegates Congress nationwide. I am only predicting what will happen after the NDC Congress, but that does not mean that foot soldiers will chase out party executives and government appointees, but their own evil lies and machinations will haunt them and make them flee in disgrace. It is the leadership that caused the division. It is the leadership that caused the miss-trust, it is the leadership that caused the infighting and all the mess that can easily send the NDC back to opposition and not President Mills not Jerry Rawlings or his wife and not the much hated Rawlings Boys who made the NDC what it is today 2011.

Political positions are not permanent, those occupying them will one day leave for others to come and occupy.

We must be fair to the President of the Republic because most constituency executive members are busy chopping off the roots of the very tree which represent the NDC with the full backing of the Regional Executives who pretend that all is well. Are these also the responsibilities of the sitting president? No. all petitions written by the party footsoldiers to the Regions are treated with contempt, and such petitions are always re-directed to the offices of the Party Founder and His wife who are helpless because they themselves have been sidelined and told point blank that their time has passed, is it really true that their time has passed while most present appointees in this Mills administration also worked with president Rawlings? Has their time also not passed?

Wonders will never end in this country.

We cannot sit down for some academic undesirables in the various constituencies to join hands with some dishonest and greedy government appointees to amass wealth and kill the NDC because some people’s lives were put on the line in the 2008 elections, and are still put on the line. This is what I mean by saying that some appointees and party executives will find their kitchens too hot to enter after the July Congress. We are fed up with the baseless attacks on the President. Enough is enough, we shall fight back and deal with these characters in a manner determined by the undying spirit of June 4 and the 31st December revolutions.

I shall return when the need arise.

Is anybody listening? I am done! “Jaanbie Iwaii”

Long live the NDC, long live the cadres, long live Ghana.

Acuta Continua!









Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement