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NDC Dreamers, Keep on Dreaming and Make us more Dreams

Fri, 1 Jun 2012 Source: Rockson Adofo

It does not cost you any money to dream so NDC continue to have a field day basking in the sunshine of Dreamland. Dreaming is easy but at times, it can be nightmarish so please take note.

The NDC upon all the utter display of palpable incompetence, corruption, abusive usurpation of powers and disgusting practice of selective justice still feel confident of winning the impending December 7, 2012 elections by a landslide margin. Anyway, nothing can be ruled out as in Ghana, anything is possible. If all Ghanaians were socio-politically matured like their White contemporaries in the Western world, there would be no cause for lamentations by me. If it were in the Western world, President Mills would have long been impeached, issued his marching orders out of office for breach of public trust. He lied about not being aware of the judgment debt payment to Mr Alfred Agbesi Woyome whereas he had twice, but in vain tried to stop the payment. Pollsters would have severally told the NDC via opinion polls that they would be out of power subsequent upon their bad and corrupt performances come December 7, 2012.

If the NDC hope to garner more votes by way of propaganda, then they must be hallucinating. Their dream-oriented mind can keep fantasising merry-go-round in the sugar-candy Dreamland unprecedentedly built by President Mills in three years. Their infatuation with taking Ghanaians for imbeciles is without bounds. Let us be objective for a second. President Mills by his actions and inactions has guaranteed the payment of gargantuan judgment debts to persons and companies that had not done any work for Ghana to merit those monies. He has nonchalantly supervised the bloating of the costing of government contracts signed to his cronies and NDC persons. A classroom block that could be built at a cost of GHC 100,000 to GHC150, 000 is awarded for contract to NDC self-made contractors at GHC250, 000 to GHC300, 000. Oh Asomdwehene President Mills, could you please explain why your NDC contractors are killing Ghana softly by their daylight robbery? Is it a way to enrich your party by taking kickbacks from the contractors? Is it part of the benefits to enjoy in your Sugar-candy dreamland? Oh, No!

President Mills and his Cabinet do not have an iota of decency to call a cabinet meeting over why his appointed State Attorneys are dragging their bloody feet on prosecuting Mr Alfred Agbesi Woyome, that gargantuan swindler of the century. They rather have the alacrity to convene a cabinet meeting chaired by President Mills to strip Mr Obestebi-Lamptey of the right to own a property. I am currently not interested in whether Mr Jake Obestebi-Lamptey had the right to purchase the property or not. I am more concerned about how his youthful Deputy Ministers were able to get him to act on a comparatively trivial matter than acting to stop or retrieve the dubiously doled out judgment debt payments to fictitious persons and companies. I would rather see him act with equal promptness on matters that matter most to the State.

From empirical observations, one can justifiably conclude that President Mills preaches virtues but practices vices both in daylight and under the cover of darkness. Is he not the one moaning about politics of insults yet promotes his boys when they run their slimy mouth against his political opponents? This is not only double standards but also lack of moral decency on the part of the President and the entire clueless NDC.

How would NDC expect discerning Ghanaians to vote for them when they are neck-deep practicing selective justice? How would NDC expect me to vote for them when they have killed the NHIS and continue to disregard me as a "kookoase kuraseni?" The NDC are simply a bunch of liars. They are only bulky empty vessels making most noise. They are hollow intellectually but only have mouth to make ear-splitting noise. They claim to have removed thousands of schools from under trees but they are unable to show us which schools and in what areas. They claim to have placed more money in the pockets of Ghanaians via the Single Spine Salary Structure. By this, they claim Ghanaians are better off. If it were not for the fear of God, I would say these NDC people are stupid. Do they understand basic economics in relation to ones net income and real income? With all the said money coming their way, Ghanaians are worse off when the cost of living and prices of commodities are taken into account. They are worse off under the NDC than they were under the NPP.

NDC the dreamers, I urge you to continue dreaming. Have a sound dream until December 7, 2012 when you will wake up to face the realities of life and the annoyance of Ghanaians. You have your own permission to take Ghanaians for fools until the D-DAY - December 7, 2012.

I am forming a Movement to support Nana Akuffo-Addo. T-Shirts will soon be printed. I am doing this to grace the boldness of Kumawuman people as once exhibited by our Warrior Chief Nana Tweneboa Koduah. I have only not to support good causes but initiate some from Kumawu.

NDC are perceived by many as complete arrogant thieves who must be thrown out of power. I will castigate Alfred Agbesi Woyome until he vomits the GHC51 Million that he has swallowed from the Consolidated Fund. Nobody can gag me for discussing Woyome's thievery except God.

NDC are a bunch of dreamers. President Mills keeps saying, "I have won the 2012 elections" He is only tickling himself and laughing hahahahahaaaaaa. Anyway, I do not blame him because like any sensible person, he needs to have positive thinking hence the fallacy of his thoughts of having won the elections already. Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Rockson Adofo