NDC: Dubious Oil Dealings Exposed

Fri, 8 Jan 2010 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

My fellow countrymen we all remember that during the New Patriotic Party (NPP) administration an American oil company, namely Kosmos, came to Ghana and researched our natural resource. As a result of their effective efforts in their research, they were able to discover a quantity of commercial oil deposited for our nation in Western Region in Ghana. The entire nation was thrilled that our nation would now become economically self-sufficient and stop relying on industrial countries for help.

One year after Attah Mills, National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration came to office, Kosmos decided to sell their stake at Jubilee field to Exxon. But the Mills administrations decide to renegotiate the contract between the Ghana government and Kosmos oil company from America. After the negotiation Attah Mills and his radical criminal cronies were describe by NDC founder Jerry John Rawlings as greedy bastards, and indeed they all greedy bastards. Based on credible sources from some senior NDC members who are outraged over these illegal transactions, it was stated that Mills, radical cronies decided to buy out Kosmos the American oil company for four billion dollars ($4. billons) during their negotiation. The question is whether or not our Ghanaian government had the four billion dollars in our current accounts system. Why did the government have to go and solicit financial help from the international monetary fund (IMF) for 1.2 billion dollars in loans and for IMF to put strains attached on our government? Now it has been surprising occurrence to the majority of NDC members including their founder the methods Mills, radical cronies used to renegotiate the deals with Kosmos the American oil company in which Mills inner circle cronies have sold the contract of Kosmos to the Chinese oil company for four billion dollars. The nation did not make any profit from the sale to the Chinese, but these Mills criminal radicals from NDC have made huge profits. The Ghana Government has no four billion to pay Kosmos the American oil company.

The NDC members who are Attah Mills’s radical cronies are Ato Ahwoi, Kwamena Ahwoi, Totobi Kwakye and one Mr. Arthur, currently at bank of Ghana. This group made significant profit on deals that put forty million dollars ($40.000.000) in their pockets, while our nation is yet to see a penny of the oil they have discovered in the western region. Jerry John Rawlings the NDC founder was not aware of these dubious transactions, from which they made 10%, profits which has gone straight into to these Attah Mills radical criminal’s pockets. Immediately Rawlings found out about the dealings Jerry John Rawlings was in a rage of anger at how these sycophants could use the party he founded to enrich themselves at his expense and without his knowledge? This is the on going NDC political dilemma between Rawlings and Attah Mills and his radical cronies.

This is the reason Jerry John Rawlings is now calling his party members greedy bastards. Rawlings is calling attention to oneself instead of informing the Ghanaians about what has happened to Mills led NDC administration. He using his anger to insult them. Rawlings knows very well that if says anything concerning these dubious dealings in public that will be the end of his NDC party. The NDC will be doomed. Instead of Rawlings calling them by their names, Ato Ahwoi, Kwamena Ahwoi, Totobi Kwakye and Arthur, thieves, he is rather calling them greedy bastards. Recently, Rawlings said in his speech at Tema “he has witnessed extreme corruption in practices by the current NDC inner circle,” which they often call themselves the Fante confederation. These aforementioned radical cronies of Mills negotiated this contract without any effective level of external scrutiny being applied by any member from the ministry of economic departments or the energy sub-committee in parliament.

Nananum, Ladies and Gentlemen, if these NDC members continue to stay in office and continue this dubious behavior our dear nation we all love will be doomed. Right now Jerry John Rawlings does not care if Evens Attah Mills will fail to implement its NDC political agenda. His explosive anger is directed to these radicals Ato Ahwoi, Kwamena Ahwoi, Totobi Kwakye and Arthur. They are all top NDC members who have become affluent after just one year of their party being in office. Rawlings is lashing out at his party members by saying, “ the advice he give to Attah Mills and his cabinet members has being ignored and they have also been disrespectful to him.” That is a lie. These members who are Attah Mills radical cronies have made it clear to Jerry John Rawlings that during the 2008 campaign he did not raise any funds for their campaign so they don’t give a fuck about him. Rawlings himself knows it. They are now thankful to Victor Smith who revealed information to them that the campaign money, which was supposed to go to Attah Mills’s campaign 08, Rawlings, kept for himself. This is also the reason why Rawlings fired Victor Smith.

I therefore urge the minority members in parliament to convene an emergency investigation on these criminal activities by the top ranking NDC members. These radical criminals cannot engage in wholly corrupt business practices on behalf of our dear nation. It is unacceptable under nay circumstances for these idiots to benefit from our nation’s oil before the good citizens of our dear nation will even see a dollar in our oil revenues. Stay tuned for the continuation of this ongoing dilemma in NDC

From; Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)

Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi