NDC Has Cheated Ghana Paying Fraudulent Judgement Debts

Wed, 5 Sep 2012 Source: The New Free Press

The New Free Press is calling on the Government to publish the names of all the directors of Africa Automobile so that major questions that need answers can be answered by these directors. We believe the government cannot be paying judgement debts of 1.5 billion Ghana cedis to faceless individuals who are hiding behind curtains.

Mr Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa a government minister must bow his head in shame using state resources to go round defending private companies that have no contract with the government of Ghana.

We at the New Fress are demanding answers to simple questions

1.Why does this company use only a post office box as identification?

2.Why are there no existing offices for Africa Automobile?

3.Why was Mr Kwamena Ahwoi desperate to hold a press conference ? who is he going to cover up for?

4.Why did the late President Mills do nothing allowing all these monies to be paid?

5.The Auditors General report shows that 8.3 million Ghana cedis has already being paid. Why the former Attorney General Betty Mould Idrissu negotiate this and authorise these payments?

Some years ago a group of Ghanaians calling themselves revolutionaries set up Citizens Vetting Committees and public tribunals to convict corrupt public officials. People including pregnant women and a blind man were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment with hard labour. Some died in prison, at the hands of Mr Kwamena Ahwoi , Cecelia Johnson, Geroge Agyekum, Tsatsu Tsikata and others.

Today, Mr PV Obeng, a man obsessed by sheer greed, is trying to grab a house belonging to an Italian businessman at Ogbojo in Accra at the expense of his children and grandchildren. This same P.V. Obeng who transferred a pallet of Bank Notes from the Bank of Ghana to the castle and owns 18 houses in Tema.

Today the apostles of probity ad accountability can spend 20 million dollars to build their party office yet they burnt to ashes the hotels owned by innocent businessmen.

Today the guardians of social justice like Alex Segbefia and Okudzeto Ablakwa can buy 5 million dollar houses in Roman Ridge and a house in the United States of America, They can even afford to lose their girlfriends doing politics. Some politicians lost their lives defending truth, freedom and justice in Ghana Mr Ablakwa!

Today the protectors of the Better Ghana Agenda like Betty Mould Idrissu can get percentages from judgement debt payments and buy houses abroad to live a comfortable life.

We call on all Ghanaians to come together to say no to the payment of these monies to Africa Automobile .

We call for a full refund of the monies already paid and a prosecution of the Attorney General whose actions led to the payment of the 8.3 million Ghana cedis

Suraju Musah Ali Mohammed

Managing Editor

The New Free Press

Kotobabi Abavana Down


Columnist: The New Free Press