NDC Is In Power, But NPP Is In Control

Tue, 9 Mar 2010 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

– The Security Implications Of Their Remarks

What Ghana needs at this crucial point in its history is some one with foresight, dedication, honesty, drive and initiative to take her into the realm of socio political and economic advancement, and that person has rightly been elected by Ghanaians in the person of His Excellency J. E. A. Mills. His government has promised Ghanaians that he is SLOW BUT SURE, yes, I congratulate him for making such a firm statement to Ghanaians.

However, the President must NOT be sure on the performance of certain sensitive areas in this country. Ever since he was sworn into office as the President of the Republic of Ghana, he only appointed Lt. Col. Gbevlo Lartey as the National Security Co-ordinator with Hon. Yaw Donkor as the Head of The BNI, yet Ghanaians did NOT hear any further replacements in most strategic areas of the National Security set-up in the Military, the Police CEPS, Immigration Service, Prisons as well as the Regional, District and Municipalities in the country. I am raising this important National Issue because decent citizens were dismissed from work for serving Ghana with dedication under the NDC government led by Ex-President Rawlings from 1992 – 2001 and we all saw what happened when the NPP took over in January, 2001. Ex-NDC ministers who worked under Rawlings were treated as common criminals whilst all other appointees were asked to proceed on leave on the quite to the former employees without informing the public through the media who were fully bought by the NPP and Paid for. Most leading members of the NPP including Hon. Dan Botwe are beating their chests and telling us that the NDC is in POWER but the NPP is in control.


They are throwing their weights about and boasting that they are in control because of the failure of the ruling NDC government to replace some TOP security officers who were promoted to strategic positions by the NPP government and they are still at post at the National, Regional, Municipal and District levels un-touched by the ruling NDC government just because the President says He is the father for all. Ex-President Kuffour was NOT the father of the Nation, but father of the NPP members alone as he closed his eyes and pretended NOT to see or hear about the shooting and killings in Yendi for 3 solid days in 2002 which led to the death of the King of Dagbon and his 40 sub chiefs.

He again ordered the BNI to detain Professor Mills’ wife in a dark waiting room for 30 minutes before she wrote her statement. After writing her statement,, her car was seized and she was ordered to take a taxi or trotro home. That nasty treatment meted out to her is still fresh in our minds. After wining the elections on the ticket of the NDC, all those operatives are still at Post. Just because the President wanted to be the father of all. NPP members does NOT regard him as their father, that is why they are bragging that they are still in control because their agents are spread all over the country still working under the National Security Apparatus.


Hon. Kwamena Ahowoi, Ato Ahwoi and Kwesi Ahwoi are NOT new in the NDC as some people think because we were all in the trenches during the 31st December Revolution from 1982 -1992 through the year 2000 right up to date 2010 including Hon. Kofi Totobi Quakye, so there is NO ANY FANTE CONFEDERACY in the Atta Mills government as the opponents of the NDC want Ghanaians to believe. If any thing, why didn’t they call Ex-President Kofuor’s NPP government an Asante Confederacy as his cabinet was full of Asantes. At that time, it was proper because the NPP believes falsely that Ghana belong to them more than any other political group, that is why they rant and rave all over the country without analyzing their ramifications.

If you bring Jesus Christ to become Ghana’s President on the ticket of the NDC, the NPP would tell him that he is the biological son of Jeseph and not the Son of God and 98% of Ghana’s clergy men and women would support them. President Mills must therefore stop being too Angelic because the NPP is very insecure and restless to sit and watch Ghana’s new found oil being managed by the NDC government led by President Mills. Mr. Kufuor stated in 2001 that there was NO MATERIAL in the whole Upper West Region for him to appoint as a cabinet minister? If the NDC wants to win the general elections in 2012, the security capos promoted by Ex-President Kufour’s NPP government MUST BE REPLACED and RE-ASIGNED otherwise the NDC will live to regret in 2012. If a blind man dares you in a stone throwing contest, he is definitely stepping on a stone under his foot the NPP is stepping on such a stone. That is why they say they are in control whilst in opposition. The President can however ACCEPT OR REJECT this suggestion.

The opposition NPP is relying on such security officials to deliver the goods in their favour in the 2012 general elections. They would be writing security reports to the government to favour it, but in reality, it will be false informations, from the grassroots. These negative impregnated reports will continue to be sent to the government and before the president realizes, his party is voted out of power in 2012, and if that should happen in 2012, God forbid – the NDC will find it very difficult to re-organize and come back to power again. After that “humiliating defeat” in 2012, President Mills will then regret being the father for all, but it will be too late and very embarrassing. Slow but sure, we agree, but we cannot be too sure when it comes to National Security Affairs – Dabi da. These are the main reasons why the top gurus of the NPP are beating their chests daily that they are in full control even though the NDC is in power. As a staunch member of the NDC, I know how we suffered which are too numerous and painful to mention here, so I will be comfortable to remain without job as I am currently experiencing, or become a messenger in a ruling party rather than to be a Chief Executive Officer in an opposition party – Apologies to Ex-President J.A. Kufuor. Mr. President, you must DO SOMETHING BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE and call off the bluff of the NPP. So please change them. Because I know what I am talking about seriously. I sincerely hope my suggestion will be considered.

……….…………………………….. Clement Sangaparee

Municipal Organizer United Cadres Front Obuasi

E-mail: clementsang@yahoo. Com.

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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement