NDC Lying Propaganda Machine Switches to top Gear in NPP Stronghold

Fri, 13 Apr 2012 Source: Adofo, Rockson

Lies, I suppose, are the very conduits through which the NDC maintain power in Ghana. For how long will Ghanaians allow the NDC to thrive on lies, the very umbilical cord of their birth and existence? The NDC find truth excruciatingly bitter and too poisonous to contend. However, lies are sweeteners on their tongue and they wish to lick it, scramble for it, have it in abundance as though their lives are solely dependent on it to sustain. Without lies in their mouth is similar to a kerosene-lamp running low or almost completely out of fuel. It will extinguish. Their very existence will become extinct without their essential feed – lies.

Unfortunately, they have taken their nonsensical disgraceful propaganda overwhelmingly pregnant with lies to the very backyard of my place of birth. They are untiringly but deceptively combing the corridors of Kumawu for ignoramuses to feed with their propaganda and lies. As incompetent and liars as they turn out to be in the political arena of governance, they still cling to the belief that they will be re-elected.

I understand they are asking the constituents of Kumawu Constituency, predominantly NPP voters since Dr Busia's Progress Party era to better vote "skirt and blouse" at worst come December 7 elections. They can vote for the local NPP parliamentary aspirant but had better cast their presidential votes for "Ecomini" President Atta Evans Fiifi Mills. Little did Ghanaians know that it was by neither mistake nor mispronunciation that President Mills said "Ecomini" when he was addressing Ghana Parliament sometime ago? He and his NDC party were really hungry hence, the "Ecomini" which is actually "ekom de me" It is apparent from empirical observation how these NDC government appointees, especially the Deputy Ministers and the MCEs, DCEs etc. are ravenously grabbing money fraudulently.

Anyway, they are telling Kumawu constituents that should Nana Akuffo-Addo Dankwah become the President of Ghana, he will discontinue the Kumawu Water project. Truly, the greatest asset Kumawu and its environs could ever have from any government is potable water. The people there have suffered from want of potable water since early 1970s until today that I write. Therefore, the practical initiative taken by President Mills to kill the people's hunger and thirst for water dwarfs all the expansion works with the numerous big buildings carried out at the Kumawu Tweneboa Koduah Secondary School by former President Kufuor's NPP government.

Yes, water is essential and it is like indispensable air to Kumawu people. However, to seek to oblige the people to vote for a proven incompetent person because of the provision of water is as ridiculous as the obligation is illegal. Nobody can stop the project midway except Almighty God and probably a catastrophic war.

I professed in my write-ups many years ago, that Kumawu was not, and is not, married to the NPP. By this, I meant to suggest that Kumawu should switch to a party that could respect its citizenry and provide them with certain essential developments. Nevertheless, the current NDC government and party are not those that I will recommend for Kumawu. The party is lawless, corrupt and incompetent. I have arrived at my observations about the party based on how they have fraudulently paid out judgment debts to some people with whom they have association or agreements of some sort; how their members have become rogues and get away with blue murder and how they dwell on lies and propaganda to achieving their myopic aims and objectives.

When is Mr Alfred Agbesi Woyome going to refund the GHC51 Million or so to Ghana? I am on his case, whether the NDC like it or not. Beware of the local Kumawu NDC activists who are deeply involved in corruption. Time is coming when Ghanaians will hold them accountable for their deplorable stewardship and actions. The very yardstick of Transparency, Accountability and Probity as instituted by Former President J. J. Rawlings will judge them.

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson