NDC/Mahama will soon gnash their teeth

Mon, 24 Dec 2012 Source: Yawose, John

NDC are letting the issue of NPP election verdict challenge look complex, intricate and therefore difficult to understand. But it is very simple. As usual they have resorted to diffusing the simple issue to confuse the population just as they did to Akufo Ado’s free SHS idea and Kufour’s NHIS scheme. Even, NDC succeeded in their diversionary diffusing tactics to convince some of my EWE folks who told me prior to 7th December 2012 that --‘’we will not vote for Akuffo Addo because his men are calling for our killing and he did not say a word about it. We will not vote for somebody who hates us’. It became a big task for me to convince them that Akuffo Ado did not harbour and could not have harboured such wicked intention.

NDC are at it again making rounds in the media that - NPP are making comic relief to Ghanaians; NPP are contradicting themselves by announcing different figures (100,000; 150,000; 1 million) for the so-called rigged elections; NPP demonstrations are disturbing the piece of the country; NPP said they had evidence and requested Dr. Afari-Djan to delay his announcement for 24 hours so how come that they have not produced their evidence after 8 days? Etc.etc. I regard these as ugly howlings, yellings and barkings meant to pollute and diffuse the issues in the eyes of the public and primarily de-focus firm and resolute Akuffo Ado and NPP from their clear objectives. NPP will use lawful means to address electoral issues.

Tell NDC and their vicious attack honchos that NPP do not possess evidence based on abstractionism and imprecision and therefore difficult-to-measure parameters. NPP are not going to court to offer challenge to the 2012 Presidential elections based on such vague and emotional issues as — harassment of NPP supporters; minors voting in NDC strongholds; EC using over bloated register; EC using NDC cardholders as Presiding Officers; Machomen frightening voters and snatching ballot boxes; Voters doing multiple voting; Some voters voting without biometric verification and all that jazz. NPP are not going to present an emotional ‘stolen verdict’ document to Supreme Court. Rather, NPP have solid, verifiable and measurable parameters/figures documented, this time around.

Soon, NPP, in the most important legal case in Ghana’s constitutional history, will put before Supreme Court collated figures from the polling station pink sheets signed by the party representatives to show that John Dramani Mahama did not get enough votes after all for outright victory in the 7th December presidential elections. EC will be compelled to also present figures from their pink sheets also signed by party representatives as a counter.

Supreme Court will then have a very simple case to determine. This will be a simple case for the judges - I reckon. This will not be a ‘Woyome case’ around which NDC and their legal team will dance Agbadza and Fontomfrom freely. Supreme Court will scrutinise each of the presentations. Figures don’t lie. 1+1 will be 2. 1+1 will never be 4 or 5 as NDC/EC voodoo arithmetic suggest. No complexity, no convolution in the arithmetic. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court will not consider the ugly NDC emotions, diffusion and effusions mentioned earlier. The shocking embarrassment will be unveiled from the figures by the judges. Very simple.

NDC/MAHAMA will be exposed and they will GNASH THEIR TEETH.


John Yawose

Columnist: Yawose, John