NDC Members: Stop the Hate Campaign Against Yourselves Or

Thu, 16 Feb 2012 Source: Sangaparee, Clement


The renewed INFIGHTING in the NDC is far from healed but the party leadership is playing the Ostrich. We have exactly ten (10) months to the 2012 general elections and if this internal wrangling, mistrust, suspicions should continue, the NPP will surely win a battle they will NOT HAVE TO FIGHT FOR, in this year’s election.

Why is the NDC turning the Gun on itself since 2009 to date 2012? Why do we have too much INTERNAL FEUD in the NDC? Why do we have too much MISTRUST in the NDC?

Why do we have too many divisions in the NDC?

Why are some people who worked around the clock for 8 years to enable the NDC win the 2008 elections now relegated to the background and isolated now that the NDC is in government? Who introduced the Hate Campaign in the NDC since 2009? The NDC started turning the Gun against itself when the whistle blowing firm “WikiLeaks” released some very damaging diplomatic cables from the American Embassy about the secret intention of the NDC leadership to collapse the CPP and the PNC and merge them with the NDC so that Ghana will have only two parties.” This decision was taken as far back as 2008. The Rawlings philosophy of probity and Accountability will be No more. The NDC will no more be the heir of June 4. The Rawlings factor will be no more June 4 and the 31st December revolutions would have died in vain. What a political treachery.

Naturally, the Rawlingses will never allow this to happen, (2) The remaining surviving cadres of the June 4 and 31st December revolutions will also not allow this to happen, and because of that, cadres have been neglected totally from Top to Bottom, ie from the National to the constituency levels nationwide as all the doors of the MMDCES were closed to cadres. Nobody mandated the party leaders to collapse the PNC and the CPP and merge them with the N.D.C without having the courtesy of even informing the Party Founder in the person of J.J. Rawlingses. Yes, it was aimed at Managing The Political Force Of Rawlings which has backfired completely because the party leaders have their delegates numbering only 3,500 and the Rawlingses have the masses who are in their millions so we are MANY and the are FEW. We elected Prez. Mills to govern for 8 years and handover peacefully to another NDC presidential candidate in 2017 for him to also govern the country for another 8 years and hand over to another NDC Presidential Candidate to rule until 8 years in that order, so that we leave the NPP behind to cry their “All die be die” in vain, while the NDC continue ruling Ghanaians BUT NOT to forget about the Rawlingses and turn the NDC into CPP by FORCE – it has backfired hence the mistrust, the suspicion and the Hate campaign against fellow NDC members- This is very shameful and painful. It must be stopped at once or we all perish on 7th December, 2012

THE CPP Under Dr. Nkrumah.

On the popularity of the CPP, Dr. Nkrumah’s government relied too much on party patronage and instrumental popular mobilization for the 15 years that he ruled Ghana.

However, when the basis of patronage suffered, the regime lost all its friends and this led to its violent overthrow on 24th Feb. 1966.

The CPP practiced socialism as its ideology but it DID NOT apply to the daily circumstances of life in Ghana. Majority of the population were illiterate and they knew from experience, along with the workers and farmers, that what really mattered in Ghana was HOW MUCH MONEY ONE HAD AVAILABLE at any moment. They were rather more interested in the price paid to cocoa farmers by the government and the wages paid to workers THAN IN SOCIALISM. As a former Young Pioneer cadre, this was what I observed and somebody must prove me wrong, if I am lying.


You see, education is a crucial instrument of social change, so what percentage of Ghana’s population must be literate in order to have a modernized society of polity? Is it possible to modernize by RELYING on imported foreign Technical and skilled personnel? Answer No.

Education was used in the Ghanaian society to perpetuate CLASS ADVANTAGES and PRIVILEGE to maintain the status quo, but the PNDC government reversed this completely against the will of the status quo but to the admiration of the masses in Ghana. That regime initiated the J.S.S/and S.S.S through the Ghana Education Service. The PNDC, by so doing, created a social framework to provide the skills and knowledge necessary for a living in a technologically advanced world. Industrialisation becomes a special case of modernization system in which the strategic functional roles of society are related to manufacturing.

Now, political life in Ghana can best be understood in terms of economic expediency in constrast, the PNDC government and NDC I governments under President Rawlings DID NOT TRAIN CADRES WITH MONEY.

Today, the Political Actor, both Leaders and the Led see their political movements in increasingly Economic Terms i.e. new economic opportunities, new avenues for status mobility, and the associated economic advantages, social prestige and power related to WEALTH POSSESSION.

The NPP members are the number one professionals in this field since they are practicing Property Owing Democracy. They are closely followed by members of the NDC now in government. Nobody in the NDC from National to the Constituency level is interested in SELLING the BETTER GHANA AGENDA of President Mills, ANYMORE. The massive developmental projects that Mills have under taken in just 3 years which has surpassed what Ex-Prez. Kufour did in his first term of office have been swept under the carpet. They have rather engaged in INDIVIDUALISM MISTRUST, SUSPICION, HATE CAMPAIGNS AGAINST EACH OTHER, and extreme disrespect and arrogance towards the very NDC party supporters whose THUMBS put them there and made them what they are today – 2012. How long can we allow this rotten disunity to go on in the NDC Party in this election year? It is now or never. It is now pay back time where some people will vote skirt and blouse or they will not even vote at all and that will amount to a Massive Voter Apathy.

As a June 4 member, let me remind all NDC members who have been turning the “GUN” against themselves instead of the NPP that it was this same political IN-FIGHTING, WRANGLING and BICKERING not to mention the sheer inexperience, incompetence, lack of courage and resolve of the PNP administration led by Dr. Limann that FORCED J.J. Rawlings and his June 4 members to remove the PNP government and replace it with the 31st December revolution under the PNDC that brought power to The People in 1981. However what I mean by incompetence is in reference to those govt. appointees and party leaders who have been mounting hate campaigns against each other. If this nasty state of affairs should continue in the NDC the NPP will simply topple the NDC, this time, through the ballot box this year but God forbid – mark by words.

Is Anybody Listening I am done. “Jaanbie Iwaii” Aluta Continua!


Clement Sangaparee

Municipal Organiser

United Cadres Front

P. O. Box 32





E-mail: Clementsang@yahoo.com

Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement