NDC Must Continue To Celebrate Its Victory

Sat, 7 Sep 2013 Source: Jackson, Margaret

By Margaret Jackson

I do not agree with those who are asking NDC supporters to celebrate in measured proportion. If you have campaigned very hard and rightly won an election only to see your defeated foe casting aspersions on your victory and challenging the results in court, you need nobody to tell you to celebrate in measured proportion when your victory is certified by the law courts. How do you measure celebrations in proportion?

I urge all NDC supporters to celebrate in full. They must bask in glory. They must shout and be proud of their victory. Do you remember the NPP supporters saying in December 2012 that the NDC is unable to celebrate its victory in the polls because the results were not genuine? That was after the NPP supporters poured onto the streets at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle in Accra on December 10, 2012 to cause mayhem by beating some innocent citizens and vandalizing vehicles following their defeat in the polls.

Imagine what would have happened if the NPP had won just one of their pleadings in court? Have you heard that the NPP printed advance copies of a book they intended to launch had they won the petition case? Have you heard the victory song they had intended to release if they have won the case? So what is strange with the NDC also celebrating, small?

President John Mahama must embark on a regional tour to celebrate his victory with NDC supporters now that the bogus allegations by the NPP concerning his victory in the 2012 Presidential Election results has been settled and certified by the Supreme Court as authentic.

Yes, the President has a lot of work to do. We all agree, but nobody who has gone through eight tortuous months even before he was sworn into office, will have no cause to celebrate after the dismissal of the case. We must show the NPP that we have spines on our backs. We must not play into their gallery. It seems everything is about the NPP! We are being asked to be sensible to the “plight” of the NPP. Do the NPP folks have any plight that we should be mindful of?

Just because the NPP folks are whining, berating, angry, shouting, disappointed and sad after losing the petition case, it does not mean that the NDC family should mourn with them. We are two different entities with two clear visions and scope about how the country should be governed. Therefore, if the NPP folks have gone down in the polls, it must not become our burden.

It is not the responsibility of the NDC to sooth the pains of the NPP. They broke the pot so they must own it. Brethren, it really feels good if your party wins in a major election. The thought of seeing your party in party just gives you inner joy and happiness. Therefore, I urge the NDC supporters to continue to celebrate their victory. Nobody will do it for them if they don’t.

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Columnist: Jackson, Margaret