NDC Must Unite Now

Thu, 3 May 2012 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

For Mills To Capture An Easy Victory Over The NPP

The NPP will be more tough and prepared to kill in order to win in the 2012 elections, so Ghanaians must expect more violence from the NPP camp since it will be a Do or DIE AFFAIR because Nana Akuffo Addo will not be lucky to get a third time. The open agenda of the NPP is to provoke NDC with violence and vandalism for the NDC to retaliate to enable the NPP make the country ungovernable. Hon. Kenney Agyapong has stated the True Position of his party by declaring war on Ewes and Gas in Ghana even though he is not the President of Ghana – his party has dis-associated itself from his statement but they are telling lies to Ghanaians, they don’t respect Mills one bit. Because of the frosty relations between Rawlings and Mills which seems to be un-ending, the NDC is sitting between LIFE and DEATH as the cracks deepen daily while the leadership plays the ostrich by saying that there is unity. Where is that unity? 1) In a party where individualism is the order of the day 2) greed and selfishness, 3) vilification of innocent party supports especially Cadres (4) They describe themselves as New NDC members without the New NDC flag and have turned the gun against themselves so much in a hurry to go back to opposition for reasons least known to themselves. It is a fact that Rawlings revolution silenced several Cadres and sent them to their early graves for openly opposing the PNDC between 1982 – 1992. Is history about to repeat itself under the Mills government? As the massive developments of the NDC are not being highlighted but rather a futile attempt to wipe out the Cadres within the NDC? The erstwhile C.D.R’s - now members of the United Cadres Front who virtually carried the PNDC on their shoulders and ensured that nobody could attempt to overthrow Rawlings at all. Some believe falsely that the Cadre Front DOES NOT EXIST or it has faded away – they forget that the remaining surviving Cadres still exist today – most of them are embittered because they were used and DUMISED by the Rawlingses for 19years but they all voted massively for Mills in 2008. Your see, politics is a different pot of tea. Party executives and some government appointees must not provoke the Cadres in the NDC at all. We shall resist the efforts of all those hawks in the NDC who want to make the DESTRUCTION OF the remaining surviving Cadres the Monumental Legacy of President Mills – just because of his frosty relations with Rawlings. Cadres were not delegates at the Sunyani Congress in 2011, so if Cadres are still active in the NDC and some hawks within the NDC who are well placed rather want to destroy Cadres and get rid of them through vilification and outright lies in order to paint them black in the eyes of the sitting President, we shall resist fiercely with our lives to defend ourselves. It will not help those party Executives and some government appointees whose main agenda is to destroy the hard won reputation of Cadres for the past 19years plus – because it is very dangerous to chase a coward too far especially when he is very Hungry and Angry. Most MMDCE’s refused to make Cadres government appointees in the District Assemblies because they see them as enemies within.

For all you know, chains of degrees does not make one a good politician because we proved the degree holders wrong in 1982 when Rawlings launched the 31st December revolution and was rather BEGGING PEOPLE TO ACCEPT APPOINTMENTS AS DISTRICT SECRETARIES, but he could hardly get them. Where were those degree holders then? Today, MMDCE positions have become Hot cakes for Money Bags in the various Assemblies throughout the country.

We are prepared to retain Prof. Atta Mills in the Castle in December 2012, and we are devoted to the NDC as a whole because we are the Foundation of the NDC and by extension the Landlords of the NDC. It is therefore totally wrong for some hawks to be moving up and down within the NDC tickling themselves and laughing by saying that the Cadres have faded out. Again, we are devoted to the personality of Prof. Atta Mills and his government because he is a MAN of peace, and President of the Republic of Ghana and not Jerry John Rawlings. No one in this country sacrificed extremely more than the Cadres in this country and within the NDC. All true Cadres are a group of EXPENSIVE PATRIOTIC people who are poor but very, very intelligent. Therefore, those Party Executives and some government appointees who love to hate Cadres must THINK TWICE because Cadres are not there to undermine President Mills for him to lose the 2012 elections. Cadres were capable of doing everything for Rawlings to remain in power between 1982 – 1992 and beyond apart from turning a Man into a Woman and vice versa. Today, the remaining surviving Cadres are still capable of doing that, if you doubt, you go and simply ask Comrade Goosie Tannor the Great, who is my mentor and he will tell you more. How did we do it? It was through a very positive and convincing organisational strategy and not with GUNS or ANYTHING ELSE. We sacrificed extremely WITH OUR FEET AND USED OUR MOUTHS AND BROUGHT DOWN JERRY RAWLINGS, the greatest dictator Africa has ever seen to his knees for single handedly choosing Prof. Mills as his successor in 1996 at Swedru against the will of Cadres led by Goosie Tannor the great. Therefore, if today the two gentlemen are fighting for the soul of the NDC – why should people blame the remaining surviving Cadres including this writer? It will never work because it has already BACKFIRED in ADVANCE.

The Wiki Leaks Revelations

Those hawks and leading members in the NDC knew very well that Rawlings will never allow ANY GROUP to collapse the PNC and the CPP and turn them into the CPP if he was informed. They then hatched that deadly plot as far back as 2008 and hid it away from Rawlings until it was leaked by the American Embassy Officers after that country’s economic interests were threatened at Kosmos Energy by Hon. Ato Ahwoi who informed the Company’s directors to obey the laws of Ghana. If the leading members in the NDC were to be in the shoes of Rawlings as Party Founders, they would also NOT ALLOW ANY GROUP to collapse the NDC. So who is UNDERMINING WHO in the NDC, and who is actually ROCKING THE BOAT in the NDC? I leave the answer to well meaning Ghanaians and not for the poor Cadres to answer. In the run-up to the National Delegates Congress to elect a flag bearer, some members of GAME told delegates in Kumasi that Rawlings is very greedy and that was why he supported his wife to unseat Mills. After the meeting some of the delegates stated that it is not TRUE that Rawlings was greedy but the TIMING was rather wrong, because if he was a greedy man, he would not have handed over power peacefully to Ex-President Kufuor in 2000. Three days later, members of FONKAR also visited Kumasi and they sated Mils was not delivering his promises and the Party was dying slowly. After the meeting, the delegates again stated that whether Mills was good or bad, they would go and vote for him because it was the Rawlingses who imposed him on the NDC in 1996 by force.


On June 4 2011, Jerry Rawlings told a well attended rally in Kumasi that, his choice of Mills as his successor in 1996 at Swedru was a mistake. He again stated that, The Inevitable will happen if Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings lost the Presidential Primaries to Mills on 9th July, 2011. Please, DO NOT LET THE IN-EVITABLE TO HAPPEN in the NDC government because it was your MOUTH that poured out words against President Mills since 2009 that caused your wife’s “defeat” but it was a VICTORY for the NDC and not Mills or Nana Konadu, so if the elections were “rigged” it was your mouth that rigged the elections and NOT MILLS because thousands of Party Supporters gave STERN WARNINGS to their delegates NEVER to vote for your wife and that if they did so – then they (the NDC delegates) must remain in Sunyani and never come back to their constituencies at all. Mr. Kofi Adams complained on air that most Regional Ministers and Regional Chairmen were dodging Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings on her campaign trail in 2012. Yes, if Kofi Adams were to be a Regional Minister or an MCE, he will even had dodged Nana Konadu very well. Which Regional Minister will co-operate with somebody who is contesting his BOSS in ANY AFRICAN COUNTRY and Ghana in particular? You see, just burry the hatchet, and adjust yourselves and mount the campaign for Mills to capture a very easy ONE TOUCH VICTORY – that is the only way forward no matter the bitterness, is that clear?


Of late, the Rawlingses have been accorded standing ovations and rousing welcome whenever they accept special invitations to NPP programmes. Thousands of NPP members always praise them to the High Heavens, and they seem to be happy and even went ahead to dance “AZONTO” with Ex-Prez. Kufuor, the man who put Nana Konadu on trial for close to 8years and would have jailed her if the NPP had won the 2008 elections. The man who used National Security Operatives and the so-called “Peace Seekers International” to make several assassination attempts on Rawlings’ life. The man who seized all the landed properties of the 31st December Women’s Movement including vehicles and cash. The man who removed all teachers on secondment at the numerous 31st December Day Care Centres nationwide and finally, the man who refused to pay the monthly salaries of Nana Konadu while all other former first ladies were always paid by even stating that he will NOT put money in the hands of his enemies – and that man is Ex-Prez. J.A. Kufuor who is now the BEST FRIEND of the Rawlingses and they dance “AZONTO” together. The NPP knows that Rawlings is a CROWD PULLER and they wish he were a leading member of the NPP. They want him on their side in order to grab power, but Rawlings must remember that there is always BLOOD in the head of a tse-tse fly, let Mills fall for Nana Akuffo Addo, the vengeful loser to grab political power in this country – Rawlings will NOT slant up, and he will be the first target and Nana Addo will never hesitate to accuse Rawlings of staging a coup to overthrow him as Ex-Prez. Kufuor did in 2005. You refuse the rich advice of the Cadres again for the second time and help the NPP to grab power – It is there that you will both hear your “Piiga” as well as your “Saamia” very well. Look here, these are not my words clear reader, BUT I believe it is the stubborn TRUTH. Let the Rawlingses try it and see the end results. Are the RAwlingses listening? I am done, but I will be back when the need arise.

From Obuasi, this has been Clement Sangaparee giving the hawks, mischief makers, treacherous moles in the NDC and the Rawlingses perpetual beats. Is anybody listening? I am done. Aluta Continua! Jaanbie Iwai.


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Clement Sangaparee

Municipal Organizer

United Cadres Front


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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement