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NDC & NPP Are Copy Cats!


MOVE Ghana expresses with disgust the lack of originality displayed by political parties in Ghana. Today, it has become very obvious that the NDC-NPP group have become a brass band of the ideas originated by the CPP. Right after the 2008 elections, it’s been observed that the CPP as part of putting their house in order have been releasing weekly policy statements in their press series dubbed “HOW CPP WILL DO IT” in a concerted manner to enlighten the populace on which direction Ghana would be going should they win power. The rest are offering no alternatives and have become nothing no less than “vuvuzela’s” and as Pastor Mensah Otabil succinctly described some days ago, “Producing so much heat but no light.”

This lack of originality depicts the gross failure of the NDC -NPP group over the last 30 years in government, their lack of seriousness and preparedness to resolve the concrete problems that confront our people and the unsightly manner in which they have taken the Ghanaian for granted. The CPP has been the worst sufferer in all these. It will be recalled that as early as 1992 even when the CPP remained unjustifiably banned in Ghana, the National Democratic Congress stole all CPP’s colours and only added black. Again, in the run-up to the 2008 general elections, the CPP’s YERESESAM slogan was also stolen with impunity by the National Democratic Congress.

The NPP has been no different. Nana Addo and his NPP are trying to steal yet another idea thought of and arrived at by the CPP. He is saying the Junior High level education is going to be reviewed such that JHS students would be passed on to the Senior High level after a simple assessment. This is a CPP policy statement on education. Again on KSM’s TGIF programme on Metro TV, he said the African Unification is going to be at the centre of his Presidency and we all know where that one is also coming from. Indeed, the CPP in almost all their weekly Press series have remained unequivocal about the need for Africa to unite. Just recently when he stole the CPP’s template for the Economy and was asked about it, he claimed it was coming from Brazil!!!

All these are testament to a large extent that the NDC- NPP group have been a monumental failure. Now it is clear that CPP is the only Party thinking! But it is up to the CPP itself to make the point that CPP is not just a think tank! It is a Political Party ready to clear the mess of the NDC- NPP group.

Ghanaians are also advised accordingly to realise that it is only in their unpredictability that their genuine concerns would be addressed adequately by politicians. And this is amply reflected in the way in which the politician describes certain areas as swing regions and others as their strong holds—a classification which in simple terms means that those in the so-called swing regions are discerning and capable of making their independent decisions as to who to elect to political office, whereas the electorate at the strong holds may even elect a goat over a human being provided the said goat is clad in the colours of their favourite political party.

It has become adequately clear that the inordinate manner in which the NDC-NPP group have been struggling desperately to tailor the prescriptions of the neo-liberal ideas of Social Democracy and the Property Owning Capitalism to fit as a solution to the unique problems confronting Ghanaians has failed woefully over the past three decades of their rule. This is due to their simple inability to appreciate the key drivers of our distinctive socioeconomic history which have had and still affect our current forward march as a people towards entrenching the tenets of feasible socioeconomic development.

It is rather appalling to note that, a so called major political party in the name of the NPP after being rejected at the polls in the 2008 general elections by Ghanaians due to the paucity of ideas in their manifesto have resorted to outright thievery and unbridled plagiarism of ideas which have been originally put forward by the Convention Peoples Party (CPP). If the NPP has realised the need to upgrade their hitherto ideologically bankrupt manifesto, is stealing the CPPs ideas the best way to go about it? This development in itself makes a loud point as to the inability of the Party to make the legitimate decisions as far as the right course of action to adopt is concerned; let alone make any worthwhile decisions policy wise towards effective governance.

Masses Organized to Vote and Emancipate Ghana (M.O.V.E GHANA) is therefore making it clear in no uncertain terms that, the time has come for the good people of Ghana to know the NDC-NPP group for what they truly are- a group which although maybe well intentioned have no clear policy direction to deliver economic freedom to Ghanaians. It is an unmitigated fact that we cannot develop this country on sheer political rhetoric and complete ideological bankruptcy resulting in our current situation as a nation state which at best can be described as a Banana Republic.

We therefore urge Ghanaians to trust in their natural instinct and strong believe in the fact that, Ghana as at this moment needs a feasible political alternative, a party which presents original and practical policy alternatives and shun the NDC-NPP group who over the past thirty years have demonstrated absolute incapability in improving the socioeconomic fortunes of Ghana.

Ernesto Yeboah


Emmanuel Kwawukume


Stephenson Patrick


Columnist: Yeboah, Kwawukume & Patrick