NDC National Chairman's Threats to Sort Out the Judiciary Backfires.

Sun, 22 Aug 2010 Source: Adofo, Rockson

The NDC are doing their nuts again. They are looking to vent their anger and

frustration of failure to win their supposed high profile cases against the NPP on

the judiciary. In their warped perception as orchestrated by their party Chairman,

Dr. Kwabena Adjei, the judiciary are in bed with the NPP hence always, deciding

political cases brought before them by the NDC, in favour of the NPP.

I am sorry to say without insulting the intelligence of this learned man that the

tone and manner in which he publicly expressed his view is as reckless as it is

irresponsible. How can he threaten to rein in the judiciary if the Chief Justice did

not sort out the mess and corruption eating away that arm of government? Who is he

to come out openly to issue such thoughtless statements in public without incurring

the wrath of, or reprimand by the alarmed Ghanaian public? It must be recalled that

it was in the not distant year 1982 that three members of the judiciary and a

retired army officer were abducted by same wretched NDC guys, murdered in

cold-blood, and burnt beyond recognition at the Bundase Military Range. This was the

period when Former President J.J. Rawlings was the Chairman of the then ruling PNDC

which years later metamorphosed into the current NDC. Is it not an open secret that

the keys to the vehicle used to abduct the three High Court

judges, Mrs Justice Cecilia Koranteng-Addo, Mr Justice Fred Poku Sarkodie and Mr

Justice Kwadwo Agyei Agyepong and the retired army Major Acquah were retrieved from

the Rawlingses' house from their dining table?

Ghanaians have every reason to get agitated if a repeat of that calculated murder

visited upon the judges by same crazy NDC guys is about to occur, inferring from the

unfortunate vituperations by the supposed senseless Dr. Kwabena Adjei. This man who

bears the same name as my departed Kumawu friend of blessed memory is a total

disgrace to all those bearing the name Kwabena Adjei. This friend of mine from Mr.

Bannor's house was intelligent and well behaved, unlike this learned fellow.

One wonders if our noble paper-certificate-bearing PhD holder is actually living up

to expectation as a proper academician. He should have known better that under true

democracy, the three organs of government, The Executive, The Judiciary and The

Legislature are independent of one another. Briefly, the legislative body which is

our parliament, makes the laws; the Executive which is the government (President,

Ministers etc.) implement the laws so made and the Judiciary (Chief Justice, Judges

and the Courts) interpret the laws when any misunderstanding arises at the

implementation of the laws and policies of the government. All this is to ensure

what are called checks and balances on any would-have intended excesses by any

single organ of government.

With the above little explanation given, how justified is Kwabena Adjei to threaten

the Judiciary by issuing his scary statement that sends quiver down the spine of not

only judges but all concerned and peace-loving Ghanaians? He says, "If the Chief

Justice does not sort out the corruption within the judiciary, we shall sort them

out. There are many ways to kill the cat", he concludes. When did he come to the

realisation that there is ongoing corruption within the judiciary? If the said

corruption has been ongoing for many years, why did his party not make it a policy

to sort it out in their party manifesto? Has he only begun to see corruption among

the judiciary at the losing of their wild-goose-chase cases against the perceived

corrupt former NPP government Ministers?

I am sure Kwabena Adjei is not going to instigate his lawless NDC foot-soldiers to

start abducting and murdering the judges as it was on 30th June 1982? Kwabena has

opened the Pandora's box and he should not be surprised at the ensuing anger of the

public directed at him. He, in my estimation, has cost the NDC the support and votes

of many floating Ghanaian voters. He has tolled the knell for the NDC come 2012


Does Kwabena think Ghanaians are that fools to continue to allow further visitations

of lawlessness, abductions, unexplained murders and unnecessary intimidations upon

them? What at all provoked this man to make such an intimidating, absurd statement

with intent to harm?

Should the police not arrest the NDC Chairman, Dr. Kwabena Adjei for causing harm

and spreading fear among Ghanaians especially, the judiciary arm of government? Most

are the judges that are scared, I should think, and may be withdrawing their

services or looking over their shoulder from today forward to ensure they are not

being stalked or shadowed with intent to harm them. Why? It's all because "once

bitten, twice shy". And "to be forewarned is to be forearmed" Let us see how the

police will react. This is a test for the police who in my estimation are perceived

to be politicised somehow. Nana Darkwah made an allegation against an individual on

the conflagration that gutted this individual's house. He was quickly arrested,

charged, imprisoned, bailed, and has since been on trial for "causing harm and

spreading fear in public. Does the severity of his purported causing harm and

spreading fear compare with that of Mr. Kwabena Adjei's? I am waiting to see

what the police will do in this case. The police are to prove to Ghanaians and the

whole world that they are fair, friendly and firm. We are all watching!

Kwabena Adjei by his suffered momentary insanity has made his Doctorate degree

unworthy of even the paper it is written on. I have today disrobed him of his title

(Dr.) until his brains have been re-examined and a psychiatrist declared him fit to

hold that title. He is also to retract his issued threat with an apology to all

Ghanaians for insulting our intelligence.

Kwabena, you have hit below the belt. Shame on you! Shame on all those supporting

your warped judgment. One Prince in London says Kwabena Adjei never went far enough.

He, Prince, would have said and done far worse than his NDC idol Kwabena Adjei. He

said this on a radio programme hosted by one Junior Scato on Hot Digital Online FM

radio based in London on the night of Wednesday, 18 August 2010 at about 23:00

hours. He was seconded by one "Professor" Alhaji Fuugu, a diehard NDC activist who

has never made any earnest and intelligent discourse in his radio phone in calls.

The NDC are to employ intelligent or avidly seasoned lawyers to assist them

prosecute all those they perceive to have caused financial loss to the State in

various breaths rather than to resort to gutter-politics. The threats will backfire

on them and it has. The NPP will win the next elections, by the design and purpose

of God the Almighty that we worship.

Enough with the insanity of the NDC!

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson