NDC’S Hypocrite President Insults Ashanti’s II

Wed, 16 Nov 2011 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

This wolf in sheep’s clothing John Evans Attah Fiifi Mills is not only being exposed on his insult to the Ashanti’s but it shows how weak this individual has been with those who helped him to get to the position he is. It is incumbent upon this impudent John Evans Attah Fiifi Mills to explain to the Ashanti’s what the Ashanti’s did wrong to him for them to deserve his stupid outburst. It is reprehensible for the sitting president to play the ethnic card by choosing one tribe and discrediting them to a foreign country representative in Ghana by saying to the America ambassador “I hit the Ashanti’s domination in the country and I can’t stand them”. This statement from this knucklehead is a sacrilege and an insult to those who are descendants of the Ashanti inheritage. The Ashanti do not deserve such a wicked and discriminatory statement from this ignorant president who lacks common sense entirely.

As a result of his acrimony towards the Ashanti’s I urge all native Ashanti’s, both inside the country and outside the country, to condemn this useless Attah Mills. He is do- nothing president who thinks he can be discourteous to the majority tribe in Ghana. If this do- nothing faceless, cowardly NDC president believes that he can harass, intimidate and deal with the Ashanti’s miserably in Ghana and go scott free, then he is dealing with “fire”.

These are some of the problems for the Akan’s whose ethnically nihilistic, tendency that is largely to blame for the Akans inability to unify as the majority ethnic group to rule the nation. This knucklehead John Evans Attah Fiifi Mills is impudent and disingenuous to ridicule one tribe in Ghana, the Ashanti’s, to the American embassy and discredit them for his own stupid political interest. One can clearly get the grotesque sense that these hateful elements that routinely parade as genuine and rectifiable grievances are simply nothing short of pathological and incurable jealousy and raw envy of the Ashanti tribe. Under these circumstances, my information to this impudent president is this; there is absolutely nothing any body in Ghana including this tribalistic ignorance president, can do to stop the Ashanti’s. According to the Ghanaian census, statistics lead me to explain the demographics of the entire country to you all. The Northners in the country amount to16%. However, if one includes all the Zongo communities around the country, many of whom come from Togo, Mali, and Nigeria, and those who also come from the sub region in Africa, it will amount to 21%; in Volta region, including all the Voltarians around the country, is 13%; the Ga’s are 4% and other minorities are 0.7% the Akans are the largest ethnic group with 61.3% of which the descendants of Ashanti’s are 48.2% in Ghana. In the Central Region where this Mills comes from, the Ashanti descendents who settled there over the years are over 53% in Central Region. In the Eastern region the Ashanti’s descendents who also settled there are over 42.3% in Ghana; In Volta Region the Ashanti who also settled there are over 39.5%. I can go on and on. Nobody can fuck around with the Ashanti’s in Ghana.

Those chiefs in the Ashanti region who have been bribed by this wolf in sheep’s clothing and faceless coward Attah Mills, a do- nothing president, who are hiding behind the American embassy and talking this foolishness, should advice themselves. If not, we will remove them from the chieftaincy positions they hold throughout the entire Ashanti region. As I said before, it is no wonder this impudent, knucklehead and nonentity like John Evans Fiifi Attah Mills, men who can’t even take care of his only son, now has the audacity to talk all this nonsense about the Ashanti’s. No one should be surprised that he has abandoned every infrastructure project the NPP started in the Ashanti region. This criminal Attah Mills will soon see actions from the Ashanti’s in Ghana. We are going to prove to him that we are not like others who are his sycophants. The Ashanti’s ancestors were warriors and so is the current generation. At the appropriate time we will take draconian measures against this impudent NDC president.

From; Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)

Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi